Posted on December 6, 2012

The utmost patience will be required of all wise owls in order to navigate today’s energy.  Things are likely to take at least two tries to accomplish today (even the smallest things).  This could drive us a little mad.  If you remember back to the beginning of this lunar month, I discussed how it was going to be challenging – almost like the month of last summer’s “turning point” but a little less traumatic.  I think this has shown to be true.  This month’s energy has been very hard to handle.  Two things have been happening: on othe macro level, harmful forces have been using magic to make war and mayhem, which trickles through the human collective; on the micro level, something very deep inside of us has been changing (shifting formation) in order to activate higher personal energetic frequencies.  The inner shifting is uncomfortable.  It makes us feel ungrounded, emotional, doubtful, unfocused, and undirected.  The inner shifting has been like a vision quest – the spiritual journey that indigenous people take to gain personal wisdom.  Literally they go out in the woods or wherever and walk, camp, meditate, watch.

But we don’t fully gain the wisdom until the vision quest ends, and that doesn’t happen until the last day of the current Third Quarter phase (the phase ends on Sunday and the Balsamic phase also begins on Sunday).  In general, we are very skilled at sitting tight, creating a space, and waiting things out until the wisdom is revealed.  In the meantime, we struggle.

I’ve never had a harder time writing the reports than I have this month.  I know what is happening, but I couldn’t fully explain it.  This, combined with Mercury retrograde, the myriad of technical difficulties (including my internet mysterously going down – it’s still down and the provider can’t explain why) has left each of us on our own path to some degree.  But that’s the nature of vision quests.  They must be undertaken alone.

Stay the course.  This is leading to the activation of your highest and best self so give it time.  When you have trouble handling things, stop, take a breath, and go outside!  Let the trouble, anger, frustration, whatever drain out of you and flow into nature.  Nature will handle it.  In the midst of this chaotic swirl of energy, let’s stay centered and find beauty.  If you keep the mission of finding beauty today, you are well served.