Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer/Leo

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara



oracleToday Tara, the Mahavidya who is directing this month, asks us to take ourselves out of time.  That is, to suspend focus on the past or future and concentrate wholly in the present.  If you take direction well, you will notice that your attention gravitates to something for intense observation.  From that we gain insight or wisdom.  To facilitate this little gift today, go outside and pay close attention to the natural world.  This will help shift to the appropriate brainwave.  I know everyone here has a deep connection with nature and I really do not need to mention that we should go outside, but life is fast and sometimes it bears reminding.

As many of you know, the Sun has been producing X flares over the past couple of days.  This is “agitating” all sorts of fields, including electromagnetic.  There are many subtle fields that make up who we are.  Agitation of fields does not necessarily mean we are agitated or angry.  It means activity.  Our newly upgraded fields are being bounced with waves.  It sounds like a symphony – music to our ears.

Follow impulses regardless of the chances for success.  Heartfelt efforts will reverberate, affecting the fields of probability.

Desires are pressed into the forefront today.  We haven’t talked about Tara as far as desires go.  It would be a good exercise to have this in the back of our minds while we are keenly focused on the present moment today.


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