The Oracle Report

Today offers us opportunities to:

1 – RECONNECT with people, places, things, and ideas.  What do you want to reconnect?

2 – CHANGE THE RELATIONSHIP OR NATURE OF SOMETHING.  If challenges arise within relationships, consider how you can compromise.  It may be helpful to step away for a bit to gain perspective.  We find what is worth saving.  (The Sun at “a woman sprinkling flowers,” Mercury at “a serpent coiling near a man and a woman,” Earth at “a drowning man being rescued,” and Mars at “a woman entering a convent.”)

3 – FIND PARITY AND EQUALITY and receiving what is fair and due.  People may rile more easily, tiring of old ways and systems.  (Venus at “aroused strikers round a factory. How about #Unredacted?)

4 – REVELATIONS THAT PULL BACK THE VEILS HIDING TRUTH AND DARKNESS.  At 3:11 pm ET/7:11 pm UT, the Moon will conjunct Jupiter at “a woman drawing aside two curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.”  Two truths are lingering over our heads.  We are brave enough to pull the curtains.

Today is 10 Owl in the tzolkin (Mayan Sacred Calendar of the Sun).  10 is darkness/deconstruction and Owl is wisdom.  10 Owl is the power to see in the dark to find the light and wisdom at the end.

As dark things continue to come to light, it is important that we remember that there is light at the end of every darkness.  10 energy causes us to face what is hard to face, but ultimately it makes us very, very strong.  It is enough to just “take in” to consciousness that which we would rather not know.  If we can take it on board, knowing that darkness is being rectified, the fellowship of humanity can move past the end times (via the Hundredth Monkey Effect).

Happy 10 Owl!  Find the light at the end.  Wisdom, let us attend.

Full Moon Phase:  clarity, illumination, inspiration

Moon in Scorpio

Tzolkin: 10 Owl

Sun: 11 Taurus – “a woman sprinkling flowers”

Earth: 11 Scorpio – “a drowning man being rescued”

Skill: know there is light at the end of every darkness; ask for help if needed

True Alignments:  retreating or taking a break when necessary, spreading love/good attitude, taking action when called upon, learning, fairness, random acts of kindness

Catalysts for Change:  uncompromising, demanding, loose cannons, victimology, heavy hearted, turning one’s back

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta (She Who Expands the Mind)

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian (He of the East)