downloadThird Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces (4:13 pm ET/8:13 pm UT)

Wisdom Goddess: Kamala (Goddess of the Lotus, Goddess Who Leaves No One Behind)

Skill: think in reverse (what’s missing?)

Positive Imprints: signs and synchronicities providing solutions, ability to see far-reaching consequences and implications, promises, choosing love over fear, nurturing the physical body, reliability, like-minded people attracting, bonds, resolution of a conflict between rational and emotional

Catalysts for Change: adjustments, moving too fast or thinking too much to see what (or who)is right in front of you, fatigue from spiritual quests, neglect, over-reliance on appearances, two-faced, narrow-minded

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it up as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up begins to look like it”

Did you find a missing piece to something yesterday?  If not, another opportunity is at hand today.

In the imagery of the Sabian symbol for this lunar month, pieces of the “rock formation” that  form our “ideal of greatness” for the future hide the true form.  The true form is missing until it is revealed by sculpting away the surrounding rock.  We have been doing this all month, but today and tomorrow we have good tools to complete the job.

One tool comes from the Moon’s entry into Pisces later today, triggering the energetics of the Black Moon in Virgo and tapping the wealth of personal power contained in the shadow side.  Even though the Sun, our primal force, is in Aries, we are actually operating under massive Piscean energetics because 1) we are in the second of two lunar months that are like months-long Balsamic Moon phases and Balsamic is ruled by Pisces; 2) the Moon in Pisces activates Neptune and Chiron in Pisces; 3) the Moon will oppose the Black Moon (exact opposition Wednesday, April 15 at 5:29 pm ET/9:29 pm UT); and 4) the Balsamic Moon phase of this second Balsamic lunar month begins Wednesday, bringing down the veils between the worlds to where they are virtually non-existent until the New Moon on Saturday.  Everything seems elusive under strong Piscean energetics.  It’s hard to get a good grip, so we hold on loosely.

Piscean energy is absolutely fabulous, but when it floods in like it will today, it can make people lose their minds, so to speak.  Pisces rules creativity, but it also rules insanity.  In a way, we will all go a little crazy in our minds.  But it can be channeled effectively by using the energy to see what is missing.  We can look all day at what is there, but a wise owl will look at what is not shown, what has not been taken into account, or what hasn’t been thought of.  This is hard to do because it is “inverse thinking” and requires that we jump out of the box.  The key is to release the struggle.  Like sculptors, we need to relax and breathe deeply, step back, and look with softer eyes to see what wants to come forward.

I am devoting a lot of time to this notion because it is important.  We are immersed in the middle of a radical shift of the ages – these very days.  It would be a shame to miss it, so take some time to register it.  See it for what it is since you have a wider perspective of what is happening.

Be aware that things are in flux and emotions will be running high through the remainder of the week and may cause people to go far out of their normal bounds.  With the Black Moon in play, people will naturally be projecting their own feelings onto others.  Feelings of failure, self-criticism, and issues with trust and vulnerability surface with the Virgo Black Moon right now.  We will work hard to not project any of that onto others or ourselves.

Remember that Pluto will station retrograde on Friday, which always is always an intense day.

We can go far out of bounds and reap the reward of insight, but it all stays in balance when we stay connected (grounded) with the planet.  Keep your feet on the ground and your ideals of greatness lofty.