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The first English Snow Circle of the season 2019

Something new is happening in 2019, because the Aliens did not wait for the snow to melt to start sending messages to the world … and as I foresaw, publishing days ago on the “2009 prophetic crop circles” in our time, they are really coming, this formation of Owl in the snow, in the same Wiltshire field of the best English crop circles , without traces and footprints around the figure in the snow, indeed, of perfect features, and quite large, demonstrates my foreboding about the year 2009. Because two owls appeared in crop circles of 2009! Both in Wiltshire, in the same region!

There is actually a single trail of footprints beside the figure, but even so, a figure of this size and precision could only be built by a large group of people, and leave many traces in the surrounding snow.

The first owl of 2009 appeared on July 28, at the Winterbourne Bassett Field (Wiltshire UK), and the second, 13 days later, on 10 August, at Woodborough Hill (Wiltshire UK). This second owl appeared in more detail and features more perfect than the first. But both bring related message.

Both were surrounded by a crown of 36 rays, and by adding the two, we have the number 72, the master number of the Kabbalah and the signature of the Pentagram (internal angle) always referring to the Venusians. 
Both owls have their faces built into one EIGHT, and the second one has inner plumages around the eyes and beak. There are 14 plumages on top, and 13 plumages on the bottom, adding 27.

The same pattern is repeated in Snow Owl 2019, but with different numbers. However, the crop circle structure of August 10, 2009, Wiltshire UK and this new crop circle of snow is incredible.

The snow owl has 17 feathers at the top and 19 at the bottom, which sums up (17 + 19) 36, the same number of rays from the crop circle owl 2009. 
The two eyes of the snow owl are also with rays , the same number for both, 16 tracks, totaling 32. The owl’s beak, precisely traced, also resembles the shape of a bowl, Holy Grail.

The owl is a symbol of night, death, introspection and wisdom, the Merlin bird, the hermit, and we talked about it a few days ago. 
The crop circles, even in the snow, are responding to us! And winter snow will melt and show the seeds of new spring. In the end, it is a message of renewal after cyclical death.

The Magnetic Inversion of the Earth on the way?

This is another conclusion of the stylized image of the two suns in the eyes of the Owl, each one with 16 rays, and in 2009 inclusive, year that appeared the face of the Owl, also appeared a Sun like that exploding (solar ejections) composed by 16 rays.

The approach of the second Sun would be causing all Earth’s climate and magnetic anomalies, and the two eyes could represent the two planetary hemispheres, the eastern hemisphere, and the western hemisphere. 
And we can even risk that the owl’s beak represents the AMAS, Magnetic Anomaly of the South Atlantic.

Looking at the top and bottom lines of the owl’s face, we can imagine and compare with the lines of the magnetic field, flowing from the north pole to the south, and as if suggesting an inversion, whose effects may be associated with the climatic extremes of this year 2019 , the intense cold in the northern hemisphere and the excessive heat in the southern hemisphere, which justifies the bad omen that the owl has always represented, even death, in many cultures.

These and other planetary and solar perturbations because the Sun has a twin approaching …

Snow Circle and symmetries

In this perfect and accurate picture of the Snow Owl, you can find many symmetries. I see the axes of a golden spiral, and I also see lines that intersect and hide images under the main image. 
To be sure, this Snow Circle has all the style, metric and structure of the traditional crop circles. 
An unusual object that anticipates an important message for humanity.

Snow Circle and Shockwaves

Tracing circles from the two eyes of the snowy owl, and by making these circles tangent to the feathers of the lower and upper parts of the owl’s face, we find a surprising model of shock waves, as if representing two moving objects of approach. 
And if each eye represents a sun, we have two suns … the rest you deduce.

Snow Circle and the Wormhole

Analyzing the shape of the snow owl’s head feathers, the top and bottom draw a geometric pattern of Wormhole or stellar bridges. Taking both eyes equally as representations of UFOs, we may also be faced with a representation of the UFO travel through these wormholes in the closed universe and interconnected by interstellar tunnels.

Well in the crop circle style, they are symbols and geometries that have much to say due to the property of the elasticity of the symbols and their multiple meanings related to each other.

Snow Circle and the coordinates of the Taro

First, I wondered why the number of feathers on the top of the owl’s head (17) was unequal to the number of feathers on the bottom (19), while the rays of the two eyes (16) were the same.

So I crossed those numbers with the Tarot and set up the map of the coordinates, and compared to the Wormhole model, I understood that it was an interstellar travel map of UFOs between our Sun (arcane 19 below) and the distant star, Sirius (arcan 17, above), and side by side, the same, the Tower or bridge, access to the sky (arcane 16), representing the double-handed road of the Wormholes, and the Ufos that come from Sirius and the stars to our Sun, and the Ufos that plunge in our Sun towards Sirius, and other distant stars.

And another detail. 
Taking the two letters of the vertical axis, equivalent to the numbers 19 and 17 in Hebrew, we have: 
Q (19) – F (17), and the word QF (QoF) representing a sickle, and suggests HARVEST (the spiritual harvest of the Sirians on Earth, the third planet of the Sun). 
What’s more, the word QFUD (QF in the initials) in Hebrew is OWL! Pure sync!

The Owl and the Wizard

Having appeared that owl face in the snow of the fields of Wiltshire, a region of ancient England familiar to the magician Merlin and the tales of camelot and Avalon, this brings us reflections on the positive message of the owl, analogous to that of the Hermit of Arcane, 9 because owl is equivalent to the Hermit, in the sense of the need to be vigilant and awake in the night of the world, while the rest of mankind sleeps in the dream of matter and forgetfulness.

For the difference between the magician and the ordinary human being, carried by the passions and dispelled by desires, is that the magician uses his power and his refined intelligence to possess three fundamental elements in the construction of his Destiny, namely:

1. He knows exactly what he wants. 
2. He knows exactly how to get what he wants. 
3. He knows exactly why he should get what he wants.

And in this search does not get tired, and in that search is that waits long, with faith. Unlike the rest of humanity, who wakes up each day with a different desire, and because they do not know what they want, each day is just a number on the roulette wheel of their unconscious steps.

To be awake is to know which road is walking, and it is straight and leads to a clear and defined purpose by the conscience, is not luck or chance, it is path constructed with the awake mind, that sees what is before him.

Personally, I have it that now, at this very moment, we can not want anything other than the contact and the ever closer approach with the Divine Forces, so that we are protected in the bad times that have already arrived on Earth, and only tend to get worse.

Let us then be like the owl of the magician, who hides himself during the day of the dissipation of humanity, and awakens the night to seek his way, while that humanity throws himself in bed to sleep … and dream of dreams that will never be realized, precisely because it is the wishes of the man who put him to sleep and dream of shadows …

JP on 06.02.2019


On February 1, I posted the message “The Hermit’s Hour,” and I used the arcane 9 of the Tarot, the Magus, of whom the owl is a symbol and company of wisdom. 
And the next day, day 2, the owl appears in the snowy field of Roundway Hill, Wiltshire, England, family country of the magician Merlin and its legends of Avalon and Camelot. 
Here is the text I posted on February 1, the day before the owl, and I’m sure it came as an answer to  my publication. 
We have already started the year of CONTACT!

(Text and image of 01.02.2019)

“Hermit’s Hour

Now is the time to seek inner wisdom and channel with God in isolation. Make life a desert, a refuge in your own introspection. Escape from crowds and crowds in useless amusements or lost battles. Now is the time of the Hermit. Let each one watch and pray in his desert, avoiding as much as possible the crowds that, like shoals, will be dragged by the distractions of the media, to lose the focus and not to hear the call of the High, when it touches. 
How is it possible that people are so preoccupied with fun and pleasure, and so devoted to their own ego, even knowing that much of humanity is already under severe suffering? 
Is it not a great test and thermometer measuring the selfishness of the masses manipulated by the eternal bread and circus of the governments they venerate? 
I see on the Internet tiresome political and ideological disputes that will lead nowhere and nowhere, and people are expending precious energies in a totally wrong, illusory, purposive traps to disperse mind from the focus that really matters, because Destiny is done of letters marked in the hands of the One who determined the final throws of this race two thousand years ago of these words … and in the end, all the mighty ones of this world have already been judged by the Law of the High, because all, without exception, serve the System, money and the interests of materialism, even if disguised as social and religious ideologies very attractive in their premeditated speeches. 
The sage will find his way in the desert retreat of his own recollection and introspection. The others will continue to entertain themselves with lost causes, because in their heart the Sage has not manifested his voice … and so they will continue to follow only shadows in their lives. 
Watch and pray. It is time for penance, introspection, flight of the crowds and their vain pleasures, and their lost battles. 
The Light will not be seen out there before it shines in the sanctuary of consciousness that awakens in the desert of introspection. 
It’s Hermit’s Hour. 
And the wise will find it in your life. “

The Tarot Message in Snow Circle 02.02.2019

Considering the structure of the face of the owl in the Snow Circle of 02.02.2019 in Wiltshire UK, beginning with its cruciform form (17 feathers on top, 19 feathers on the bottom, symmetrical lateral eyes with 16 rays each, beak in the center), we have the following arrangement according to the image, in the analogy with the 22 Tarot arcans.

As the owl is a bird familiar to the magician Merlin, and its image is very related to the fields of the South of England, to the myths of Camelot and Avalon, and the day before (on 02.02.2019!) Having I spoken of “the hermit’s hour “, Suggesting Arcane 9 as an orientation for all seekers of truth, in keeping with the maxim of” watch and pray, “and having also begun the series” Crops circles prophetic of 2009 “before receiving the news of the snow circle of the owl , which repeated the face of the owl crop circle of 10.08.2009, almost exactly, I believe to be facing synchronicities that can not be discarded.

Then, if we are faced with a basic Celtic rendition of the Tarot in five letters (in cross), then the central letter has been completed, and the right letter there, among all, the one representing the whole owl itself, is precisely the arcanum 9 mentioned above, the Hermit. And putting that letter there, new revelations happen.

At the top, the star of hope may suggest the appearance of a new star in the heavens, according to the Sun. We have earlier commented that the two symmetrical eyes of the owl can represent the binary solar system, and at the base, the sun, arcane 19, star coming over, arcane 17.

Side by side, the Tower or House of God, which usually has a negative prognosis, related to abuses of power, to excesses that cause ruin, vision dulled by pride, etc. Easily fits into a war oracle. The war motivated by the greed and greed of the powerful, falling from the height of their own tyranny and despotism, anyway. 
Anyway, we have two suns, we have a star or star that is approaching, we have forecasts of global wars. 
Introspection or the Christian “watch and pray” are totally justified!

The owl is a symbol of introspection, and curiously, each eye has 16 rays, and the 16 letter of the Hebrew is called HwIN, and it means EYE: 16-16 = Eye-Eye.

To look, to awaken, to watch, to pray, to meditate, to withdraw from the world of illusions, to seek contact with the forces of the High. These are the messages contained in Arcanum 9, which calls for isolation and withdrawal as mechanisms for creating the means of awakening, since illusion is always contagious in the sleeping crowds.

Then, considering arcane 9 with the other four arcana, completing the message, the sum total is: 
S = 9 + 17 + 19 + 16 + 16 = 77 
And if the Snow Circle was seen on 02.02.2019, what day will we have tell us 77 days from there?

D = 02.02.2019 + 77 days = April 21, 2019

Any given day? Certainly not! 
Because April 21 will be precisely Easter Sunday, and this year it falls when the Sun enters the sign of Taurus, along with the planet Uranus, which is not common to see, since Easter usually happens when the Sol is still in the sign of Aries, completing the symbolism of the Lamb. 
The sense of Lent, or 40 days of preparation before Easter, is the same as the sense of the Tarantum’s Arcane. And to consider the shape of the owl’s beak remembering a Chalice, the message is complete.

JP on 02.10.2019

The Owl and Eclipse Code crop circle

Let us gather the serial images of OWLS in the fields of England in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010, certainly embedded in the same body of messages, which Owl’s Snow Circle in Wiltshire on February 2 of this year seemed to revive, and to recall (considering that the crop circle in the fields since 1990 and pictograms with clever messages are about to turn 29, a cycle of Saturn, and if Saturn is the astrological reaper, perhaps the crop circle messages will enter the even a scheme of reaping all the souls who could assimilate their lessons, because I do not believe that all this work for decades will be in vain on their part, under the debauchery of skeptics and the cover-up of government agencies.

On 07.27.2008, the first model appeared, which showed three faces of owls in a series of three equal circles, chained in Vesica Piscis clipping. An interesting model of the Duality integrated in the third element (central) sharing four inner circles (the eyes) with an intentional format of the number 888, which is also a repetitive code in the crop circles with a high cabalistic value (the Holy Trinity, etc).

Each eye has 48 rays, and multiplying by four, we have 4 × 48 = 192, a standard number in various formations, including the famous and controversial crop circle of Chualar, California USA on 12.29.2013, showing several times this same number in Braille (suggestion of blind humanity) and that, for me, is the reading of a key frequency of connection and communication with the alien intelligences behind the crop circles.

Ps: In the year 2008, when the three owls appeared, began the formations in Brazil, until then, never seen, in the city of Ipuaçu, Santa Catarina. And every year they repeated themselves, until they mysteriously shut down in 2017 and 2018.

In fact, the number 192 appears on today’s date, 19.2.2019 (repeat 192/219) date referred by the Snow Circle (2.2 + 17 days) announcing the entry of the Sun into Pisces and the last month of winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) . 
Significant date and number.

Analyzing the geometry of the owl’s heads, it shows a well-defined WORMHOLE in the center of each head, which is another standard image in many crop circles, and if we consider three heads or the numerical code 888 itself as representing three stars, this is plus a message indicating where the crop circle messengers come from, plus the planet Venus: they come from the triple system of Sirius, the star of Bethlehem from which came the rightful Anunnaki, the saviors fish.

Now look at the geometry of the central owl, the Wormhole was divided into quadrilateral sectors, and counting the sectors, we have 36 above and 36 below, which adds 72, Kabbalah master number and angular plot of the pentagram, root of the number of gold . Another symbol and standard number of the communication crop circle, among many others we have identified in all these years. A kabbalistic alchemy of fusion of the twins in obtaining the third element (Sun and Moon, Sulfur and Mercury, the Philosopher’s Stone, divine immortality, etc.).

Analyzing now the two owls of 2009. 
A simpler owl, in individual face, appeared in England on 28.7.2009. And one more sophisticated in its geometry and ornaments, 13 days later, 10.8.2009. 
The August owl had 36 rays in the outer ring of the head, and if we duplicate that (it was two owls) we will get to 72 again, repeating the pattern of the previous year, 2008.

Patterns on patterns in these crop circle readings that few scholars identify, but which becomes essential for the overall understanding of the messages, involving every year compared.

The third owl came stylized in a model of eclipse representation, the following year, 2010, on May 5. In addition to associating the owl’s eyes with the assembled Sun and Moon, he placed an arc of seven lower circles, with information associated with eclipses and striking dates … in the future. A flow of messages that interconnects here. 
The date sum 13 (5.5.2010), and the numbers 7 and 2 stand out in geometry (seven arc circles, seven beams, and two eyes, Sun and Moon = arguments about the mysteries of time – 13 and alignments, portals , Sun and Moon in the eclipses and all the Wormhole theories that can be associated to the secret knowledge of the eclipses as they had the old ones).

And the interesting fact is that if we compute seven years after 2017 and make the same three-year run schedule (like the owls in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010 and not more) we will have the outstanding years of: 
2017- 2018-2019 
On 21.8.2017 , there was a tremendous prophetic eclipse, and 33 days after it, the famous sign of the Apocalypse in the constellation of the Virgin. 
In 2018, we entered Israel’s 70th anniversary (14.05.2018) and it was a tense year full of changes and events that seemed to set the stage for the dazzling entry of 2019. We 
finally reached 2019, ten years after the crop circles Prophets of 2009, and what awaits us?
Seven blood moons have already passed (between 2014 and 2019), and they may be represented in that arc of seven circles of the last CC of the owl in 2010.

And we will have a powerful solar eclipse on 02.07.2019, ten years after the prophetic season of 2009, and one hundred years after Einstein’s revealing eclipse, 29.5.1919, which demonstrated his Theory of Relativity to the world and celebrated his name in History of Science.

Will in 2019, somehow, the aliens will demonstrate us the Einsteinian theory of Wormholes and trips in space-time in a practical way, in addition to all theory and speculation in the current universe of Ufology?

It seems to me that the eclipse of 02.07.2019 (the numbers 7.2 of crop circle codes) will bring more novelties than those that have already arrived daily to the world in a state of suspension and waiting for the revolutions, changes and greetings about their return …

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JP on 02/19/2019