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Friday, March 11th – Early this morning, Mercury and Neptune meet in conjunction. This will have a unique effect on our personal voices and the way we communicate with others. Neptune adds a marked degree of creativity and passion. Writing projects, artistic pursuits and work projects alike are all shaped by this transit. Spirituality and compassion are easy subjects to discuss with others today and tomorrow.
The moon sextiles Venus this afternoon, bringing in a need to share with those we care about. Partnerships develop further, and you may experience a desire for closeness with someone you love. The moon is void from 1:24pm until 2:44pm EST, when it enters Taurus.
The Sun and North Node oppose one another tonight. It may feel as though you have fallen off track of a particular goal or mission you had for yourself. This is perfectly normal and natural. Keep on moving through any obstacles that arise and things should be back on track soon. This transit tends to make us feel as though we’ve been overwhelmed by outside influences, but by early next week this sensation should lessen.

Saturday, March 12th – The moon sextiles Neptune this morning, which enhances the Mercury/Neptune conjunction that I mentioned yesterday. It is a very creative weekend, and this energy can easily be tapped into and felt, even by those who normally don’t notice such things.
Venus enters Pisces this morning at 5:23am EST. This is a very romantic, dreamlike combination. Romance blossoms and tender feelings may arise for even the more solitary or stoic individual. Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio (and those with their Venus in one of those signs) receive an added boost in love this month. This energy doesn’t just impact our romantic relationships, but also impacts any friendship or familial bond in the coming few weeks. An almost telepathic connection may develop between well-matched people. You may notice you are attracted to certain people over others in the next few weeks, and even if this doesn’t make much logical sense, it is all a part of a build-up in creative energy that is happening this month.
The moon sextiles Mercury this morning and then connects into a Grand Earth Trine that can be felt all afternoon. This Grand Trine links the moon, Pluto and Jupiter in Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo respectively. We can clearly work towards goals today, and communication flows smoother. Things begin to line up and provide us with outer stability and security. This will impact job and career, residence and family. It is a good day for those trying to become pregnant to conceive.

Sunday, March 13th – The moon shifts through several transits, sextiling Chiron, the North Node and the Sun all before 6am. This steady succession of aspects connects us to our roots and brings up important memories that can aid us as we move forward this week. Try not to push seemingly random thoughts away. Analyze their meaning and purpose, and open your mind to possibilities.
The moon is void of course from 5:46am until 5:03pm EST, when it enters Gemini. The day is best spent resting up or having some fun, rather than trying to get any sort of work done.
Tonight the moon squares Venus and opposes Mars, which can make some a bit temperamental. Try not to feed into others’ irritability and it should pass over fairly quickly.

Monday, March 14th – Today’s energy is very intense and could be likened a bit to a storm. We are building up to a Grand Cross this evening, and while this energy is highly creative and encourages troubleshooting and thinking outside the box, it can also feel a bit like we are fighting against the current. This morning, the moon squares Neptune, which can disconnect us a bit from others and make us feel as though we are floating without any sort of support. This feeling is fleeting, but other transits today keep things a bit on the unusual side.
Mercury and Saturn are in square this afternoon (3:25pm EST), and Venus and Mars square as well (4:47pm EST). Arguments may arise, and frustrations are amplified. It would be advisable to not discuss important matters with others today, and to hold off for a day or two on any deals or huge decisions. These transits impact all sides of our lives, from relationships to work to possible health issues. Stay grounded, breathe deep, and don’t get too sucked up into anything that is based on a feeling you have today.
The Grand Cross tonight is centered around two sets of oppositions: Jupiter/Mercury and the moon/Saturn. Squares connect each of these to the next, creating tension, discomfort and a feeling of confinement for many. The exact time of this cross is at 9pm, but it can be felt for a few hours before and after that. Decisions made during this day may later be undone or reversed, as the cross tends to make us view things a certain way that is far from the truth. It is best to lay low tonight and to keep interactions jovial and light.

Tuesday, March 15th – This morning, the moon sextiles Uranus just as Mercury and Pluto sextile each other. Insights come out of seemingly nowhere. This is an excellent day for getting to the bottom of situations and for doing any sort of research or investigating. Mercury and Pluto give us the tenacity to pay attention to detail, and Uranus adds a fresh approach that helps us get further on projects than we could on a different day.
Mercury and Jupiter oppose each other this morning, which means that information will not just fall into your lap. You will have to ask others for input, and will have to do your work diligently to receive any type of reward today.
The moon squares Chiron, the North Node and the Sun before moving void at 1:03pm EST. Today will feel more comfortable if you are on the move. Stay busy and active until evening and let the Gemini moon’s extra dose of brain power aid you in getting things completed.
The void ends at 8:57pm EST, as the moon enters Cancer. Tonight is noticeably quieter, and is great for spending time with family and other loved ones.

Wednesday, March 16th – Today is fairly low-key. The moon trines Venus and Neptune over the course of the morning and afternoon, allowing gentle energy to soothe us. An attention to beauty helps in decorating our homes or adorning ourselves as we get ready today. The air almost feels rosy and pink, and it will be easier to look at things through an optimistic lens today.
Jupiter trines Pluto today at 4:05pm EST. Efforts made earlier in the week are noticed today, and shifts begin to take place. This is an ideal day for enjoying the fruits of your labor, and for celebrations of any sort. Jupiter and Pluto act together to allow an almost supernatural degree of foresight.

Thursday, March 17th – Well, this is certainly a busy and active day in the stars! This morning, the moon opposes Pluto, sextiles Jupiter and squares Uranus. It may be a challenge to get yourself to focus on anything today. Those with any sort of required schedule today may find themselves day-dreaming and longing to hit the open road.
Mercury and Chiron are conjunct this morning, which makes for deep conversations that seem to touch the very core of issues. It will be near impossible to have any sort of small talk today, which is part of the reason why being stuck at work or school (or similar) will feel so limiting. Chiron brings in healing in the form of discussions we share with others.
The moon trines the Chiron/Mercury conjunction and sextiles the North Node this afternoon. Follow your whims today. Let yourself get carried away by surprises, and open yourself up to unexpected talks with others. You may meet someone new, or go someplace you have yet to visit.
Mercury and the North Node oppose one another at 2:09pm EST. Again, I will reiterate that you must expect the unexpected today. Flexibility is key. If you desire a certain outcome above all else, you are likely to be disappointed this afternoon.
Tonight, the moon and Sun are in trine at 11pm EST. A sense of well-being and security comes in, particularly for Pisces and Cancer.

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