A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin

February 13, 2013

As channeled by Beth Trutwin
ElizabethTrutwin.orgThe Quantum Hologram

How do your thoughts, emotions and intentions effect All That Is? In the Zero Point Field of Energy all matter, energy and information in the Cosmos is connected and effecting everything within the Cosmos. There is nothing outside of the Cosmos so this is what we refer to as All That Is. God can be defined as All That Is.
Hologram_by_LogichyMatter, Energy and Information are effected by certain properties such as spin and have a constant influence on all particles and subatomic particles without relationship to space and time, near or far. What is happening two light years away from where you stand (on Alpha Centauri, for example) influences your Human Matter (Body), Energy (Love) and Information (Wisdom). The spin of the Sun Sol effects your Energy. When you sit inside you cannot receive the same transfer of Energy form the Sun as when you Go Outside to directly absorb the Love and Wisdom being transferred into your Body from the Suns Rays of coded information. The decisions you make – what you allow yourself to be exposed to – effects You and it effects The Whole. If you feel your experience is a bad experience, make different choices. Use the information you have to make wise choices and create a new Cosmos, an evolved Cosmos by doing so.
The omnipresent and omnidirectional Force of Love and Wisdom are unified and joined together holistically within the Zero Point Field at the Quantum Level of our Multi Dimensional Cosmos in a persistent and congruent manner.
We call this Consciousness. There are many States of Consciousness.
The Shakti Path is the bestowal of energy transferred to your Body, your Vessel of Love ~ your heart and the main frame of the computer which receives and transmits energy from these two ~ Your Collected Wisdom held in the vessel of your Higher Mind. It is through the transmission of the Shakti Energy the Master can transmit as if a download of Higher Information of Grace and Knowledge provided you are qualified. If you have not done the Inner Work you will not even recognize the Master when he comes.
Liken it to computers of twenty years ago. They are no longer compatible with computers today. Transferring Energy or upgrading is impossible with certain models because the technology which has been stored within their hard drive is incompatible with what information or software which is available today. Have you never read a book? Have you never exposed yourself to Higher Teachings? Have you never meditated successfully? How do you expect to be prepared when the Master Teacher comes to help you upgrade your Body, Mind and Heart? You will not be able to hold that level of light. Your Vessels will be considered obsolete when you have not done the Inner Work. If we took your hard drive apart we would find the components just are not there. Nothing can be done. You may pretend your whole life you are this or that but it does not make it so. This deception by ego mind takes you to death every lifetime. How many more years will your obsolete, old system work before it dies of power failure? How many? You need to have courage to be rigorously honest with yourself.
Ongoing lies can be very stressful. It holds back Consciousness. Growing and Learning are a Spiritual Act and all of these energetic influences need to be integrated within yourself in order to be prepared for what comes next. You cannot go on without this integration. You will not be handed the changes without the work. Not you or you or you. The Collective Consciousness must come forward together. This is Cosmic Law. Are you stuck and feel you desire to have other results? Change what you are doing. Put away the things which hold you back. You want a world of Abundance yet you wallow in lack. Lack of Information. Lack of Self- Governance. Lack of Self-Disclosure. You do not even allow yourself to have the Truth Disclosed to you. You run around “reading”, “following” various messengers like a cow with a nose ring. You flatly refuse through the counsel of lower mind to expose your Body, Heart and Higher Mind to Higher Consciousness.
Zero Point Force Field
You are Being Invited today to enter the Zero Point Force Field in the 5th Dimension where you already reside, and for those willing to explore the idea, the 6th and 7th Dimension and above. Doing this brings the Collective Consciousness Higher. It exacts the changes you are looking for through a transfer of Shakti Energy which brings instant receipt of the Absolute Energy of Love and Wisdom encoded on to that energy as wave forms and particles. Both. Both at the same time which can be held within the cells of your Body as you hold Light. It is like the surface of a leaf soaking in the wave forms and particles of Light which keep it alive. What are you waiting for? Will you sit there denying the Higher Dimensions of this Cosmos and in time, less than you understand now, your obsolete shell which did not receive the new downloads will simply not be able to interface at this current place in space and time? In this Dimension? What happens then? The particles of your Heart Vessel, Mind Vessel and Body Vessel dissolve, they move away from each other. The particles which make up your system go back to the Earth because they are only borrowed Energy. The indivisible Light Body projects its Higher Mind somewhere else but you will no longer be able to maintain the other Vessels here. How long do you have to keep denying this Universal Truth? It is a great pity if you miss this opportunity. It will not be offered again for an aeon of time.
When the transfer of Shakti Energy is received which will happen to all those on Earth when the Ships Land then it will be much, much easier to reach all of your other Goals. It brings an Abundance of Knowledge and an Abundance of Love. It will be the moment when you can perceive money means nothing. The reparations you are so keen on will suddenly become very unimportant. The hedge funds, programs and trusts will be absolutely meaningless. Everything you have needed will be freely given. You can train your mind to be happy with what you have today and leave the future open for receiving more. By doing this you conquer money. Become detached from money and more will come. It is as inevitable as the Sunrise and Sunset. The Energy withdraws and it returns again because you are persistently and congruently connected to it without relationship to space and time.
What is Holding You Back from Divine Government? What is taking so long!?! You. You you you! You continue to crawl and forget you know how to run. You look low when you can jump off your reality and fly. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop!
You have complete Free Will. The choices you make today decide your destiny tomorrow. You control your destiny. You create your tomorrow. Will you do yoga postures? Will you eat right? The reflection of your Body will become the result of the collection of choices made in the recent past. You have the power everyday before sleep to review your day. Think about the areas where you went wrong and do not repeat this again. You determine when and how you fly off into the Zero Point Energy with all the solutions for Humanity on Earth which you so ardently desire. Make right choices today and your destiny unfolds tomorrow in an equal force to the energy you have put forward.
You need to make a choice in this now. Will you read channels telling you it is happening very soon, it is happening in a few years and wring your hands thinking maybe it is all a made up fantasy? OR Will you take the necessary steps of Inner Transformation to prepare your Vessels to receive the Higher Energies? Will you sit there passively reading and analyzing partial information OR Will you go out into the World to Be The Change? The decisions you make effects the Whole. Do not be a part of the problem. If you participate in the negativity you ARE THE PROBLEM.
Divine Government ~ The Office of the Christ
Sananda with his consort Lady Master Nada and Maitreya with his consort Goddess Lakshmi together jointly hold the position within the Office of the Christ of Cosmic Christ. Sananda is the Prince of this Universe and has moved into the new position of Cosmic Christ. Each Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy is evolving in their position at this time of change. You as an Ascended Master are invited to move up your position and integrate the energies necessary to enter a New Mission.
An Ascended Master is an Enlightened Being a Christed Being. We move into higher levels as Planetary Christ, Galactic Christ, Universal Christ, Multiversal Christ and Cosmic Christ. Some examples of Christed Beings on Earth are Mohammad, Krishna, Moses, Jesus, Rumi and many many others. Sananda was incarnated as Zoroaster who lead with Ahura Mazda and that role was played by Sanat Kumara, also known as the Ancient of Days. Sananda played the roles of King Tutankhamen during the time of Moses and also Jesus of Nazareth. The Spiritual Hierarchy have incarnated again and again holding the Highest Light and Shakti Path through the Ages of Time. Maitreya has incarnated as Krishna and Buddha as well as Melchizedek and several others. Maitreya was the Master Teacher in India who Jesus went to be with and he overlighted Jesus as he went through his tests. Another Enlightened Soul compassionately walked-in at the end during the crucifixion and that karma did not transfer to the pure Soul of Sananda.
Sananda is incarnate now as King of Swords and Maitreya is incarnate now and continues to keep his identity hidden. He works internationally with heads of state and royalty and lives in several countries throughout the year. He also serves the poor and needy and plays many roles Guiding Earth and all on her to Oneness. Lady Master Nada comes and goes as needed and will be a permanent fixture when Ships Land. St. Germain and Archangel Michael also come and go as needed, as do millions others working together to restore Divine Government to Earth. Lakshmi is incarnate now and works with Maitreya and others from the Ships like Soltec, Korton, Monk Ka, Arcturus and Ashtar working jointly with the relationships and dynamic energies within the Cosmos between matter, energy and consciousness. This includes the Earth Grid, Timelines, Hanab Ku, Planetary Akasha, StarGates, Inner Earth Portals, Vectors, Trajectories and Zero Point Energy Fields. The Keshe Foundation will release the Zero Point Energy Technology to the Zero Point Modulator Systems upon Ashtarʻs Command. At that moment Earth will enter a Force Field where we have World Peace, no weapons will be functional.
The Time Is Now
Within the last two weeks a joint Earth and Galactic operation was completed which was designed to take out the last of the Dragons from Faction 1, the Illuminati Family Members wishing to control media and religion as well as the Dragons from Faction 2, the Military and Congress in the United States. You have seen evidence of this in the Popeʻs resignation. These Dragons were weakened in their bodies and you can see it reflected in their eyes. They can no longer function since this operation took place. If you see them out in public then you will see they look sick. Some may be replaced by look-alikes in public functions. There will come a time when you will not see them at all. They can no longer hold the Energies and this final blow was struck with Force at this operation. Please send them all your love as they exit the stage.
A second joint operation was carried out on the February Dark Moon. The holographic mechanism which conveyʻs information from Nature and the Cosmos through emission and absorption on the quantum level was calibrated to speed the dissolution of all not existing in the Zero Point Field. You will begin to see things pop up out of nowhere as Terra Nova is restored at the 5th Dimension and above.
The Goddess Lakshmi is described in the Upanishads as First Cause. It is her role to send out the Energies from her Great Vessel as a substrate for Maitreya to work from. Mautreya has the skills to use that Energy to Form All Things within All That Is. He cannot work without the energy and she cannot provide the energy without his nod to do so. Hand in hand they work together in the cycles of life throughout the Cosmos.
Lady Master Nadaʻs role is to bring the wisdom and provide the underlying layer of knowledge to uphold Universal Law both on Earth and for this Solar System. She convicts any who have violated Cosmic Law, not only on Earth but in the the near reaches of those effecting Earth. Sananda uses this basis to rid Earth of those who are no longer equipped to exist in the Higher Energies. It is Enforcement of the Laws his wife represents which are the Cosmic Laws we are all responsible to uphold.
Maitreya has been the Master Teacher for Sananda during his 7 Earth incarnations and in this lifetime as King of Swords on Earth Sananda has moved into a new level of existence. Love and Wisdom are working hand in hand as Co-Regents in Divine Government as the Cosmic Christ. Maitreya also holds the role jointly with Archangel Michael as head of the Hierarchal Board of this Solar System. They work together with Lady Master Nada upholding the Law. Every thought word and deed you have ever projected out into the Whole from any lifetime in any space in any time has been recorded on the computer mainframe of All That Is and has effected your destiny now.
It is within these roles the entire hierarchy works together to bring Divine Government back to Earth. Seeded in knowledge the power of the Higher Energies can only be transferred to those who prepared themselves to receive. Living in ignorance is not an excuse. Every child, woman and man on Earth has access to the Higher Knowledge. It is Your Birthright. You MUST ASK.
Earth Citizens Begin Divine Government with Panel Hearings
Maitreya, Sananda, Nada and Lakshmi with Michael, Metatron, St Germain and Ashtar and the entire Intelligence Community at the Ashtar Command have created an event which takes place in ten weeks which forces the hand of governments on Earth to acknowledge the fact that Extraterrestrials, our Galactic Family wish to engage with us, to land here and help us make Divine Government the New Reality of Earth. This will be a testimony of forty witnesses which will last five days. It will be live streamed. It will be filmed and made into a documentary. (http://CitizenHearing.org ) Hear this Clarion Call and avail yourself to the free flow of Energy coming form this great Event. Prepare yourself for Self-Disclosure. Ending the lies, indicting the Intergalactic War Criminals and sharing the information to all on Earth is the next step.
Ten weeks is not long. How will you use your ten weeks? Will you do the Inner Work and prepare for the free downloads available for your heart Vessel, your mind Vessel and your body Vessel? The Energy from a million years ago is now accessible to all on Earth. We are all moving forward in our roles within The Office of The Christ. It is a time to make wise choices and upgrade your Consciousness accordingly. It is your Free Will. It would be a pity to miss this opportunity. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 13, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. http://Garuda.co, http://StarGateEarth.org, http://ElizabethTrutwin.org Please include these links in reposts.