by Sir Mark Amaru Pinkham, KGCTpl.

Knights at the Galactic Round TableThe Knights Templar were inveterate venerators of the Goddess and Her Son, the Green Man. They assimilated many of the Goddess mysteries through their first patron, St. Bernard, and they later completed their training via their Goddess-loving Sufi teachers in the Middle East. Upon returning to Europe from the Holy Land the Templars designed a series of Gothic cathedrals to be eloquent monuments to their beloved Goddess, whom they installed within each one as the Black Madonnas gracing their central altars and as the intricate labyrinths (symbol of the geometrical form body of the Goddess) covering their floors. The Son of the Goddess, whom the Sufis venerated as Al-Khadir, the “Green Man,” and the Templars’ adulated as St. George (or “Green George”), was also interred in the Gothic cathedrals as the ubiquitous infant embraced by the Black Madonna, as well as the manifold Green Man faces that decorated both their interior and exterior walls.


One such Gothic monument dedicated to the Goddess and the Green Man was Rosslyn Chapel, which was originally designed with a labyrinth covering its floor and a centrally located Black Madonna. Today, this chapel is world famous for its more than one hundred Green Man heads that smile playfully and mischievously at the throngs of visiting tourists. Rosslyn Chapel is also famous for its special association with John the Baptist, whose symbol, the Agnus Dei near the north door, reveals the theme of the chapel. John, whom the Johannite initiate Leonardo da Vinci had once portrayed as Green Man Dionysus, was the western founder of the Johannite Lineage of Gnostic adepts that emerged from the ancient Goddess Tradition and was later inherited by the Templars following the First Crusade. Under the guidance of Clan Sinclair, Rosslyn Chapel would ultimately become a Scottish monument to the Goddess and Her Son, as well as a reliquary to hold both the mysteries and documents of the Templars’ Johannite Tradition.


One interesting legend states that an “enormous treasure” in Rosslyn Chapel will be revealed when a “certain lady” awakens from a long sleep. There is reason to believe that the “lady” in question is none other than the Goddess herself and that the “treasure” refers to the documents and relics of the Johannite Tradition that have the potential of shaking Christianity to its very foundations. If these Johannite documents see the light of day they will not only reveal John the Baptist to be the Messiah, but they will also show that Jesus was one of many “Sons of God” and his true successor was not St. Peter, but St. John and Mary Magdalene.


The Goddess and the Green Man, and the gnostic/alchemical wisdom of their tradition, are returning now. It is time that we all embrace the love and intuition that the Goddess beckons us with or we are likely to destroy both ourselves and our Mother Earth. And we also need to embrace the wisdom and practices of alchemy in order to rise to the new level of gnostic consciousness that will characterize the Fifth World that begins on December 21, 2012. Once the Goddess has fully “awakened” and achieved parity with the “God” of the patriarchal-driven religions, then a new era of peace, balance and harmony can officially commence.