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I have posted this subject on this forum before but it wasn’t that well explained and so this post is an attempt to explain the theory in more detail. The theory that this post is based on proposes that Saturn is (in some form) a worm-hole or stargate and it starts off with the work of David Talbott who wrote the book The Saturn Myth. In that book David Talbott postulates that thousands of years ago there was a time when Saturn was closer to Earth and visually dominated the skies. This is referred to as the Saturn Sun Theoryand it was initially popularized by Immanuel Velikovsky. During this time, when Saturn was considered the Sun, other bodies (supposedly Venus and Mars) aligned with it, and a “Cosmic Mountain” was formed, seemingly connecting to Saturn, as though it were a pathway (see the image below). Now, the term ‘Saturn Sun’ sounds like a contradiction in terms. However, I am not talking about a Sun in the sense of a giant ball of gas, but rather a singularity or a worm-hole. In the video-series “Discourses on an Alien Sky#3” David Talbott associates the Cosmic Mountain to Saturn with the Biblical Tower of Babel (Gateway of God). The Gateway of God was represented by an 8-spoked symbol (known as the Cross of the Ilu) which matches the 8-spoked symbol of Saturn below. Assuming David Talbott is correct, and that the image below is associated with the Tower of Babel, then what we are seeing in the image below may not just be a celestial alignment, but also possibly a gateway.

Now, this theory is partly based on making comparisons with TV and movies, which may put some people off, but stick with me, because things do start to male sense. The central plot of the movie Stargate was based on opening a portal to another dimension, where the sun god Ra resides. According to David Talbott, Ra is identified with Saturn. Quote from David Talbott: “A Greek ostracon, cited by the eminent classicist Franz Boll, identifies the Egyptian sun god Ra, not with our Sun, but with Saturn”. Coincidentally, the head-dress of the sun god Ra in the Stargate movie appears to be inspired by the Saturn-crescent (click here to see an image of the sun god Ra from the Stargate movie). The Stargate itself also appears to match the Cosmic Mountain to Saturn, as shown in the image below. The image on the left below (#1) is the Cosmic Mountain to Saturn from David Talbott. The symbol is repeated throughout ancient civilisations and notice that it’s in the shape of a keyhole. The image in the middle (#2) is the worm-hole from the Stargate movie. In this movie the worm-hole leads to ‘Ra’ and Ra is identified with Saturn; notice again it’s in the shape of a keyhole with the walkway representing the Cosmic Mountain. Finally, the image on the right below (#3) is St. Peter’s Square, which again is keyhole-shaped and matches the the Cosmic Mountain to Saturn. If you cannot see the correspondence then click here.

Appropriately, in the guest quarters of the Stargate Center hangs an image of Saturn (see here). The Saturn Sun is also referred to as the Saturn Ship (or the Boat of Ra). The Saturn-crescent as seen in the image above was morphed into a ship which resembles modern depictions of worm-holes (as shown in the image below). Quote from David Talbott: “Of the crescent in the primary images and ancient sources present these basic forms: The Horns of the bull-god. The great father’s ship. The uplifted arms of the heaven-sustaining giant. The outstretched wings of the mother goddess (or winged god). But these same wings, or arms, constitute the great god’s sailing vessel, which in turn is depicted as two shining horns”. At this stage, I should note that Saturn is generally equated with the Black Sun. Interestingly, in movies Saturn is often associated with worm-holes. Quote:“The Saturn Ship may not be something that one resides within, but rather a worm-hole that enables one to travel to certain points in the space-time continuum instantaneously — as suggested by William Henry (who refers to it as the “Osiris Device”). This is how the Black Sun is often shown. For example, in the TV show Space: 1999 there was an episode called the ‘Black Sun’. When they enter the Black Sun they have a surreal, time-bending experience and are propelled a million light years away. In Wolfenstein, the Black Sun was another dimension and the Nazis attempt to uncover the secrets of the Thule people; an ancient civilisation that discovered how to enter the “Black Sun Dimension” through portals. In the movie Zathura the protagonist enters a black-hole near Saturn and travels back in time. In Interstellar, Cooper enters a worm-hole near Saturn which serves as a shortcut to a distant region of space and in Planet of the Apes (2001) the electromagnetic worm-hole that Leo uses to time-travel is located near Saturn”. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Monolith stargate that Bowman travels though was originally located by Saturn.

You can read more about this subject and how it is connected to CERN in the articleSATURN, CERN, AND THE CUBE OF ILLUSION. If this post gets enough attention, I’ll make another post explaining why I have 2024 as my avatar.

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