Posted on February 21, 2013

chicory, curly endive, gall bladderIs stress getting the “bitter” of you? When you are feeling overly burdened with family responsibility, or find yourself arguing your points with everyone, forcing issues or not honoring others’ opinions or values, the two organs most likely to store your aggression and bitterness are the liver and gall bladder. When everything ‘galls’ you, Chicory can restore balance—of mind, point of view and liver function.Chicory is the common name in the United States for curly endive. Also known as Wild Succory and Blue Sailor, this hearty plant is similar to another bitter plant, the dandelion, with whirling leaves at its base. Its silver dollar sized flowers are usually blue but also sometimes white or pink. There are several varieties of chicory cultivated in Europe and used as forage for cattle, salads and herbs. Its boiled roots can be eaten with butter, olive oil or lemon juice for a delicious side dish. But, what chicory is most famous for is helping you kick your caffeine habit. Chicory roots can be roasted, ground and brewed just as coffee. Its dark, slightly bitter, earthy taste and smell not only is a fantastic substitute for coffee, with no caffeine, it’s a potent liver cleanse without the jitters. It does take a bit to get used to the taste, but once you add cream, milk, cinnamon or other powdered herbs and flavoring, you won’t miss coffee ever again.

Among the many health benefits Chicory offers, it helps decrease inflammation, increase bile production (cleanses the gallbladder and prevents stones from forming), regulates blood sugar, acts as a diuretic and reduces nervous tension. So, if you are always reaching for a java jolt then feel uptight about everything and everyone, do yourself the opposite and grab a big cup of caffeine freedom.

Chicory flower essence can help people who need to dominate, manipulate and control their families. The Chicory person’s love is always conditional. They feel the need to control every situation, are possessive and manipulative, and always expect others to conform to their own values. They want constant attention and can’t stand to be alone. Those who can benefit from Chicory are often critical, interfering, nagging or interrupt conversations often. They resent giving to others unless they expect something in return.

Chicory’s Secret Lore

chicory, curly endive, worthinessBecause Chicory flower essence is the ‘unconditional love’ essence, it’s the great family affair remedy. Its personality signature can be applied to every stage of a family’s development, from the fussy baby who wants to nurse all night, controlling her mother’s schedule, to the parent who is having trouble letting go control of her children of her child’s separation stages such as starting preschool, going away to camp or to college. For adults, Chicory essence addresses this misbalanced energies of motherly overprotection, smothering, extreme control or putting conditions on her love and inducing guilt in her family. When these energies are put back in balance, the Chicory person may find deep inner strength, self-love and become a selfless, eternal mother figure, able to spread warmth and kindness where once there was only bitterness.

A good affirmation while meditating on Chicory is, “I trust my worthiness to love and be loved. I love myself unconditionally.”

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