This is the the first part of the Anunnaki Matrix Activation project.

You can monitor the progress of our work and become our student at Esophoria Mystery School and you can follow the results of our work at the Anunnaki Earth Council which is our identity that is created and transfigured through our work though the Esophoria channel that was given to us by Lord Thoth.

Esophoria is a work in progress which is constantly transfiguring according to the new teachings we receive every day through accumulated energy imprints that is meant to activate the divine matrix. We are guided by the gods to gain specific results in order to make people aware about the alchemical process of ‘The Great Tribulation” that is manifesting by the frequencies and the projections of alien visitors but mostly by the incarnated avatars of many alien and divine beings that are working for the divine plan and fight with the ‘demons’ of this world to clean the divine channels and redirect the energy imprints of the gods to the source in order to manifest the new age of Aquarius in the least painful way for humanity.

Many people from all over the world are doing a great job and many have earned the respect of the gods as a result of their work whether these people accept the gods or not. There are many battles with many victories, losses and disappointments, and the game keeps on going and it will become bigger as we are approaching the dead lines of the divine plan where all the channels will be accumulated into one single voice that will be the voice of the Aquarian Christ.

You are all architects and builders of your reality. Many of you have earned diplomas in the sciences of the gods and you are ready for the next step of this process which is to raise our King within the consciousness of humanity and to co-create the new world order of the Aquarian Age under the rulership of our Divine Thelema-Will and not under the ruler ship of our material desires.

We came here to manifest the kingdom of the Solar King and we must all understand that those who have the power to protect us and create a healthy environment for us are not the enemy. The gods and goddesses is/are not the enemy and sooner or later everyone will have to deal with this reality because we are living within the limits of the hybridization project that was manifested on earth by our creators in order to protect us and help us to ascend to the galactic community as a collective entity through the mixing and the transformation of the alien and the divine seeds of this planet.

We all feel that we are becoming one nation without, of course, expressing any disrespect to our physical nations. We are the nation of the Anunnaki and as soon as we realize this the better would be for our ascension process. We are the chosen people who came here to destroy the false structures of this world and bring the divine change by removing the negative elements of the nations that prevent them to live in harmony.

We have already been fighting and the gods are giving their own battles for us within the limits of the universal law that is expressed through our “Divine Thelema-Will” that guarantee our free will to choose what we really want for our future.

We have made a lot of sacrifices. We fought with the ‘demons’ and the ‘monsters’ of this world within and without us. We lost many battles, but we are not here to lose the war and losing the war in NOT an option as the gods are here to guarantee our victory and the triumph of the light over darkness.

The war that is going on is mostly mental and spiritual and all the illuminated ones can see through this reality. In this level of war, in order to save our nations we have to work as collective entities and reverse the affects of the national karma and make the way for all nations to live in harmony through a common shelter that will guarantee the unity of humankind. We do not need to erase our physical national identity in order to work as the Anunnaki nation within all the physical nations in order to restore balance and harmony. We just need to work through it like serpents and make a stand against the demons of the nations that manifest this imbalance and this hell in our planet.

To work through this, we need to reactivate the serpent archetype and raise it up in the dessert like our father Moses did. What we really do through this symbolism is activating the earth files of the Akashic Record and awaken memories on how these earth files are connected with the serpent(s) that were sent here by the gods to monitor our evolution and open gateways to the divine within the limits of the divine plan of the Anunnaki. The serpent gods worked through a very specific root plan by sending here their avatars to work through the energy imprints and the divine seeds of the nations, serving the root creation plan of the architects of our reality who are the Anunnaki gods.

We are the avatars of the gods and the healing serpents and this foolishness of condemning the serpent gods and even equate them with reptilian races must stop NOW. Understand how important is to make people aware about who we are and what we do when we are sending all over the universe to serve the light and the divine order. We are sent as serpents among the lambs and wolves and we encircle everything in our universe and manifest order and light through it. Understand why the serpents are those who are being crucified in our world. Understand why WE are crucified by the lambs and the wolves because in this jungle, with all these animals eating each other, we bring and enforce the creational power of the serpent gods that can be used for good or bad reasons against humanity.

There are many evil and wicked serpents among us and just as serpents can bring life they can also bring death. There is ‘Satan’ and there is Apep who is the ‘Evil Serpent’ but God itself is nothing more than the original Solar Serpent (remember the Egyptian god Atum) the serpent of light that brought life into existence. We are here to awaken the serpent nation and take back what is ours within the matrix of all nations and within the root matrix of the whole planet. We came here to restore the TRUTH. We came here to restore and activate the divine matrix of our mothers and fathers. There IS truth. Everything has a truth, even if this true is a lie and truth and light is what we serve unconditionally, even if we have to work through darkness.

There are many occasions when we will fall but we will fight even in hell until our last breath to serve our mission. This is who we are and this is what we do. We are the B’nai Elohim and we are responsible for everything good and everything bad that came to this planet because we brought the light of the gods and the universe. We are the sons/daughter-avatars of the gods and we have been known as heroes and demigods and through our creations and mixing with humans, monsters were created within the human matrix which we are destined to destroy and release the nations from the karmic boundaries of our imperfect creations.

The fallen angels-messengers are nothing more or less than brothers and sisters who lost their way within the labyrinth of the human matrix and in all reality; we are fighting to free them also from their karmic boundaries by reversing the karmic affect of their creations.

Some avatars of the lesser gods who rebelled against the higher gods may not make it, but we are taking the whole responsibility of everything bad that happened to this world and we also accept to be called ‘Watchers’ because WE CAN TAKE IT. We are on a mission to save everything good that can be saved and this includes everyone and each of the serpents, no mater what happened in the past. Anyone that wants to repent and return to the divine order can do it at ANY TIME before it will be too late for them. We are the feathered serpents and we can fly with our wings and raise anyone from abyss back to the light.

Everything started from a central point and everything is going back to this central point and this reality is manifested through the hybridization plan of the Anunnaki and so in order to find the truth we must go back where everything started. The corrupted and manipulated texts of the Bible do not lie about this issue. Everything started from the tower of Babel/Babylon where the Anunnaki hybrids were reaching the heaven through the Etemenanki Ziggurat of Marduk. The confusion of languages started when the Universal Council of Light (the God as this is presented in the Bible) commanded the Anunnaki to create hybrids of different species and implement a hybridization plan for the planet.

It is from here that the confusion of languages began as each hybrid race brought their own customs and ethics through the alien programming of their DNA. Because of this the serpents had to work through the nations to bring harmony by wearing ethnic characteristics and changing their skins like the serpents each time they were incarnated and manifested within the nations and this is why all the traditions are some how connected and this is why we may find the same gods through the multiple national energy imprints. This is why the ONLY way to find the way out from the labyrinth is to activate the Anunnaki Matrix.

When we start to understand our true origins, our DNA is being activated. We activate what the Greeks labeled as ‘Ichor’ which is the energy imprints of the gods (the ‘blood’ of the gods) that will make us aware that all the awakened ones are activating the serpent which is the Kundalini and we are becoming aware of the oneness that connects us all in a single entity because this is a part of our original programming by Lord Enki. It is because of this that the serpent is our symbol and this is why we are the feathered serpents (dragons as Blavatsky explained) because we can raise our Kundalini through mental and sexual alchemy by reversing the karmic affects of the original creations that came from us and our brothers and sisters and by doing this, we are awakening the archetypes that link all of us to the divine matrix of the Anunnaki. This creates a communion with the divine matrix and also gives us a better understanding of who we are and what our mission is in this life time, and by aligning with out true ‘Divine Thelema’, we ascend at a rate that would take us hundreds and even thousands of lifetimes to achieve through normal spiritual practice. This is why we have ‘wings’ and with them we can fly and this is one of the reasons that Marduk was known also as the dragon, because we are living within his projection and his creations with his wife the ‘Queen of Heaven’ who you know also as Inanna. Because when Marduk is closing his circle, then all the other circles are closing too. Marduk and Inanna are the Lord and Lady of the serpents and the Father and Mother of all that have power over the patterns of everyone.

What I am really doing now is projecting through you the tower of Babel/Babylon and once you read and go through this text you will have reached a point of no return and be aware that the bite of the serpent can raise you to heaven or lock you in hell. All the seals have been removed within you and you will have to deal with this reality. Whether you believe that I am an avatar of Marduk or not you cannot deny the fact that I have opened his channel through this text, so it doesn’t really matter to you who I am but what matters is that his work illuminates through me.

Note: The other parts of the Anunnaki Matrix Activation project that will be published in the future, along with all the required ascension tools will be locked and can be accessed only by initiated members as only those attuned to the Anunnaki frequencies will be able to absorb the meaning of the following texts.

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