I was absolutely amazed at the metaphors used by The Illuminati through the Apollo Missions:

All names, mission, landing sites echoed the occult metaphors listed below:

Faked explosion of Apollo 13: initiation ceremony involving the death/explosion
The placement in the coffin: the period of uncertainty of their survival
Communion with the spiritual world and the imparting of esoteric knowledge to the candidate: the orbit and observation of the moon without physical contact
Rebirth of the initiate: the solution of the problem and repairs
Raising up by the grip of the Lion’s paw:the reentry and recovery of Apollo 13

13=the number of death and birth, transition from the old to the new

Space Shuttle Names:

“A Colombia Enterprise to Endeavor for the  Discovery of  Atlantis and all Challengers shall be destroyed.”

Columbia and Challenger were destroyed – this leaves:

The Enterprise called Columbia (US) will Endeavor to Discover the lost city of Atlantis but all Challengers will be destroyed.

Th Challenger was destroyed to make room for the phoenix out of the ashes – The New World Order.

No man has ascended higher than 300 miles.  It was not done through the Apollo space program.