by Viedoklis_lv.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


As I understand, Andromeda Council representatives open visit on planet Earth can happen as [an] event only then when their presence can be reasonable and can’t be manipulated by still ongoing influence by the Cabal.  If Andromeda Council would appear today – than Cabal would activate media lies propaganda in such way that people would react in completely unreasonable and unproductive – just like Cabal wants it.  So I guess this event or should I say card – can be played out only when it’s best time for it.

Like every apple must ripe before it falls down from the tree.   If you take it by force while it’s underripe it will not taste as it should be – it won’t be result you wanted.  Apple is not ready yet and we have some hard events upon us to ripe for this event and receive it in a way it’s best for us.

There is no hurry – everything has it’s own “time” to happen.