Voice of Freedom

The Universal Law of Instantaneous Transmission and Transformation is our activation, by conscious choice, of what we choose to experience and what we choose to bring forth, the transformation of our sacred self.

We are turning on, in conjunction with the Mother, the perfection of our soul design, the expression of greater Love.

Sanat Kumara, the Keeper of Universal Law, through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, explains that our transformation has a “ripple effect” for the entire planet and far beyond.

Each of us, regardless of how aware we are, have desires with regards to the expansion of our sacred self.

There is an entire list from perfect health to balance in all realms — mental, emotional, spiritual, physical — all of these are at our fingertips.

There are many activations of Love being sent, given, gifted to us directly from the Heart of the Mother which allows for even greater expansion of the activations of Love we are individually bringing forth.

Our well-being, perfect health, serenity are all part of our soul design, our birthright, and part of the collective DNA as well.

We are ready to create, in tandem with the higher realms, capable and able, in accordance with the Divine Plan and with Universal Law.

Many of us have allowed our physical form certain disabilities to assist us in the break down of false paradigms and illusions of the old third dimension, but now that we understand those false grids, restrictions, shackles of the old third dimension no longer exist, we are free to activate the perfection of Who We Are.

Knowing we are beings of the higher dimensions, we can declare our freedom, that we are individual creators.

Our participation in this

and the application of this Law is key.


There are collective activations that have taken place and will continue to take place, but with this Law, we are personally activating what has been present always, but not turned on.

We are “throwing the switch”, as Sanat Kumara says, and not only are we capable of doing this, we are encouraged and invited to do this, especially by the Divine Mother, who wishes to see us in the fullness of our design.

With Sanat Kumara we can invoke not only the Law, but the permission of instantaneous transmission:

I invoke Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos,
and the Universal Law of Instantaneous
Transmission and Transformation
for permission
to activate
the perfection
of my soul design
in perfect Divine Time.

Sanat Kumara, says we can ask, in meditation to look, perceive, understand — with our heart, mind, and emotional being — our soul design as a holograph like a snowflake, a spider web, a light-body, or a dream catcher.

When we were birthed from the Heart of the Mother/Father One

there was no such thing as imperfection.


Our soul design represents

the perfection

of our being.


It is within us.


Below is a meditation where we can think or feel something in our life, in our physical situation, that we would like to activate, such as to be thinner, have fuller hair, greater stamina, the healing of organs, elimination of a disease or a condition, like depression, anxiety, addiction, alcoholism, tobacco.

To do the activation, call on Sanat Kumara, with the invocation above, and do the meditation below:

We are to see ourself sitting down — it is best to sit rather than lie — then to see ourself standing back towards ourself, facing our back and our central column.

We are to see our central column as if it is a cylinder around our spine, an etheric golden cylinder, from our tail bone up to our crown.

In this cylinder is all our information, all our design, the many DNA markers that pertain to our physicality, our emotional health, our spiritual abilities, and activation of our capacities and talents.

We are to imagine these DNA markers in this golden column like little mailbox flags, and looking — eyes opened or closed — and scanning the spine with one of our hands, either one, to feel where the points of activation are.

The points of activation may look like a flag, a button, or a key. We can know they are there because we will feel a slight tingling mostly in the centre of our palm, but our fingers may feel it as well.

We are to run our hand down this golden column around our spine, and feel where those points of activation are. There will be several.

First we scan, then from the top (not bottom up) — simply turn up the flag, push the button, turn the key — as we go down. There will be about three or four activations.

If we are working, for example, on the elimination of a dis-ease, there may be many flags, and we could do this consecutively for several days. As we keep at it, we will know when it is done.

In the activation of our soul design — abilities contained within our DNA, such as to breathe clearly, to maintain joy without anxiety, self worth, the ability to be in community — by starting at the top of our spine, looking down and then up, we see where those markers are located.

For talents and abilities, same as above, we lift the markers as if we are putting up a signal that there’s mail to be picked up, little flags.

We lift them up, and there could be several, because this is complex.

We may not feel it in that very moment, but the flags, the DNA — the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical DNA — have been activated for that perfection, not merely for the healing, but for the perfection, in Divine Timing.

Back in our heart, come to stillpoint and gratitude, leaving those markers up to allow the activation.

Thank you, Mother.
Thank you, Sanat Kumara.


Now with this Law there is a caveat:

As we begin this undertaking — experiencing and understanding the Law of Instantaneous Transmission and Transformation — we are asked not turn on everything at once, so we do not overload our circuits.

One at time.
One a day.
One a week.

With each activation there is a simultaneous triggering of other activations.

As we “turn on one switch” — one aspect — there is a domino effect.

We begin to feel better, look better, create more clearly, have greater clarity in our expanded mental body.

When we invoke Sanat Kumara and this Law, what are we are doing is turning on, in conjunction with the Mother’s latest blessing, not only the capacities that we have come with, but the expression of greater Love for our sacred self.


All of this is of One.

Unification is the deep understanding
that all things, everywhere,
are unified as One.

We are One.


The Mother’s activations and the Laws are individuated for easier understanding, but the Laws and our soul design are the unified grid.

As we journey, we do so through the interconnectedness, not only to the Heart and Essence of One, but to everything.

Never do we travel alone. We are united with everything.

We are on our journey with everything.
There is only One Grid.
That is the Law.

The Universal Law of Instantaneous Transmission and Transformation is the conscious activation of what we choose to experience and bring forth, the transformation of our sacred self in conjunction with One, with everything.

An Invocation
 for the Universal Law of Instantaneous
Transmission and Transformation

I invoke Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos,

and the Universal Law of Instantaneous 

Transmission and Transformation

for permission to activate my soul design

in perfect Divine Time.



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