Part 10: The Unlikely Red Target
July 25-27, 2013
We arrived in Texarkana later in the day, only to find that a large crew of construction workers was hammering, drilling and demolishing our pet-friendly motel of choice. The pool had been drained and was being used as a dumpster for old discarded construction debris. The crew were rowdy, throwing beer bottles off the two story balconies, and partying 'til 2 or 3 in the morning. It was not what I would call ideal and we let Motel 6 know about it.

My cousin Susie arrived the next morning with tons of food in hand and we had a scrumptious breakfast in the room.
We just hung out and got caught up on our lives, since we had not seen each other since her father's funeral in December of 2005. She insisted on taking us out to dinner, and although the trek was delayed and long due to getting lost, the food was divine. It was our first time in a couple of weeks to have a really nice meal, kick back, and unwind from the mission at hand.

We hit Denney's the next morning, only because we felt the shade was optimal to protect our dogs from overheating, and then we said our goodbyes. I was already feeling anticipation about returning to Mt. Ida. There was much work to be done and we were already receiving many messages to return. I knew we weren't even close to being done with our mission. It wasn't until we were staying at the Texarkana hotel, that we received a message "you don't think your mission is over do you? We gave you a break to have a little bit of fun but you need to return to do some more activations." And so we did.
We chose to take the 30 east instead of repeating our previous trek that we had already driven (which I might add was a more direct route), knowing some clearing was needed along the way. We once again found ourselves on The Trail of Tears. We were guided to drive through some side roads first before we went directly to Mt Ida. We had received confirmation that there were 2 possibilities for the activation that day - one in Norman and one in Daisy. As we were making our way north through Arkansas towards our activation point, a very clear message came in from one of my Guides who I call Keytak, one of the High Council of Sirius. The message was deeply profound and long and as usual serious...

"This activation will be unlike the others. You will be adding something to your ceremony that will come to you. Be the Creator Gods that you are and open yourself up to your creativity.
Think creatively from the higher Universal Mind - think about what will be the most effective to transition this many beings on the planet - think in terms of power and force and how much is needed to blanket the planet, showing when our hearts are intertwined. Magnify your field of influence significantly.
The intertwining of our hearts is based on a tone we emit, the vibrational field we create and much like playing a scale. It is like playing all the right notes so they are harmonic or one played by accident and it is then disharmonic. Our unification is similar to a harmonic scale, but from a vibrational point. That vibration point is meeting or colliding or enmeshing with other work that has been done with other lightworkers, and it is just waiting to be plugged in with our harmonics. We have a piece of this grand scale - part of that scale, so that whole scale cannot be as beautiful without one note missing.
The final pieces of the harmonic scale can be played and sounded, and through that sound, this unlocks a lot of sacred sites across the planet - time portals. People walk into something not physical. It affects the Nature Kingdom significantly. It's very important for that reason alone that you are finalizing the harmonic song. This is an ancient combination of tones or notes that have already been established to open things up - to blow things open - like the tops of volcanoes opening or the tops of pyramids opening. This is not causing volcanoes per se, but it is allowing everything to open and shoot up to the galactic central sun so those specific areas that are in tune to our harmonic frequency will collect a grid and shoot forward to the galactic central sun - like codes to Creator Source - like communication - like playing the final piece that is essential for readiness of the event - showing me too that it is a launching point. You are launching specific energies that are relatively new to the planet in this age, so as you will be with this vibrational set of notes/tones comes a knowledge - it is the note - the note is knowledge and they are one in the same. They trigger one another.
Knowledge is like this pool. The note is played and the pool vibrates and opens up and releases knowledge. That is what we are doing little by little, opening up like a candy wrapper. Once completely open, there will be massive activations where it is not just affecting Steven and I but all those online with this activation process! These are the people who have specifically requested this opportunity and thus been selected to do this, to be participants because they themselves are like keys on the piano. Each one of us is a key. When you get a certain group of us together with certain keys, when they play those keys a certain way, it can open up old stored data. It is the knowledge needed to move us forward and it will now be available, wrapped up like a candy wrapper. It's been protected with walls of protection to not be used for destruction of mankind. It is now time to be made available.
We now have the means to not let it get into the wrong hands - even the dark that still reside on the planet can play with it but don't have the key. They would have to gather each of us individually to be able to unlock that door and they can't do that because we have already been activated.

We are locked in and can't be... in this pillar of light into the galactic center sun there are blues, pinks, and greens. Steve when you were in the Navy and locked in on the target, that is what they are doing with us. It cannot be manipulated. Once it is locked in, it cannot be manipulated. So The Dark cannot manipulate that now because each one of us is ready for this mission - we are locked and loaded. What we are loaded with is love and light.

This is far more complex than you realize. These sorts of activation are going on all around the world but those that are doing them have a very specific key vibrational tone which literally fires it up and brings it online, brings it forth so it can be released. In your case, because you are twin flames, it is a whole tone, a whole note. It carries multiple fragments of music within the note, and because of this, it adds a whole new dimension onto the firing up of this information. This happens to the point where it is showing that it blankets all of the other tones and notes, it oversees, overlays, overlooks all other notes and creates it into one. The English language is difficult for explaining this process. Each time you go to one of these points of light and open it up, this is what you are doing. You are completing a cycle, a destination for the earth, you are completing an encodement process to ready the planet for its ultimate shift. Yes, she has already shifted but we are watching how far you are all able to shift. These restrictions of the 5th dimension placed by our minds and the shift, is not necessarily going to cease with the individuals moving with planet earth to the 5th dimension. He is showing me a catacomb that is multifaceted so we are not just going from 3D to 5D - so much more involved than that.
Alexandra so you can see that this vision requires not only your specific whole tone vibration that you bring together as one, but it also requires the vibrational level that you both are at to have even more success. Because of this it will accelerate even faster.
And the more we stay open, the more we remove boxes, restrictions, expectations, the more successful our mission will be. The more fulfilled we will feel when we leave the state of Arkansas because Arkansas is the center point, the point at which all the fields around that point move towards that point and when they move towards that point and align themselves vibrationally, it literally blows open a door. He is showing me these crystals will become unearthed, become available. They are beings and alive. They have wisdom and beauty, harmony and all this stuff they bring with them. They store all of that from ancient times. We will know if we have reached this point by the way we feel. We will have a certain sense of relief because we have been carrying this. It is a lot like a spy who has a plan which is an encryption and on a piece of microfiche hidden in a watch, carrying it everywhere he goes - dodging bullets along the way and trying to save his life to make sure that this microfiche gets placed in this specific channel of this computer - similar thing with us - we have been carrying this key - this info and when we plug it into the computer there will be a chain reaction. That is we will feel it.

We bring a uniqueness because I have more Sirian in me and Steven has more Pleiadian in him, bringing another overriding frequency on top of what you are already offering. This is affecting Sirius and Pleiades directly, creating laser beam light grids from this planet to Sirius - from Sirius to Pleiades, and then from Pleiades to planet Earth - it is a trinity. We will now let you think about what we have given to you. Thank you Keytak."
I was blown away by this message and truly needed some time to process what had been transmitted, however we were so caught up in staying on track with finding this next special location, that I just tucked it away in my mind for a later consideration. The search became frustrating, although we really were attempting to stay in the flow. But it was like trying to catch a cat by the tail (so to speak), since the locations were continually shifting, and too rapidly at that.
After adjusting our strategy, we managed to nail the point of activation by getting ahead of the moving target. Realize the target was actually a moving wormhole connected to another timeline. We were attempting to close it down and realign it to this timeline. Yet it really felt like The Dark were thwarting us at every turn. They would use tactics such as sending out words like "just give it up" or "you'll never find it" to dissuade us from finishing our task. We noted that we were really becoming challenged through feelings of frustration and inadequacy - reviewing why Our Guidance had mislead us to the inappropriate point. At one point I had to reassure Steve not to give up, reminding him that although we were protected this did not mean that we would not encounter resistance. This activation felt like a James Bond flick, where there were "agents" waiting for us at every turn. This cat and mouse game went on for well over an hour. Towards the end of the run, we stumbled upon a sign in front of a church that said "Mt Joy Church Free Will" and we knew immediately the direction of this activation. Also, considering the fact that we were within The Daisy State Park, I sensed that "everything would come up daisies" after we were done.

I finally got the "hit" to look for something bright red and would then know that we had found the destination point. The messages were bizarre and cryptic for very good reason. We found ourselves driving through a recreation area In Daisy State Park, thinking how strange is this? It was in the middle of the day for all to see, as we observed children chasing one other across the park. Fathers stood off at a distance observing their activity and a Park rangers office wasn't far off in the distance. I turned my head to the left and there it was in the middle of a tableau of greens and browns, so typical for campgrounds. There stood a bright red basketball pole and hoop at the north end of the park. It stood out like a sore thumb, as if it had been freshly painted minutes before. Right by this beacon was a child's playground painted in subdued colors of blues and greens. Literally no one could miss this "target".
We both kind of shrugged our shoulders as if to say "you can't have preconceived notions to this sort of work for Spirit." I jumped out of the car after such an extensive "chase" while Steve attempted to find a shady spot for the dogs where they would be undisturbed. We had already learned from trial and error that they remained calmer away from people. That way they wouldn't bark through our ceremony and we wouldn't become the worry warts we tended to be over caring for four dogs in the grueling heat. I immediately walked over to the place where I felt the vortex was. When Steve joined me, I asked him if he could see or sense the proper location.
He pointed out the obviousness of its location, by showing me the circular growth of one type of grass surrounded by the rest of the field filled with another type of grass. Whoa... well we finally found it.
I pulled down a shield so that parents and children could not "see" us, and literally carried on with their rough housing, completely ignoring our existence. I also sent them away energetically to find another space to play and that worked as well.

We laid out a huge 6 pointed star in the heat of the day, in the middle of this park, right by the side of the basketball court thinking "what would these people do if they really knew what we are doing?" You had to chuckle as to what someone else could have perceived us doing, considering we were in the bible belt of the USA laying out crystals, minerals, and things right under their eyes. I continued to giggle to myself.
The activation was one of our most challenging due to the surroundings and the blazing heat. The chiggers were really bad too. At one point a grasshopper flew up and hit Steve in the head. We could really tell we were eliminating a great deal of the bad blood between the American Indians and the white man. We also released the lopsidedness from polarity thinking and released many beings who could now return home.

Jumping into an air-conditioned car couldn't happen fast enough once we were done. It felt like it was 105 degrees as we dowsed ourselves with essential oils for the bug bites and wiped off perspiration with a towel. A small local dairyette was the ticket, as we devoured cool and refreshing malts. It was one of the only establishments in this little town.
The drive east and north through little towns such as Norman with a population of 53, was really enjoyable. We got to see a few historical markers and statues honoring famous American Indians who "fiercely fought their battles and earned the respect of their opponents." I kept being reminded of whose footsteps had walked before mine - honored to assist our ascendants in any way I could. Although I could feel the pain, anguish, and desperation as I cleared many of these places, I was so grateful that we could bring some balance and light back to the home of these people now.
After such a sweltering day, we opted to go back to the local hotel in Mt Ida. Julie and her friend Laura were actually waiting for us to arrive. We checked into Room 10, cranked on the AC, chatted about the Star of David jewelry that Laura had been inspired to create, and shared our experience of that day's activation. I was enthralled with Julie's information on Mt Ida and its crystal connection. She had me do a Medicine card reading, recommending that is was now time to redo my 9 totem animal spirits. This reading was amazingly accurate and at one point she said her animal totem "below" was the whale because she was a record keeper and that is why she lived in Mt Ida. So what did I turn? The whale as well... it went on from there. We agreed that there was just so much to talk about and they didn't have a whole lot of time then. They dialed us in with a local pizza place which was about to close, pulling a few strings for them to remain open for some out-of-towners.
It felt good to be taken care of when our stomachs were growling and we were feeling the effects of the day. We enjoyed our sweetened tea, which I was getting use to in these parts, and the thin crust pizza. There was a nice salad bar with all the fixings, truly a sight for sore eyes as we hadn't had a salad in about 2 weeks, I think. The rest of the night was business as usual - sorting through our luggage, taking the dogs for a walk, checking my website, and a quick glimpse of e-mails. I was just too exhausted to do anything too mind-provoking, as the entire trip incessantly encompassed an integration process. I once again passed out and slept so soundly that nothing could have awakened me.
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