If you are anything like me, you can’t get enough information on The Knights Templar and reviewing their original purpose.  This article is dated from 2007, however I found it fascinating when I saw the date of recovery around 2001….hmmmm, another coincidence?

The reality of the saga of the Knights Templar is almost as amazing as the myths that embellish it. On Thursday the Vatican plans to add another colorful chapter when it publishes a long-misplaced, 699-year-old papal report on the medieval holy warriors. Vatican publisher Scrinium will offer 799 copies (the 800th will go to the Pope), at $8,375 apiece, of a 1308 parchment titled Processus Contra Templarios (Trial Against the Templars), which chronicles the order’s sordid endgame: the accusations of heresy, the Templars’ defense, and Pope Clement V’s absolution of the order, before he did an about-face and eliminated it.

Interest in the group extends far beyond the ranks of Church historians, of course. The tale of the Templars remains a gaudy thread woven through the religion, politics and literature of Western civilization, with a recent boost from the embellishments of Dan Brown, who cast the Knights as a key part of the conspiracy to conceal Church secrets in his best-seller The Da Vinci Code.

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