Above Top Secret

To start I will do my best to introduce you to the story through some links and work others have already done to explain what happened back in 1986. I have also just recently read the book and still have it in my possession so it is a bit of a rare or unique opportunity for people that have long known about it to ask specific questions or get specific information from the book. The book itself is pretty hard to find and goes for around $500 if you can buy one online, and up until a couple weeks ago I never figured I would get the opportunity to read it.

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Amazing 90 min podcast that breaks down the whole book-

So the quick and dirty is that a couple are living in a cottage in England during 1986 when they discover an extremely strange source of communication with a “person” claiming to be alive in 1500’s in the same cottage. The source of communication started out being an early word processor for the couple in 1986 (Ken and Deb) and a “light box” that dictates speech for (Lucas) in the past. Later on in the book other characters enter and claim to be from different times as well, 2109 in particular. 2109 has some ominous, fascinating, and creepy things to say to humans as well as us specifically on our time line.

One message that was left in chalk on a wall I believe which I have never seen mentioned before caught my interest, although there is no supposed author that I could tell.“The eyes are open yet nothing do you see-the grey retarding mass is your convict- quietly, alone he sits in the dark- waiting for sentence to be passed and demanding through the eyes of the blind- of unspoken questions to answers of ethereal-the soul- he is the traveller- chain nor bar can hold him to frail flesh- here is the ruler of time and space -Here is your God” (note the hyphens are for the weird structure of the actual writing, it wasn’t complete sentences and spatially written strange)

There is a fabulous wealth of entertaining description of what it was like to live through this event which was documented, current day paranormal society that did immense research on the location, Scientists, Language experts, a UFO enthusiasts. I was able to find these individuals names and identities and verify now that they are real people that exist and are still alive.

I am so enthusiastic and excited to discuss this subject that I don’t even know where to begin really. My original intention was to just do another review of the book and try and offer my perspective but I don’t know that it would do any good right at this moment compared to just having a conversation. I am of the opinion that this is legit accounting of a real experience that this did in deed happen.

I really hope there are some long time fans of this story around wanting to discuss and I also really hope there are some new fresh minds to learn about it and take an interest. If there are any questions you have specifically or pictures you want let me know, or if you have a suggestion for a direction to take the discussion lets do it.