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Choice Point movement is here to help us all to take a step back, understood our world and then to take the choice to align our purposes, so that a lot of the world’s problems can suddenly turn into the world’s solutions and collectively create the world we all want to live in. Together, through our individual contributions, we are the change.

Join us for free in Aligning Your Purpose by:

  • Watching our Film about the Movement
  • Learn from and gain wisdom from each other and some of the planet’s foremost visionaries
  • Participate in our social network where we are all exchanging idea’s and collaborating on the solutions
Watch the Choice Point Movie

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The Choice Point Movement is a great place to gain insights from visionaries and others, who have shared experiences through their journey of transformation.

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Share ideas with your existing friends and family, meet new friends and enjoy connecting globally with like-minded people.

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Visit our screening pages to find out how you can host your own screening and get involved with the Choice Point Movement.