October 23, 2013
MeHey Folks!
I wanted to let everyone know I will be out of pocket tomorrow as I am flying out to a CE-5 Gathering in Texas and a stargate party the following week!  Then we are off to AR again for some more activations…I will keep you posted. 
In the meantime, there is always much to read on GalacticConnection.com.  There are over 9000 postings on this blog and MANY of them are great for reference, such as videos and interviews.  Just do a search for someone you want to check out and correlated posting will come up for your perusal. 
Also, I just posted part 8 of My Mission Across America for those of you interested in how we did our part for Mother Earth this summer.  http://galacticconnection.com/the-panther-signifies-a-time-of-rebirth-and-so-much-more/
You may also want to check out my recent interview with Julie and myself.  We reviewed some of the latest articles from Tolec, Cobra, Trutwain, Fulford, etc. regarding this so called Window of Opportunity.  It is a good review and you ought to enjoy it.
The Implant Removal Process has become a grand success!  We are getting a phenomenal response from everyone and when I can get a minute I will put up a testimonial page for you all to review.  Read all about it at the following link:
Take care and know we are ALL in this experience together.  No one is alone and IF you are, then come out and join your Galactic Family with me!
Love ya’