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I’d like to share my observations about channelers and channeling, as there has been much controversy surrounding them. Channeling allows for some very wonderful information to come through, and it has assisted millions of people with their own evolution. For many readers, and the channelers themselves, it is the easiest way they have to connect in with the Higher Realms. It gives people inspiration, drive and direction and encourages people to go beyond their boundaries. While channeling has many beautiful aspects, it also has some limitations I recommend being aware of.

Authentic channeled information doesn’t come through in English, Spanish, or any other language spoken on Earth. It comes through telepathically as Pure Thought, the Universal Language, and it’s the channeler that translates it into English. For most channelers it seems this happens automatically, the channeler isn’t even aware of it. Their brain takes the thought of a tree and turns it into the word “tree”, so it appears that the Being they are channeling is communicating in their language. This works quite well to convey certain understandings, but 5D Thought is notoriously difficult to express in a language that revolves around a 3d experience. Things can very easily get mixed up, both on the part of the channeler, and on the part of the reader.

Many channelers, despite claiming to channel beings like Sananda, Compte de Saint Germaine, or various Arch Angels, are really “channeling” their own Higher Self. This is not a criticism, this is a good thing, as the opportunity now is for all of Humanity to reconnect with their Higher Selves. It matters very little if you are talking to your Higher Self or some famous “Ascended Master”, as your own Higher Self is very much an Ascended Master already. In many ways, the channelings are part of the channelers own path to Awakening and the personal evolution of the channeler can be seen through the channelings if one pays close attention.

I see channeling as one of many spiritual tools that can be used to start getting in touch with your own intuition, feelings and Higher Self. If you become totally reliant upon it though, as many channelers are, it really becomes a limitation. I don’t see it as a tool for leading others or predicting the future. Both of these have been tried many times, and quite frankly the results have not been very pretty. I also see many channelings as a personal message to the channeler, though the channeler seems to not understand this and believe the message applies to everyone.

There are some people who follow channelers in the same way they’d follow some religion, believing every word that is said. To these people I recommend this: Connect with the Truth within you, do not become dependent upon channelers. If you can’t trust yourself, how can you trust anybody else? If you have no idea what is true, how would you know if someone else is sharing truth with you? The real information will lead you back to Your Self, it will assist you in finding your own connection to Reality. The unimportant information will keep you focused upon the “outer” world, upon finding some freedom in the “future” instead of re-connecting to the Freedom that has all-ways been yours, in the Heart of the Now.

Channeling is not infallible, in fact, nothing written can ever be wholly True. Take what I’m saying here, I know what I mean, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get the same understanding when reading it. Our languages are too open to misinterpretation, mistranslation and too limited to really communicate Universal Truth. The words are like a finger pointing at the Moon,  and people get so caught up in the “truth” of the finger that they miss the Moon. This is why it’s so important for each Being to discover their own Connection to the Truth, and not get lost in the words of others.

Ultimately, there’s no need to channel. 5D Reality is already Everywhere Present, it’s available now for everyone to integrate into every aspect of our Lives. Becoming too reliant on techniques like channeling to connect to the Higher Realms can actually hold us back. Higher Consciousness needs to come into every Moment of our Lives if we really want to be Whole again. So long as engaging Higher Consciousness is only a “sometimes” thing, the Being is divided. It’s like people who only try to connect with God in church on Sundays.

Channelers still have at least some ego, and I don’t recommend viewing any channeled message as flawless. If channelers didn’t have any ego they’d already be in 5D Consciousness and have no need to channel, they’d just speak as their own Self. The channeler is often able to go beyond their ego and limited mind to channel in the Higher Truth, but not always. Channelers aren’t “better” than everybody else, they have bad days too, and sometimes they fall into the traps of fear and suffering just like other people. When this happens, their messages reflect it and often the channelers own illusions start to creep in. Instead of the messages coming from a Higher Source, they start to reflect the channeler’s own desires.

Because of the nature of channeling, if the channeler isn’t clear themselves, they can start to be influenced by astral entities. Certain channeling techniques, such as the ones found in occult teachings and Voodoo, actually encourage this. The messages that come from astral entities tend to be cryptic, confusing, threatening and fear-based. We’ve seen this happen with channelers who start out spreading quality information, only to descend into madness. Thankfully when that happens it’s usually quite obvious, and people stop listening to their channelings.

The channeler cannot be separated from the message they are channeling, and the messages always contains at least some input from the channelers themselves. Channeling is more of a translation of Higher Thought than a dictation. A Higher Vibrational Being does not force their will upon anybody and each channeled message is a co-creation. If the channeler really doesn’t want to hear something they’ll either ignore it or misinterpret it entirely. Again, it’s not a flawless source of information, and you disempower yourself through believing it is.

Let me finish with saying I didn’t write this to discourage people from  reading channeled messages or channeling themselves. I wanted to look at channeling holistically, and keep clear of the extremes that say channeling is some perfect tool, or that all channelings are the work of “evil” forces. Channeling is still useful, so long as one keeps clear of the pitfalls and uses it as a tool for finding the Truth within themselves.