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Thoughts on the Vote for ‘The Event’

Thoughts on the Vote for ‘The Event’

by 2012thebigpicture

I find this process fascinating. At the very least, I thought the poll might give us a general indicator of the number of awakened souls on our exquisite planet; at best, a pole vault into our Golden Age without further adieu.

As I begin this post there are 8,408 votes cast: 7,375 for NOW, and 1,033 for Later. Since shortly after the poll opened, a constant 86-87% of respondents voted to trigger The Event ASAP.

I have been blogging my heart out and doing energetic work and personal development for many years now, with the grand carrot of all carrots comprising physical rejuvenation, Heaven on Earth and everlasting life dangled sadistically in front of me and my colleagues for much of that time.

I have devoted every moment I can to waking people up, to informing and hopefully inspiring souls to take command of their lives and fight for what is rightfully theirs. I wanted to be instrumental in breaking at least one link in the previously impregnable chain that enslaves us.

For some time I was prepared to be patient, to trust that things were in good hands—and they are—BUT, and I know I’m not alone in this belief, there comes a time when patience and trust and faith that things will unfold for our benefit must be weighed against the evidence and progress, as well as the casualties and risks.

Yes, it would have been splendid if one of the previous “near misses” had resulted in the vanquishing of the dark. But they did not. Our hopes were dashed on the rocks time and time again.

I remember the vote Drake presented over 18 months ago when we awakened warriors clearly chose to accept the Illuminati’s surrender, a peaceful transition and the preservation of life.

That’s why it didn’t happen back in June of 2012.  The cabal threatened to annihilate thousands if not millions of people if the positive military attempted to carry out the mass arrests. So they weren’t really prepared to surrender then; perhaps only one or two factions, and I see no evidence whatsoever that they have changed their tune. They may be in negotiations, and SAY they realize it’s time, but do you believe them? I don’t. Actions speak louder than words.

Interestingly enough, the only person so far I’m aware of who thinks we should wait is part of COBRA’s Prepare for Change group. I haven’t gone looking for others who feel the same way, but I am a little surprised by some of his comments.

For example: he feels there is a “lack of transparency” in the facts surrounding the poll. I had just previously expressed silent gratitude for COBRA’s intel because he is the only one I know of who tells us as much about what is going on as possible without giving away the plays to the opposition. I feel there is as much transparency as we can hope to have at this juncture based on our virtual ignorance of how things really work in this Universe. We, as Humanity, are so out of our league it’s off the scale.

This Arizona PFC team member feels we are to wait for some mother-figure to deliver us from evil. I don’t know exactly what that meant but he also said that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.

That’s a lovely phrase, and it does help to empower us, but could it not mean that when the time comes, we need to step into our power, put our collective foot down, assess the carnage to date and use our FREE WILL to decide, unequivocally, that IT ENDS HERE?

We pathetic Humans have allowed literally millions of enlightened extraterrestrial beings and extracelestial souls that don’t even reside on this planet to participate in and control this “rescue mission” because many of us are still—albeit awake to much of what has transpired—still so ignorant of the true situation on a physics and energetic level as to who we are.

We are helpless, except to do what we’re already doing—which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the best we can muster under the circumstances with our minimal numbers and limited understanding.

These benevolent beings have sacrificed everything to fight the horrific inhuman forces that enslaved us for thousands of years. They toil endlessly, many putting their lives in jeopardy.

Whistleblowers and journalists continue to be murdered for trying to bring the truth into the open so we slumbering ones can see it for what it is—yet many are still under the spell and have no interest. They are content to let others fix anything that needs to be fixed.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to just wake up one morning and have my rosy little world… disclosure, first contact, rejuvenation, ascension and pay no price for it, but we’re not living in a fairy tale.

Someone please tell me how that can happen when we’re assured that the Illuminati and their minions know it’s time to relinquish their power and go to jail or be escorted lovingly to the Great Central Sun for recycling—yet I SEE no evidence of that.

The chemtrails still fill our skies, warmongers still beat their drums, secret meetings still give birth to dastardly initiatives to steal our rights, the health care industry seeks to kill as many of us as possible—thousands each and every day, our food and water is legally poisoned, our bank accounts are emptied and used as fun money at the ‘casino’, our brilliant inventors’ technologies that would take us into the next millennium are stolen, soldiers come and rip weapons from us and murder those who won’t comply, the elite continue to guzzle gas and oil from Gaia’s heart, spilling it carelessly to poison both she and us… you know all this.

Where is the evidence of capitulation? Of remorse?  Those who rule this planet lie about everything. They threaten to eliminate more of us if they are pushed. They have been allowed to “take their time” for decades and they are still not prepared to step down. What has changed? THEY WILL NEVER BE PREPARED TO STEP DOWN.

When and why would we begin believing their lies? That’s counter-intuitive, foolish and gullible in my humble opinion.

They had their chances. Thousands of people continue to die in storms, earthquakes and extreme temperatures, in war, in hospitals where people believe they are going to get well, in suspicious “accidents” that we ‘conspiracy theorists’ know are not, and these will not stop until the globalists are removed from power and our Galactic brethren can safely join us and help us clean up the catastrophic mess we have and advance our civilization to the level we should have achieved so very long ago.

We were given free will. So far, we have used it to make poor choices that further enslaved us; to ‘let it be’ until the ‘right time’.

Pray tell what exactly is ‘the right time’? What will that look like? So far we have failed to reach that elusive right time.

Everyone on the Internet must now have read or heard the definition of insanity, which is repeatedly performing the same actions yet expecting a different result.

I agree that WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR.  This is our planet. It’s time to graduate from diapers to Pull-ups, my friends. It’s time we put our foot down and said ENOUGH. IT ENDS HERE. We have made our executive decision and will take responsibility for our actions.

If you are one who is not suffering in this life and isn’t watching a loved one suffer, has everything you need, isn’t bothered by the millions that die each day and is in no hurry to change the world you live in, I’m happy for you. I wish we were all enjoying that position, but most on the planet are not.

If the poll results on COBRA’s web site are an accurate representation of how Lightworkers and aware people feel, there are far more who have reached the end of their rope and are willing to take a “remote” chance, in COBRA’s words, that there could be some injury or loss of life if The Event is triggered sooner rather than later, than there are those who feel it would be in our best interests to wait.

(Just an aside here: how do we know WHO voted to wait? It could be some trolls and shills, could it not?)Trying to buy the globalists more time to come up with their next booby trap?)

Keeping in mind that COBRA said this vote will not necessarily mean the Resistance Movement WILL trigger the event in the next few weeks—just that they will take the overall expression of our desires into consideration when they determine what to do next—this poll is probably not going to drop the hammer—not unless now IS the time to do this.

The current window of opportunity closes after December 25th. How many more months are we willing to wait? What does “much longer” mean? I don’t have “much longer” in me. I’m done.

It is my personal feeling that the few who may be “sacrificed” (if you choose to view it that way) if The Event were to occur now rather than later when all the archons have been eliminated, would gladly have played that role if it meant our freedom and joy; if it would mean one less girl would be sold as a sex slave or gang raped, if one less baby were sacrificed on a pentagram, if one less child starved to death, if one less young mother died of cancer, if one less young man lost his legs in a war intended to pare down the Earth’s population and line the pockets of the elite, if one less veteran committed suicide because he is so messed up and doesn’t want to be a burden to his family, if one less man was tortured and beheaded because of his religion…

I personally VOLUNTEER to be one who is ‘sacrificed’, if that is necessary. Death is no big whoop. I want what’s best for the masses, and the masses are rapidly dwindling at the hands of our oppressors. The ones who are left are mind-controlled, in a trance, conditioned automatons.

We have let the elite bully us for so long they no longer believe we will force their hand or indeed, that they will ever have to relinquish their power. They simply make it illegal to do anything we need to do to thwart their efforts to control us or else they remove us.

How long will this ‘holding pattern’ go on before we run out of fuel? I am tired of being a cowardly Earthling. I want what is rightfully ours for all people on this planet. I want the massacres, rapes, tortures, starvation, disease, exposure, eviction, theft, murder, and intimidation to stop. NOW. I want the LIES to stop.

I want to give the Galactics and those in the Resistance Movement their lives back, and their reward for fighting the good fight.

We were promised a Golden Age. Let’s get on with it. The entire Universe is hanging on to what happens here on Earth. I firmly believe waiting will only sacrifice MORE people, not less.

And if you vote to wait for The Event, what makes you think that you or your loved ones will not be injured or killed in the interim? Did you think of that? By choosing to wait are you not offering up yourselves and them for the sacrificial alter anyway? In essence, I believe you are.

And one last point. The Light has repeatedly underestimated the power of the dark forces, for eons. What makes you think that waiting even longer is going to improve our chances of defeating them? Ascended souls are not perfect. Do not put them on pedestals. They make mistakes. So far their strategies have not been as effective as they had hoped, and that is why we are in this situation.

I believe we need to seize the day, so to speak, and use this powerful window of opportunity we now enjoy to take control of the situation once and for all. Otherwise, we could be in for some nasty surprises.

I left comments open on the post from COBRA asking us to place our votes. Anyone of the opinion we have good reason to wait is welcome to post their comments there. So far the only comments are from those saying it’s time to git ‘er done. I can’t think of one damn reason to wait.  There are NO guarantees.

I’d love to hear your reasoning for believing procrastinating The Event is a good idea. Who knows? Maybe you’ll change my mind.


In love,

~ BP

2012thebigpicture | December 11, 2013 at 3:14 PM

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