Nikola Tesla was born in 1856, his ideas and inventions were of great importance with the technological advancements of the twentieth century. He participated in the invention of alternating current, fluorescent lamp, remote control, robotics … and among other inventions he had more than 700 patents registered. He died in early 1943, during World War II, in a small apartment in New York, while the city that never sleeps, was under his legacy, fully lit by electricity.

Even though he was a brilliant mind, Tesla was an unusual person. He hated physical contact with others, and he lived life calculating nearly everything. It was normal for him to work for days without getting much sleep. His major works came to life in the twentieth century, when submarines and remotely controlled aircraft were developed.

Here we have three incredible inventions that could change history.

The Death Ray

When most people think about Tesla they think about the Death Ray, a deadly weapon capable of destroying flying objects located several thousand kilometers away. The death ray was considered a particle beam created in the XX century. Basically, a particle is taken, and it is projected great distances via high voltages at great speed, resulting in great damage. The Death ray was able to shoot down a missile in space. Even though the US government “kidnapped” many of Teslas works, it is unknown whether a Death ray had been developed. Some say the weapon was used in 1908 when the Death Ray was used to shoot a target across the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Arctic. Following tests in the Arctic, in late June of 1908 an incredible explosion occurred in a remote forest in Siberia. some believe the Death ray had something to do with the Tunguska explosion. Tesla dismantled the death ray shortly after, explaining that all mankind was in danger, especially of the Death Ray got into the wrong hands.


The Earthquake Machine

Not only did tesla invent the Death Ray, which could have resulted in a catastrophic weapon for mankind, he also invented a machine capable of creating gigantic earthquakes. Years after the Death Ray experiments, Tesla decided to work on another experiment. This time he made the island of Manhattan vibrate for several kilometers. He then realized that the waves grew stronger as they traveled faster. Police officer interrupted Teslas projects. Tesla was seen as a mad scientists by the scientific community. His ideas were regarded as such as well. It is believed that governments of the United States and Russia got their hands on Tesla’s projects. Thanks to those projects, Tesla’s ideas were converted into a reality, one that was probably different in Tesla’s mind. Some believe that the Earthquake machine was just one of Tesla’s wild imagination projects and that it never occurred. Tesla himself stated that he had created a machine so powerful that it could split the Earth in half like an apple.


Another sensational idea that originated from Tesla was HAARP and the way of sending particles in the ionosphere changing the global climate, if handled properly. Teslas concept of sending waves to the ionosphere was ridiculized in the past, up until the US military came up with the HAARP based on the ideas of Nikola Tesla. Of course, we are probably not going to find out the exact details of HAARP and Tesla’s ideas but we know that most of his projects were confiscated by the government and were most likely used at some point in history.