11.28.13.  For those number of you who have written to me asking – the answer is: Yes. The biosphere – Xanterexx [called by the news media: “comet Ison“] is in fact the “Blue Star Kachina“.  It signifies the coming of major changes to this planet, the harbinger of change & ‘open first contact ‘ I spoke of in my September 7th video on this topic.  It marks the ending of the “4th world” & the beginning events of the “5th world“…  as a new, about to be birthed, mid-level, 4D, higher dimensional planet Earth.

This confirmation was provided to me in the past two (2) days by my contacts on the Andromeda Council who are originally from the planet Dakote, origin planet of a great many indigenous Native Americans, including the Hopi, of the star system Taygeta, constellation Pleiades.  The Hopi consider themselves to be direct descendants of people from the Pleiades.

To all of you in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving.