Published on Oct 8, 2018


A gracious and grateful audience of 180 people from around the world gathered together to hear Tom Campbell speak in Krakow, Poland. Some of the audience was new to Tom’s theory and some came from long distances to meet Tom in person, 23 countries in all! Questions will appear in all four parts of this presentation, and the new audience was very enthusiastic and insightful with their questions! This event was made possible by Witold Tomkiewicz of Warsaw, with the expert assistance of Andrzej Butra, Pawel Byczuk, and Danuta Terpilowska. The hospitality and attention to details for the event was unprecedented in our experience. It was a true family effort carried out with love! Witold, who speaks several languages fluently, was the simultaneous translator for the event. His charming family were all part of the behind the scenes expert assistance for the event. Even with 180 people in attendance, everyone who wanted, got a photo, an autograph, or a question answered! Our thanks to all of the MBT audience and to our new friends in Poland for making this a truly memorable event for all! Tom’s website Tom Campbell’s Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness, a 501(c)(3) Tom’s programs, events, and appearances In Krakow: Andrzej Butra: