Dec 30, 2018

** UNDISCLOSED TOP SECRET MISSION FROM CERES TO DOWNTOWN CHICAGO THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND ** Please Subscribe if You Would like to see More 🙂… ********************************************************** For the first time Tony releases vital information from Ceres of a high security mission involving portals, Germans, Draconian’s to a residential building in downtown Chicago in the dead of night while the city sleeps ******************************************************************** Esoteric Disclosure exists to bring a clear and concise message of truth to the earth entities of this planet. The information herein is given in the love of light, with the sole purpose of aiding the human race in their ascension. The founders of this channel have come together with 50 years of experience in seeking the truth. This does not mean that we know everything, in fact, we know enough to know we don’t know everything. The student will appear when the master is ready and the master will appear when the student is ready, everybody is at a different level in their experience in this density and we hope to be an aide to your ascension with minimal distortion, standing beside you and holding your hand through the process. We invite you to message us and share any of your experiences and we will happily use this information to develop one of our monthly releases. ******************************************************************** The first in series of interviews with Tony Rodrigues, secret space programme Survivor/Whistle-blower. 1 hour of exclusive in-depth discovery of Tony’s 20 years and back experience. Esoteric disclosure has forthcoming interviews with Tony on undisclosed missions. Please subscribe to stay updated. Tony Rodrigues who was used as slave labour for several secret space programs, one of which was German-run program known as the Dark Fleet, which was originally built in Antarctica. He discussed the first seven years of his alleged “20 and back” program where he says he was used as a drug courier in Peru, and finally taken to the Moon when he turned 16 to be trained for space operations. At Mt Shasta, California, he discusses his memories of being on a secret corporate base on Mars, and another base on the Asteroid Belt planetoid Ceres, as well as his service on the Dark Fleet Merchant Spacecraft, called the Max Von Laue. Rodrigues says after the completion of his aptitude testing, he was sent to the planetoid Ceres through an advanced portal shuttle system from Mars, where from 1990 to 2001, he served as a crew member of a merchant spacecraft led by German officers that were part of the Dark Fleet. Among the things that impressed me in Rodrigues story was his description of the older generation of German spacecraft as retrofitted submarines. This was consistent with Tompkins’ description of the first US Navy spacecraft being retrofitted Nautilus class nuclear submarines which he shared in an unpublished interview. As far as I’m aware, Rodrigues was the first person to reveal this very significant piece of information. cabal fox news nibiru update coast to coast paul begley