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Tory Smith: More Details on the 819 Arrests!!!

Alexandra: Good afternoon everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of galacticconnection.com. Yes, indeed. I have an on-the-fly interview with none other than Tory Smith. I know it’s been a while and a lot a people have asked where he has been with the Galactic Connection interviews, so lo and behold, he has some phenomenal announcements to make today. The date for today is March 23rd 2016. I want you all to know that I was awakened at around 4:44 pm, I mean am, where’s my head today? Before I get started, I want to share the message that came in before we dive in with Tory’s exciting information. I do want to state and Tory has made this very clear after contacting his advisers and legal team that the views and opinions that are expressed on this program with Tory Smith are not necessarily the views and opinions of those of myself and galacticconnection.com. So now that we have that out of the way, I want to share a message that came in right before I interviewed him today, so I can tell there’s some orchestration going on. It says: “Light is penetrating every aspect of society. It’s giving us examples but it’s also plain out in the background, in the mysteries of another plane of existence. Many victories are being attained to bring forth the much needed balance on this planet. In the days to come, that which some see, and not all, across the veil, there will become an everyday way of life. And n everyday way of being and seeing life. Some of us has already reactivated our inherent gifts to see through everything and understand what goes on within our physical reality. It is not necessarily what occurs across the veil that which many fear to conceive or deny its existence, but for the path of all of the emissaries out there wishing to serve a higher purpose than this illusory matrix. What goes on the other side of the veil is where one finds the truth, the mysteries of life. The definition of insanity is what? Let’s decide what insanity really is. It is but the ability to see other realities that in the days of old was actually common place back in the times of the druids. It keeps us in the mind as you share the information of the sleeping giant.” What they’re trying, anyway, what I was writing, remember this is at 4:44 in the morning, was keep this in mind as we realize that the sleeping giant is waking up. “Reminding them also their day nears when they too will see this different essence of life”.

Tory Smith as many of you know has committed his entire life to the exposure of child sacrifice and satanic ritual. He is what many consider to be, and what I consider to be, a powerful knight of days gone past, who is clearly, in my opinion, one of the most courageous and heroic people I know and he hates hearing this but it’s true. He is emerging the truth and truth being the light and also what is really being done on the inner planes of existence. Many of us avoid this topic with such amount of detail that he provides but he is so good at the humour that he can bring and see the, what’s that called, the other part of the veil trying to bring beauty into such a horrific situation around this globe. He said to me the other day that someone referred to him as a hero, denying it because he connotated that his willingness was not necessarily there and that the desire to do it was also not there. But I have reminded Tory that very, very few have been as committed to removing so many of the beings and entities that truly do not hold love in their hearts and the desire to free all human beings and all living beings from enslavement. This is what I want to say about Tory Smith.

Sorry about that, it’s a little fragmented but hey! I had to read my notes. He goes without any introduction. A lot of you know that he’s taken so much heat and many of the politicians and many of the world leaders think he’s insane. Actually, sometimes he wished he wasn’t selected or chose to do this kind of work but I know for one, after receiving multiple phone calls from this man that he is legitimate and what he does and his commitment to serving all of us and this planet, and most especially Mother and Father God. With that said, I want to thank you Tory from the bottom of my heart for all the crap that you put up with.

Tory: And it’s a lot!

Alexandra: The immense amount of pain and suffering and turmoil. The first question I want to ask you right out the gate is a lot of people will say that, Tory, ‘Why are you not asking for more protection? Why are you not asking for more help?’ What would you say to them?

Tory: Well, I will say that you don’t know what I’ve been through. If you think I don’t have protection, then really, a person has absolutely no idea of what I’ve been through. Cause it’s been a lot. It is really been a lot. Usually I say that this began for me in January 2012 but that’s when I consciously became aware because they were using a stun gun on me before that. There is many ways to check things but I believe, I checked, they were using a stun gun on me over 80 000 times. When we’re not exposed to kind of like X-files activities, when this first began for me, things were happening that I knew were happening but I thought how can this be? I must imagining things or whatever. But there was one incident where I was literally picked up in the air and thrown. Then that happened several times. Then I knew, t here is no way that I could be creating this in my mind. Then the physical injuries started. Most of my injuries happened while I’m sleeping. Even now, I have poison marks all over my legs again. I got to a point where my legs were cleared up. They’re really angry right now and when I say they’re angry, I usually call them the dark side or the Nazis. A lot of people have the belief that when you die, God judges you and if he doesn’t like you he sends you off to a place called hell. This is hell. Many people feel trapped here but really what happens is, you have to develop your sacred light to a point to get out. I always like to speak in the absolute simplest of terms because there is a lot of people that have been to college and speaking words a lot of people don’t understand. That’s why I always like to use the simplest terminology but sometimes it doesn’t encompass how incredibly complex something is.

Alexandra: Yes.

Tory: A lot of people always ask me, especially because I live out in the country. I am from Indiana, I moved to the East Coast. I lived on the East Coast for 15 years and then I moved back. So much has happened. It has been so much with the going on in the Earth and here in Indiana. I moved into child trafficking because I was exposed to it. The first time that I witnessed child trafficking in all these places I’ve described which we don’t have to talk a lot about because I have a huge amount of videos online and people can go to get the details in the videos. That’s why I put them out because I wanted to bring awareness. I wanted to put out 5 to 10 minutes videos so somebody can say, ok let me see what is going on. And then I decided to…

Alexandra: Hold on one second, I just want to say something. It is crucial for people to understand why you have been so fired up about taking this on as a mission. Please do yourself a favor, because he himself has been the recipient of this exact crime and criminal behavior that is being extended to all of our beautiful children on this planet. Please check it out. Anyway, go ahead.

Tory: They treated me like they treat the children. I was raped right alongside the children. That’s the first time I was and while I was being raped they murdered 54  children in the room. Which I can’t go into, well I can go into many details about that but what will happen is if I connect to that too much I tend to have some sort of a seizure. My head will start snapping. I can’t control my body. I have to hold on to something otherwise I’ll just collapse on the floor.

Alexandra: It’s post traumatic stress.

Tory: Yeah. It is. What had happened was a lot of the times they paralyze people and they use drugs on people. So you’re not really aware. You know what is going on but you’re kind of like in a dream state. What happened was they all left the room. It was a gang rape. We were on these table beds and then, all the males left. Then, I woke up and I could move my head and I was talking to a little girl next to me. I think I was able to speak. There was about a dozen kids I was able to speak to. This little girl I later found out she was 5 years old. The first thing she said to me was Mommy says there is no monsters. This is coming from a 5 years old girl who has just been raped repeatedly over and over again. For the longest time, I couldn’t even focus on that little girl because I would just absolutely freak out. As time has passed, I moved from they’re doing this to me to this is what I’m doing to do everything I can to do my part to bring this to an end. And so it did help. That was what my biggest therapy was. Not to run and hide. To say, I am going to take a stand, I am going to do what I can and I know a lot of people aren’t going to believe this. A lot of people aren’t going to want to hear this. As time went on, I did more and more detailed reports, so much other information was coming in. Which I never planned, in fact I was talking to my Spirit Guide a couple of days ago, because there’s so many people on the internet who will say things like oh come here to get your news. We’re going to have the breaking stories. And we were kind of laughing about that but it’s kind of sad that people compete with each other to see who can tell you the horrible news first. Which to me is completely 3rd dimension egoic behavior. I would rather come from the place of, ok, this is what’s happened. Why don’t we all get together and discuss how we can take steps so this will never happen again. But people aren’t like that. A lot of people are being controlled too. There’s a lot of chips going on. Most of the things I get are, how dare you say this about me, where are you getting your information from? Which I would like to address.

Alexandra: Yes. I would like you to address that but I would like you to just clarify something for me. How hold were you when this kind of stuff was going on?

Tory: You mean the supernatural? My whole life. I could see ghosts from when I was a child. I didn’t know until now but I was targeted by the archons at 5 years old. I started having sex when I was 8 years old. My sister used to get gang raped a lot as a child. They would bring me along to be with her. We used to drink heavily. This was back in the 70’s. I was born in 1963 and started havingsex very early. I didn’t really even know what it was. It was always, ‘you can’t tell anybody about this, no one can know’. It was all without emotion. It was just basically carnal sex acts that my sister and I were going through. I wasn’t violent. I wasn’t really beaten as a child. I don’t think she was either but my sister had an abortion while she was 11 years old. I know that a lot of people have very strong feelings about abortions but I made the comment that I don’t think that any 11 year old girl should have to go through with that. We live in a society where children are preyed upon. There’s a huge amount of predators. And so it’s not like I just decided one day, Oh, I think I am going to create a website and put out information so that I can become famous or whatever. That’s what a lot of people have accused me of. In fact, I had to stop on my blog, putting informatiohn on mt blog, because people would just go to the blog to ask me for readings. I stopped offering DNA readings over a year ago, February 3rd 2015, and I received hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of requests after that. I haven’t checked the email again but even as much as two weeks ago, there were still people asking me for readings. It’s just become too much. What’s happened though in my personal life is it expanded much beyond that. To make a long story short, the illuminati knew what my gifts were. They knew that in 2009 I became able to witness DNA. The way that works is, well like with you, I say, ok I would like to pull up Alexandra’s DNA and your DNA appears right in front of me. Everyone’s does. Then I would say ok…it was a process. I didn’t just go from nothing to a high level of expertise. It was a process over the years. I started reading species in 2010 and that became more detailed. And then later on I was able to say this guy’s 50% reptilian, 10% amphibian and the rest human. There’s so many different species, 800 million species in our Universe.

Alexandra: Wow!

Tory: We have a lot of species going on here. One of the things that came up when I was doing DNA readings is, I tell people it’s kinda like if you moved around a lot in the States, because I look at them and say when you came into this galaxy, and first place you lived was Lyra. And then you lived in Vega, and then you lived in Sirius B and then Asterope, Merope, Alcyone,  and when you lived in Alcyone first you lived inside the star and then you lived on the fourth planet; and then you moved to Taygeta you lived on planet Erra and Dakote. And then it goes on and on and on. I thought it was really cool. People ask ‘Am I Pleiadian or Andromedan?’ Well, yes, you have history in both. I tell people it’s like, you know have you ever known someone that’s moved around a lot – ‘Well, I’m from New York but then my father had to move to South Carolina and then he had to go up to Michigan for some reason. Then we moved all the way out to California and then we moved back to Texas. I say, where are you from? Well, I considered myself a New Yorker but I only lived there five years before I moved away. You know what I mean? It’s like that.

Alexandra: I can relate to that being a military brat. And also, what you are saying is that essentially there is a very specific path that our souls follow in our reincarnation cycle of where we go from planet to planet.

Tory: I think that also depends on the way that star systems were developed. I know that the Pleiades are still being developed because when I first researched the Pleiades, there was 70 star systems that has sentient colonies of Human life like here on Earth. 70. I just talked to the Galactics the other day, a group of Pleiadians were out on a ship outside and I started talking with them and I asked them and they said, now it’s 73. So now it’s 73 star systems in the Pleiades. It’s like our solar system, here on Earth. It’s funny cause when I was in high school, they used to try to tell us that the only place that intelligent life exists is here on Earth. I used to laugh about that. Really? There’s intelligent life here on Earth? Other people would say do you believe there is intelligent life out there? I said, well is there any intelligent life here? Witnessing what’s going on – Vietnam, 4 million people murdered in Vietnam and then South Korea. All these wars were just senseless. I just think that the way we live on this planet is changing.

Alexandra: This is why we’re doing this interview so you can share the realizations and the changes that are going on behind the veil. I really want to stress this. I get emails too from people going, I just don’t get Tory Smith. I just don’t get how he sees all this stuff and yet it’s not really on the physical plane. Could you please explain it to me? I can say that even with the Implant Removal Process it’s one and the same, when we’re removing these implants that we just chucked in today, some of these implants that we remove are back from 1.7 million years ago.

Tory: Wow!

Alexandra: Okay? Yet, on the physical, when you wake up the next day, you can be very sore, you can be very tired. You’re on your physical body, because your physical is the last place that it unfolds. It’s the last place that it will show itself. Everything is being done on the other auric and dimensional fields. This is where Tory operates.

Tory: When this started for me… because what happened was I became very ill. I had what is considered to be 3 terminal illnesses at the same time. I had a near death experience. As a matter of fact, it was in that room over there. My sister also died in that room over there. She died of a brain tumor when she was 31. I was 31 and my mom was absolutely flipping out. She kept saying, I can’t lose another child. I can’t lose another child. So, I asked God, ‘Well I’d like to stay.’ And – ‘cause I had completed my chart. I was charted from up to there and I was charted to die at 31. Those of you who don’t know that, anybody who comes here from Heaven has to sign a contract with god that we mostly call a chart, some people call it akashic record. Sometimes we use different words for the same thing. I doesn’t really matter what you call something as long as people understand what the subject is. When I came back, I said, I’m not going to be here and be sick the whole time. so I said I want to heal completely which I hear the opposite from doctors and the local hospital group, oh you’ll never heal. I don’t understand how doctors can tell patients that they will never heal. That really pissed me off.

Alexandra: I know, me too.

Tory: I had so many doctors tell that I’m going to die. Oh you’re going to die in 90 days. Really? How do you know?

Alexandra: They are playing god. They are totally playing god. That is an old paradigm, Tory. Even if we have a contract that states we are going to die at 31, what you have proven and many others are proving is that game is over. We can break those contracts are start anew. That’s the cool part!

Tory: That is what I advise. Sylvia Browne which I’ve said many times was my foremost spiritual teacher. There is a lot of spiritual teachers I have had in my life. Sylvia Browne is the only one that I met in person, and actually got to work for her. It was a wonderful experience. I think that that happened because we are very aligned, and a lot of times in Heaven they will refer to me as Sylvia Browne’s student, because a lot of her beliefs – I see the same thing. To back up a little bit: where I was, when I came back I told god ok if I’m gonna be here number 1: I’m not gonna be sick, I want to heal completely, and I knew that I had healing powers, especially while I was a bartender, now I can study. I had 17 lifetimes as a therapist and that is what made me a good bartender.

Alexandra: (laughing out loud)

Tory: People would tell me, I don’t even remember leaving the bar last night. What is your secret as a bartender? I would say, I don’t use any mixer. There was rum with like a tiny little amount of Coke to make it look brown, then I’d squeeze a lemon in there. Honey, there was no Coke, less than two drops of Coke in your drink. Anyway I mad wicked drinks, wicked strong. Serve ’em until they drop, is my motto. But everybody loved me, it was great. There was a class of people that always went to the model bar tenders, this was in South Beach in New York. We call them ‘babies’, the customers that come up and drink at your bar. Usually it was the locals that came up to me. It was people that worked in other night clubs, people that worked in bars and restaurants.  So my babies were all the locals, part of the community. It was really wonderful because I would go out to a nightclub, I’d run in the door, a lot of people liked me. The first thing I would do is kiss 30 or 40 people hello, running aroung kissing and hugging everybody. I love South Beach. Now that’s all changed down there. So anyway what I did was, in that time, I want to learn, I want to become a better person. I want to help people and so I turned my life over to God. I turned my life over to the angels. I said: Ok. From now on out, my contract is complete. You are the one in control of my life. Let’s go. What happened to me over the next few years is I became almost like ravenous desire to study what every spiritual teacher that was putting out. Almost every book that I would read was either written by a doctor or by a spiritual teacher. One of the first people I learned from was a woman name Caroline Myss. She came out and – because she has books about why some people heal and some people don’t, and the biggest thing I learned from her was she was talking about the energies of the groups that you belong to. Those energies dramatically affect you and she talked about the military. If you’re a member of the military, your healing is going to be the slowest because the military doesn’t change quick. It takes them decades to change one simple idea. They never do anything fast.

Alexandra: And don’t you think too, Tory, it’s because they are constantly doing manoeuvers and training. It’s constant.

Tory: I really believe it is because the military is told what to believe and told what to do, and they’re told what a lot of religious people are told. Religious people are told that you can’t have a one on one connection with God, especially the Catholics. The Vatican was to say, if you want to learn about God you need to go to this guy in the black dress. You need to go to the, I call them drag queens in the Vatican but that is an insult to the drag queens of this planet. That is the difference between religion and spirituality. Spirituality says I have a direct cord of energy between me and goes directly into the heart of Mother / Father God. You connect directly. You receive information directly. You receive protection directly. All of that. For years, I just did what was in front of me. I was doing daily remote healing work. I think I did that for ten years before I really even knew what I was doing because I was just doing it from past memory. I was filling everybody with light and doing all these things. Everyone has psychic ability we are just told that we don’t. We are constantly repressed and put down by society because the controllers did not want us to break free of their control system and move back to the way it was before they took control. This one woman, a couple of years ago said, we were talking about people from other worlds, she said, Oh my god, I am so afraid of aliens, I’m so afraid they are going to come here and take over this planet. And I said ‘Honey, they already did!’ They did 13 000 years ago and humans have been their slaves ever since. And she’s just like ‘Oh’, you know what I mean. Sylvia Browne had a book about it called “Past Lives, Future Healing”. It was all about negative cell memory. What you’ll find is – as a matter of fact the 2 questions you asked me, Are we based on negative cellular memory because a lot of people contacted me about planet Nibiru. ‘I am so afraid Nibiru is going to come and kill us all. What are we going to do? I know Nibiru is coming back”. I say to them, no it’s not. You are already killed by this planet during one of its passes and you are remembering being killed by this planet. Because it was a huge traumatic ordeal for you. “Oh, I was really killed?” Yeah. You gotta let that go, because it’s not going to happen now. Niniru is under contract.

Alexandra: That’s why we have to question all the stuff that is coming up and seeing it from a different lens because our manual of how we lived life and see life is not applicable anymore. This is a purging. By purging, we are not just talking pain and suffering. We are talking memories. And these memories go back and what I am finding in my work, it’s not just this world age. We’re talking some other serious, very long world ages. Because you are getting into convoluted conversation such as timelines, space/time continuum, dimensions. We don’t really have the capacity to wrap our heads around that. We need to understand that our multi-dimensionality is coming to a unification.

Tory: Yes, but that’s because of our location. That’s because of our physical bodies right now. We are in the 3rd dimension and that’s why we aren’t the way we normally are in Heaven and that’s why we are so cut off. That’s exactly what I tell people. I say ‘Hey, instead of saying what that guy says cannot be true, say Hey wait a minute this guy says something and I am freaked out about it. I want to know if that’s true.’ What do you do? You go to the Universe and you say I want to know the truth. I create an intent because I want to know the truth. This guy is saying some really devastating things that are going on. If that’s true, show me the evidence. The other day I did a DNA reading for a woman and one of her questions was: Did I live in other galaxies before I moved here to the Milky Way? The answer was yes. I could go back. I have limits. I can’t see everything in fact I don’t see most things. I usually see what people have questions about and I do my best to put that into words so that they understand. Sometimes they say, oh my God, I can’t believe you said that. She had live in 17 galaxies before moving here because most humans that are here in the Milky Way moved here about 6 million years ago. She had been a Galactic Federation member and I can’t remember – somewhere between 80 and 100 times – she had been a Galactic federation of Light member and what came up was, since she lived in the Milky Way she’s visited 117 other galaxies, ‘cause they just have this technology. Well all these people that are being arrested… it takes them 35 minutes and I think it’s like 3 billion light years away. It actually takes longer to get people to move around and be where they’re supposed to be that it actually does to fly. If you travel by air here, and go on a jet. You know going through the airport, waiting for bags, you got to wait here and sit down over there. And get on the plane and you gotta wait some more on the plane. A lot of the times the flight is less than your airport manoeuverability time. That’s what I see with these galactic flights. Things are changed really dramatically.

Alexandra: Not only that but that’s an illusion too. Just the fact that it takes so many hours to go from point A to point B on this planet, even that they’re proving has been manipulated. ‘Cause they’re not willing to fly in a certain direction. Tory, you brought up a really good point and that is the arrests. One of the main reasons that you called me and really wanted to do this interview is you felt you had some pretty phenomenal information regarding that. Before you get into the details, can you share how are these arrests being played out. People are not seeing them on the physical plane.

Tory: That brings me back to the question Tory, how do you know this to be true? I chose years ago to have my DNA activated. We are all at two strands. Two strands activated is called a state of limited consciousness. What that means is we don’t have access to most of our gifts. Most of our human gifts that God gave us, at two strands activated, we don’t even know they are there. A lot of times, we say, oh no that’s not possible. People do levitation, or telepathy. You know “Oh no, that can’t be true.’ Because we are in this head set here. I went from 2 to 144, to 156 and then I went up to a 124 000 and then they came and activated me. And I can’t remember if there’s one inbetween that but then I remember I was at 512 000, which is just over half a million. Last year, the divine director selected me to bring me up to full consciousness level and I am activated now to a million and 7 strands activated. That is full consciousness level for most humans. However, it takes a while to kick in.

Alexandra: Yes.

Tory: Also, we are still here in the 3rd dimension which, if I understand correctly we’re about to shift. We are moving into the 5th dimension this summer. I’m getting like somewhere between July and August. This planet is going to make the shift. Then, we are going to take all the steps. People like Sheldan Nidle’s been talking about it in books and dvd’s , there is so much stuff that’s going on. That’s when we are going to start cleaning up the planet and what not. But everybody that has less than 51% sacred light has to leave. They cannot stay here because they cannot handle the shift in vibrations. What would happen is these dark entities that were here for so long, if they were in place and the planet shifted, they would just explode. First what would happen is they will go crazy and cause lots of problems for everybody else. They are causing problems already, the dark entities, the wars and all that stuff. It could have been a lot worse. There is that one time when Dick Cheney hired Mossad to plant 31 nuclear bombs all over this country. If we didn’t have Galactics, oh my God, that was such a stressful week. They’re always, they’re constantly coming in. They come in their temporal bodies, they’re screaming at meand then the Galactics took the bombs because Mother Gaia does not want bombs going off on this planet. And it’s like “Where the hell the bombs?” I say what are you asking me for? I’m just a stupid hick from the mid-west or whatever, or the east, wherever you consider Indiana to be.  Like to make fun of myself, it helps me get through…

Alexandra: That’s the greatest part about you. You are taking such an intensely vile subject and still managing to get some humour out of it. It always blows me away when I talk to you. But dn’t forget, address the arrests.

Tory: Okay, that’s what I was trying to get at because ascension is the key. What they did was there is something that either I don’t see or I don’t know how to recognize in people’s DNA. I always give people their sacred light. Ok, sacred light is just a simple percentage of where we are and I have seen people’s sacred light go up and down in a matter of just moments.

Alexandra: Why?

Tory: Because of our behavior. Our behavior is what influences our sacred light. People say I want to have really high sacred light. Then you need to go out and start helping people. You need to do it with a pure heart. Because if you go out and help people and say, well I am going down to work at the homeless shelter because I’m going to raise my sacred light to 51% or whatever, 65%, it’s not going to work like that. That is a self-motivated intent. I’m going to help you so that I get a reward. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about I’m going to help you because you are in a situation and I want to do what I can to make your life better. And I want to do that and I don’t even care if anybody says thank you, I’m going to do that because I want to help. Because when you help people anonymously …

Alexandra: Just because it’s the right thing to do. What is the highest sacred light that you’ve seen so far?

Tory: All the galactics have 100%. Everybody in Heaven has 100%. I don’t believe anybody that is here on earth at this time is higher than 92%. For some reason, I think it’s because of the energies or whatever I don’t think it’s possible for someone to have higher than 92%.  It is actually fairly rare that people do have that high level. There are people who work really, really hard or they are connected to an massive amount of people. Like Sade, she’s a singer and when she sings she channels energy from Heaven and broadcasts it out to the people she is singing to. Her sacred light is at 92%. Sylvia Browne had 92%, the man you do interviews with Kevin Annett he has 92% sacred light, David Icke has 92%. Look at David Icke, he  works his ass off every day. Why? Number one because he wants to stop child trafficking and number two he wants to help people, and he lives a very simple modest life in a little apartment. There is a dark entity, her name is Joyce Meyer. She’s on TV pretending to be this big religious, spiritual person and her sacred light is 37%. She is a dark entity. Actually, another TV evangelist just got arrested. I can’t remember his last name. Joel.. something. Anyway, back to mass arrests. The one thing that we were told that is a lie is that the galactics were going to come down and arrest everybody in three hours and then go home and that’s it. Well, it didn’t turn out that way and the galactics said they were sorry that message got out. It’s not the truth. And back to vibration. The people being arrested are being arrested in order of vibration. This is something I can’t yet put a number on. After the 819 were arrested I wanted to know whose next. I want to know when Obama is going. I really hate him. I don’t carry that hate. I am so disgusted by his behavior, he’s murdered 283 children while raping them but still that wasn’t even the worst. The worst ones were in the 819. Like Benjamin Netanyahu was way over 350 children, almost 400 children. He’s been arrested. He’s not coming back.

Alexandra: And Cheney.

Tory: They all have 0% of sacred light because once you either rape somebody or murder somebody or both, your sacred light drops to zero. And then other people who denounce God and denounce all form of divinity, God will remove their sacred light out of an act of  respect. There was a woman online, a couple of years ago, her biggest thing was “Why I stopped being a light worker”. She started running around, telling everybody that the Lords of Karma were all parasites, and they were out to get us, whatever you do don’t get involved with them. It made an impression on a lot of people, because I then later on I’m like ‘I love the Lords of Karma’. You know I come out, you know I love the Lords of Karma, they mean so much to me. Jesus Christ is a Lord of Karma. There’s a whole bunch of them. All Lords of Karma are ascended masters but not all ascended masters are Lords of Karma.

Alexandra: Tory, explain to everybody what a Lord of Karma is.

Tory: I don’t know everything that they do. What I do know is, the Lords of Karma, the biggest thing that they do in my understanding is when a person dies, the soul is what they guide. Father and Mother God always give us chance after chance after chance to better ourselves. A lot of dark entities call that being trapped in Hell. What that really means is, well let’s take Nancy Reagan. Nancy Reagan recently died, she was an extremely evil person. When she died the Divine Director and the Lords of Karma, see what they do is they go around – it’s almost like shopping – they go around and they look for a woman, and they choose a woman who’s a dark entity so they’re not going to pick a pregnant woman that has like 85% sacred light and put somebody like Nancy Reagan in because people who have lied have all charted for that, so the dark entities don’t have charts. So Nancy Reagan was put in a pregnant woman in one of the poorest regions in India. Because one of her most famous quotes was – and I’ll translate – HIV is killing all the right people. Translation: We are killing all the right people. Because when HIV was developed, Ronald Reagan had a big part of that, I know the two males that created HIV, it was created at the Arlington Virginia Milab. A long time ago. When I was exposed to this horrible group of people, they wanted to develop a new HIV and they kept injecting it into me. They had 77 mutations of HIV. They injected that into my 185 times. If I can back up a little bit I have had years and years of training as a healer mostly working with sacred light and sacred energies. Huge amount of study in healing which was not the way corporate America heals , it was the way spirit / God’s healing, and the angels’ healing and all that. Anybody who wants to learn about it there’s a huge resource of information.

They tested me after every time. They were injecting me and back a few days later or a week later and I would be negative. Recently, well it’s been a year now, I went to a hospital in Indiana called Lutherian Hospital and the doctor came up to me and said, we tested you for HIV and your viral load is 100 000. I knew she was lying. I just knew she was lying. I had just been tested 185 times and they all came out negative. She’s like, I really think you should go on. There are wonderful meds that you can take. I just let her talk and ‘Thanked for your penny’. I didn’t say a word. I took those drugs for 16 years. They cost over $2000 a month. The reason people are taking them is because they don’t know how to remove HIV from your body which can be removed in as little as 30 seconds. If you’re a perfectly healthy person and you have a high sacred light, above – I don’t even know what it is, I didn’t check, but your sacred light’s above 51%, HIV can be removed from your body in as little as 30 seconds. And besides, no one has a perfectly even HIV viral load. It’s never like 150 000. It can be 107 916. You see what I mean. It’s always a bizarre number. It’s never an even number. They would get so angry at me ‘Why are you negative, why are you negative?’Well because I know how to heal. That’s why it’s negative.

I’m sorry. We were talking about the arrests. We really need 6 hours interview because I really want to talk about Hollywood because there is a lot going on out there. We can leave that to the end. The whole solar system was going to be cleared as a part of a process of the entire galaxy being cleared. The entire galaxy is moving into the light. There were 66 worlds in our solar system – not galaxy, solar system – that has sentient colonies of life. Ansd it started with the Sun. For some reason, nobody lives on Mercury but there was another planet in between Mercury and the Sun called Vulcan (?) but it was destroyed, I’m pretty sure, by one of the passes of Nibiru. Venus is next with about 4 billion people, the Earth… the biggest majority of the people are living inside in Agartha then the second biggest is the surface. Then Mars is mostly military now. Mars was a wonderful green, lush planet but it also was stripped by one of the passes of Nibiru. It lost all of its water, it lost most of its atmosphere, but people were still living there and they were mostly military. NASA had this program, I forget what they call it, well that guy you interviewed Randy Kramer, and he was involved and, and this other guy that I don’t like who is running for President Andrew D. Basiago, he also has a lot of history of travelling back and forth between here and Mars. Saturn was probably the heaviest populated planet. All those were nonphysical beings and those were the Archons. That was their home world in the solar system and were controlling Earth from. I believe Jupiter only has one being like Mother Gaia, it’s an inhabiting spirit for the world. Everybody who lives in Jupiter live on the moons. There’s Io, Ganymede, Callisto. That’s where most of the inhabited worlds are, in the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. If you go further out like with Uranus, scientists say wow, this planet’s laying on its side, it’s really weird. What happened, once again, it was one of the passes of Nibiru because Nibiru is a cluster and there was a dwarf star that was with it. It was really the dwarf brown star that did the damage. It screwed up the magnetics of the planets, changed their patterns. A lot of these moons around Uranus were knocked out. Pluto was actually a moon of Uranus and that’s why it’s small. There is a little cluster moons there with and around Pluto but they were all knocked out by Nibiru when it threw the moons out.

Alexandra: Did you hear about the explosion in the orbit of Nibiru? Did you hear about that?

Tory: Was it just recently?

Alexandra: Yes.

Tory: No. I didn’t. I’ve spoken to those people many times…

Alexandra: it’s fascinating because this just happened recently and the take on it is that they were slowing down the arrival of Nibiru into our solar system.

Tory: I’d have to research that.

Alexandra: I don’t know, check it out because I would like to hear your take on that.

Tory: I am getting a big no. Nibiru is under contract. Last time, there was 46 418 people living in Nibiru. For some reason, they were not having children. I kept contacting them and talking with them. I am fascinated by the Anunnaki and they are the former Anunnaki. Most of the Anunnaki are also under contract because of their immunity deal. In the mid 90’s everybody on this planet was given an immunity deal. In fact everybody in the solar system was given an immunity deal. They’re like ‘Ok we’re not going to prosecute you for the people that you murdered, the war crimes that you committed, all of that will be forgiven but there are steps that you have to take. You have to choose to move into the light. You have to leave this criminal behavior behind. The Anunnaki said, ‘Ok, you’re not going to prosecute us for all those things we’ve done on this planet, to these Earthians? We’ll take the deal.’ Most of them moved back to Beta Consauri (?). They’re living on the 4th planet of Beta Consauri (?). A lot of them decided they were going to live inside the planet Nibiru, ‘cause most people live inside the planets. That whole thing of having surface water being close to a star does have merit because when you move out, water freezes. Planets have their own ecosystem. The plants, they have an inner star that generates light and heat  which grows the plants, and with that breathable atmosphere for people, there is water inside the planets, all of that. Even a constructed planet like Nibiru which I am pretty sure was made in the Orion Belt. It was either Anilhim or Alnitak – I always get those two stars mixed up – it was built there then it was brought here but it could travel real quick. It used to be in a funky orbit like 3600 years. Every time I have spoken to them I asked why their population hasn’t changed. I asked why don’t they have children. They said, no, we are not having children right now, we might do that in a few years but we’re basically just living here as we are, without making a lot of changes. We chose to move into the light. Therefore they’re purpose was to basically maintain. And live their lives. They are living their lives like anybody else. They’re just not expanding, they’re not growing. They are not doing anything outside their world. I have talked to them several times over and over again. Let’s go back to how I get information. I have a multitude of sources I get information from. It’s not just one source. Usually, I go to people’s DNA first, I pull up people’s DNA and start reading information. But what’s happened is, since my DNA is now activated to a million strands, a lot of my telepathic gifts have come back. Humans can have a conversation with anybody in the Universe, when we are fully conscious. It’s just absolutely amazing. You can do a lot of things like astral travel. You can go to Heaven, and research – there’s 18 halls and temples and most of them are like libraries where you can go and get information from, which I do. I also get information, you know since I turned over my life to Mother and Father God and the Angels, a lot of my information comes from God and the angels, and my spirit guides. You know the other day I had to take mom’s lawn tractor in to get it serviced, and I couldn’t find the ramp boards to get it on the trailer. I was really upset, and I was finding all these temporals all day, God sent in these energies through me to destroy the temporals, which pisses them off and then they send in more people, and so I had to stop and do this, stop and do that, stop and do that, I’m like where’s the ramps, I couldn’t find them. So I went to my spirit guides and said Ok, I’m  having trouble here, will you go to the Hall of Charts and will you look at my record and see where I put the boards the last time I took them off, because I need those ramps to get the tractor, mom needs this done, and then they came back the next day and they’re like yeah you put them in the bottom of the barn. Well ok, the bottom of the barn is dark and I couldn’t see them and they’re the same color as the old wood beams, so… That’s what is so important about speaking to spirit guides because they are here to help us. They don’t provide information to me about child trafficking. I go into my thing, I sit down, Heaven puts this force field of energy around me so that no one can interfere with that process, and the information flows. I get information from Heaven and from the DNA simultaneously. And I check back and forth, it’s a process, so I don’t say ‘Ok well Obama raped a child today so I’m gonna put that down.’ It doesn’t work like that. You have to verify and verify over and over again. In Indiana, it’s a felony to falsely accuse someone of a crime. I have been accusing men of raping and murdering children for over two years now and they refused to prosecute me, which is one of the funniest things that happened  recently? The Indiana Attorney General went to Washington DC and talked to the CIA and this guy, the agent said ‘Well Tory is some kind of special alien that can’t be killed.’ I’m special – ha ha ha. (Both laughing out loud)

Alexandra: He seriously said that?

Tory: I got a big kick out of that, ‘cause it’s not true. I am not charted to die right now and I am certainly not charted to be killed by dark entities who rape and murder children. So ok, back to mass arrests.

Alexandra: You deserve a break, Tory.

Tory: We are coming up. I met this woman in Heaven who used to be considered a Goddess. Her name was Pomona. She was in the era of Zeus and Achilles who all have become my friends, I just love these guys! They always laugh at me saying I wish that all the goddesses loved me as much as they do you, because they all talk about you. And I’m laughing and I’m like ‘You know why, right? It’s because I care so much about children! And what I’ve been through. It’s just funny. The mass arrests had to go in order from the lowest vibration and going up and the first ones that were arrested were this group of 1738 Dracos. There were some of them that were really, really old. They were so dark and so low in vibration, it was like looking literally into a black hole. It’s almost like they would suck light into them and it would just disappear. And there was a group of 5 and they went out, it was Maldek, Marduk, I’m so bad with names I can’t remember but it was a group of 5 of them and they went out in May 2012.

Alexandra: Wasn’t that when Satan and Lucifer were taken also.

Tory: No, see. They were the last two. As far as I know, they were two of the youngest. I think it was Lucifer that had killed 42 million humans, total in this existence or whatever. Satan and Lucifer were the last arrested and that was September 2013.

Alexandra: Tory, what happens to them?

Tory: They are gone. They don’t exist anymore.

Alexandra: So they just don’t exist. Isn’t their energy signature reabsorbed?

Tory: You mean them specifically or what they have done?

Alexandra: No. Them.

Tory: What happened was, there was 15 of us on the planet who are doing this. 15 of us making the arrests. I arrested 457 out of 1738. People are like, oh you are a hero. No, I am not a hero, number one because I didn’t want to do it. Number two, I hated the whole process because I had my ass kicked every single day. I even put snakes in my body, now who the hell wants to go through that? Not me. I just want to make clear it was really hard work which I really wish I didn’t have to do. I wish none of this had to happen but I do it anyway because I feel that if I don’t what am I going to do? Sit around, well number one I’ll just keep kicking my ass, it’s more of a self defense thing. Super heroes go out and say ‘I am going to conquer evil and make good here.’ I don’t do that. I act in self defense.

Alexandra: Yes, but still, come on. All you would have to do is say, I’m done. I’m done doing this. And it would stop. But you realize the end game is what you’ve always wanted which is to accomplish bringing the Milabs, the child sacrifice, the satanic ritual to a close. Which I’d like you to go back a second and talk a little bit about when these men in black and aliens when they arrive in your home which we already determined you are on a portal. You are on a portal that is an open doorway for the dark beings to enter this planet. So what I want people to understand is that, you explained this to me and I felt that they need to hear this. One day, I called Tory up. I was so frustrated, I was almost crying because I felt his pain. He was really under attack. He was so upset. He was in a lot of pain. I couldn’t be there physically, and I said Tory. I don’t understand it. Why aren’t you asking all of the light workers and all the healers, all those that want to protect you? Why aren’t you letting us come in and protect you on the inner plane. We could be a massive force. And you said to me, well, it’s kind of like the moth to the flame. Do you remember this conversation? I went, what are you talking about and you said, I draw them in and you can completely transform them.

Tory: It’s God that does it. I just..

Alexandra: You are the vehicle. The vessel. You basically said no. I don’t want protection that is going to prevent them from coming here. That’s my role. Remember that?

Tory: No, I don’t. But what I remember is not asking for help was because you can’t go from zero to jumping into the boxing ring without training. The reason I didn’t want people to be…in fact I waited and I waited and I waited and the first time was – the first time it became ok to ask for help, I did. I put out a video and that was the first time it was ok to ask for help. You can’t just take on these beings because they’ll come in and kill you.

Alexandra: Yes.

Tory: I know this because they killed me 57 times. I know that’s hard for people to understand. I am not going to say, I’m having a tough day, you come in and help me. They are going to kill you when you help me, but you would get to help me for 15 seconds and then they’re gonna kill ya. I would refuse to do that.

Alexandra: I am glad you clarified that and the other thing I wanted to ask was there are units, there are groups of people out there that are going after this sort of stuff. What do you say to all those out there that haven’t had the training, they’re just kinda going balls to the walls.

Tory: I would do what I did, and then you convert it your own thing. I would give my life over to God. I would give my life over to the angels. I know a lot of people keep trying to tarnish the angels and say they’re fallen angels and this and that. No, there’s no such thing as a dark angel. All angels are much higher vibration that we are, they are even higher vibration than the basic level of Heaven. They are their own species. They never mate, period. Angels don’t mate with each other. That whole story of “oh an angel came out of the sky and had sex with my wife. That wasn’t an angel. He might have had wings but that wasn’t an angel that came out of the sky. The whole thing about fallen angels is made up. No angel has ever turned away from God. But what I always recommend to people is to ask God for help. Now I think it’s never too late to join, never too late to help.  Almost everybody has been cleared in our solar system. And I also mean in our galaxy. And then, we just went through another process where we were bringing them here. I say we, the Earth as the totality, because I call them invading alien reptilians. But the truth is that’s not technically accurate because the truth is they were invited here by the military, by DARPA and the CIA, because the CIA controls all militaries of this planet. The CIA has their international headquarters at the bottom of Lake Geneva near the France/Switzerland border. They’ve got that big Hadron Collider, they have their own MILAB there, it’s a huge, huge military complex and that is where every military of Earth, except for Agartha, is controlled from. But, that is almost over. You know what I mean and there’s like people going ‘Well I’m an archon hunter and I like to kick archons out’. Archons are gone. The insectians are gone. Insectians can’t come here to Earth anymore because the vibration is too high. Their vibration is too low. The most common depiction of an Alien is the little grey dudes with the black eyes. Over 4 million Americans have been abducted by them, taken up to a ship or to a MILAB. They tamper with the sexual reproductive organs and glands because they have been trying for decades, millennia to create new bodies. They were trying to create insectian-human hybrids, which they did, but I don’t really know how it’s worked out for them. Every once in a while, I find somebody who is like a four species person. That sets of alarms because it’s not normal for somebody to be a four or five species in one. That’s the way the Annunaki were, but they created themselves in a laboratory. Once again, you go back and you read these books – ‘oh the Annunaki came and they created humans on Earth’. No, what they did was, they invaded this planet, started abducting people, tampered with their DNA, altered the DNA and started making dual or triple-species people. We look at the earth today, we look at the surface of the earth and the shell of the earth, you’ll find 58% of the people here are human. 58% which was actually higher than I thought, I thought thank God it’s that high.

Alexandra: That is really high.

Tory: There are a lot of people who are reptilian humans. They got their DNA, it was bred into them by the Annunaki and the insectians and over time, they multiplied. And if you look ate them, where are they? They’re the military, they’re the government, they’re the police. All the reptilian humans have been in a control position.

Alexandra: I was going to ask you, they say that a lot of the abductions and the hybrid programs etc. where they’re actually taking sperm and ovum samples for the hybrid program. The’re saying that those are pretty much coming to an end for most of the benevolent extraterrestrials. That it’s really down now to all military operations. Do you agree with that?

Tory: What I have seen and what I witnessed is that they had a very specific goal. There were a lot of scientific programs and they are continuing somewhat. Montauk is probably the number one MILAB in America right now that still is continuing those species experiments. The problem Milab is having is there was a huge number of DARPA – I can’t remember offhand, it was like 172 or 117 – but all the bigwigs of DARPA have all been arrested. I also made a list of arrests. It was um…

Alexandra: This is the good news, folks! This is what we’ve been waiting for. Tory, you never answered the question how do the arrrests go down on the inner plane?

Tory: Oh ok. Well everybody has to be transfigured and their energy transmuted before they can be taken up. That includes the Bushs, the Clintons, everybody, and the invading aliens, they all had to be transfigured and transmuted, which is an energetical process. Now most of the time, when they would come into my home, their physical bodies would either be out at Dulce or out at Roswell, because there’s a nother Hadron Collider there, they were creating this portal and bringing them in.  They don’t have the same technology that the light has and it takes them a lot longer to travel from galaxy to galaxy. They had this technology where they were creating wormholes and they were calling out, and it was 8056 of them that had been arrested. The process for me is that they would come in, I could feel them coming, I’ve been doing this for so long. I would say ‘Oh great here we go again’. And they would come in and I would say thank you for the sacred fire, BAM! And they would be instantly…it’s almost like a butane torch, and now the sacred fire’s there, then I would say thank for the cord of light. I used to say I invoke to cord of light. You can either say I invoke the White Light of the Holy Spirit or you can say thank you for the White Light of the Holy Spirit. There’s two ways to go about it, but then the next step would be this process where I would capture this energy that God would be sending and then I would start throwing it in balls that would come out of my heart chakra down through my head, heart and hands and I would throw these energy balls at the aliens. That would be a variable number. It depended on the person. Ok so you’re standing there throwing energy balls and sometimes it gets really fast and then it would stop. My hand would push away, that means Done or No, we don’t need to do that anymore. Then I would say thank you for the star. What we would do is we would create a star that encompass their entire being while they were still on fire with the sacred light. The star would be the Golden Ray of Christ, the Christ consciousness energy and the crystalline Christ consciousness energy. All three of those comprised the star and BAM! Oh, they hate that energy. The Christ consciousness energy, all these dark entities, oh my god they hate that energy. Ok then now we’re at that step. Then what we would do is we transmute. I would say Oh God thank you for transmuting them. My hands would form a double pool vortex, a clockwise tornado and a counter clockwise tornado which would meet at a point in the person. Sometimes, if there were a group of six of them, we could do all six at the same time. So the vortices would move back and forth between each one of them and the energy was almost like running a vacuum cleaner, it would pull the energy out of them up through me and out into the light.And some of them, the really bad ones, I had an agreement with Heaven that the energy would bypass me. It wouldn’t go through me, it would go up. When I was young and naive, and when Satan came in, I’m like ‘Ok here we go, la la la la l, Done’ and it was like No, we’re not done, it took over and over, because it was different with the Dracos than it was with the reptilians.

Alexandra: In what way?

Tory: Well they got so much more energies that needed to be worked on. I could not happen all in one shot. It had to happen over and over again. So it was like they were a barometer with 100%, you know somebody like Anu would come in and we’d work on him and he’d go down to 90%, and next time he’d visit he’d go down to 80%, the next time down to 70%, and so it’s just over and over. I’d laugh and tell my friends I feel I am living in a subway station in Times Square because there have been millions of people and I don’t have any control of when they show up. And especially while I’m asleep they come in and they come in, they use weapons on me and then they leave, but they do that to a lot of people. Thousands and thousands of people that they do that to.

Alexandra: I want to make it very clear to people. Tory goes to sleep and then finds himself in other rooms, he finds himself bare-ass naked, well I know you go to bed without any clothes on a lot of times. But you’ve told me when you’re fully dressed you wake up and you’re naked and in another part of the house and you’re sore and you’re bruised. This is real. There is clearly something being done to him on the physical, even though it’s done in the etheric. This is what is really difficult for people to wrap their brain around it.

Tory: I would like to address that, but to finish the other one, there were a couple more steps, once that energetical process was complete, Father God would come down with his hand and take him. He would put them in the uncreated mass which is in his temple, and if you go in to this Father God has an altar, it’s the simplest temple in Heaven, because Father God doesn’t need the bells and whistles, it’s very simple. You go up and call to Father God and He will come in a form that you feel comfortable looking at. He can’t hold that form for very long, He is way too big to be in a human body. He can’t do it very long. And so you have a little one-on-one time. I like to go to get a hug from Father God or Mother God. She has her own temple, it’s a little more fabulous, I would say, you know the plants and the pillars, the architecture and the statues. Father God’s temple is real simple. Behind the altar there this big curtain that goes from the ceiling all the way to the floor. You can go back and can pull back the curtain, and what you will is just like in the children show, Narnia, where they open the cabinet and there is a whole Universe inside the cabinet. That’s exactly where the uncreated mass is. When you push back the curtain and you look in there is an entire universe in there, but yet if you walk around the back it’s a solid… if you walk outside the temple it’s like ‘hey wait a minute that’s only like a ffot thick or whetever it is, it’s solid, but when you move in this way, it’as a vast uinverse.  It’s basically a sea of unconditional love and if I understand correctly this is the energy that Father God, when He creates a soul, will reach in there and do His stuff and pull out and create a soul. I really believe that’s where the souls are created from, because I always tell people, your DNA is 6.001 million years old but I believe your soul is eternal. So what does that mean? How far back does that go? They say our Universe is 27 trillion years old, so we can’t be older than the Universe, or can we? Sylvia Brown used to say Father God held us in eggs until the universe was created.

So now, back to the rapes. When the illuminati wanted to exploit me for my gifts, they came in, they kept kicking my ass and were doing all this stuff to me and then they like to choke children to death while they are raping them. That’s their favorite way to kill children. They like the point of death to be at the same time that they ejaculate, because they get high off of that. Ok, so, guess what? They decide, we are going to do the same thing to him. Like you said, I would be washing dishes at maybe 2 o’clock in the afternoon and the next thing I’d wake up at 5:30 or 6, I would be naked in my bed, butt in the air. It was obvious that I had been raped. Anybody knows that when you are sodomized, you know, anal sodomy, especially when it happens to you over and over again, there is physical damage. You know. There’s no question about it.

Alexandra: Tory, not to interrupt but I got to add to this. I’m working on Tory with some of our systems. And I can vouch for the physical damage and the things that have happened.

Tory: …(indecipherable) … you say I have rectal pain? Well yeah, some! Oh that’s funny, yeah…

Alexandra: There was a lot of stuff.

Tory: That is amazing. Are you offering healing services yet to people publicly?

Alexandra: We  haven’t got the page up, and I’m just trying to get caught up in my life.

Tory: I would love to testify about it. She said some things. I was writing everything down. You even knew about my nose bleed. I totally forgot. They usually attack me in the shower. They spray this poison into me. My stomach has a big, huge red mark, and it goes all the way around my legs because they continually pump poison in me, every biological and chemical weapon known, every virus, they’re always pumping them into me. This is why I don’t ask people for help. Let’s back up to my personal history. They are trying to exploit me for my gifts. Then they can’t do anything with me, so ok we’re gonna kill him now. DARPA is done with him. DARPA hates this guy. They can’t give him HIV. All these experiments we’re working on are failing. Just kill him. And so what they did was they started choking me to death like they did the children and then they would leave. And what would happen is Mother God would come and say Heaven’s not ready for you yet. She would very gently and very lovingly put me back in my body, and it was just like in the movies, I would take a breath and I would be back, and my heart would start beating again. That happened to me.. well 57 times I was killed, and it all happened the same way, except they either choke me to death or they use a stun gun on the back of my neck. Like this one guy, thank god he was arrested, John Brennan who was the American CIA Division Director, all you have to do is Google images of this man and you go eew! like children scream when they see something horrible. That’s how people react when they see John Brennan because he is a monster. He has assassinated so many people, including a lot of Hollywood celebrities. Anybody who left the illuminati he’d kill them. Also, Keith Alexander from the NSA, because he was a being that was light. So, they killed me 57 times. Before that process, Bush Sr. was the first one to rape me. Then Bush Jr, then Dick Cheney, and that group. They were not getting anywhere with me, so thought alright we’re going to bring in the Hollywood crowd, we’re going to bring in Hollywood celebrities. They would come in in their temporal bodies which is every level except for physical. When a man goes into his temporal body, his physical body is in a location with this gear, like a video game or whatever.

Alexandra: Like a virtual game, kind of thing?

Tory: Yes. Virtual reality that’s what it’s called. He is coming in in his astral, etheric, mental and causal bodies. He is coming in in four different dimensions at the same time so the person getting raped is experiencing this in all five of those dimensions. You are literally pinned down, and one night,  this was back when they were putting snakes in my body too because the snakes were also on four dimensions at once. The snakes would come in, they would shove them up by butt, right after somebody would pull out. Remember that guy who ran for President Paul Ryan, Vice President Paul Ryan? Well he was who used to rape me over and over again. As soon as they would get out their penis, there would be an insectian there and they would shove a snake up my butt. The snake would go up and I’d feel it going around and I’d go ‘not again, not again, we’ve been through this over and over again’. They went through like 42 or 44 snakes that were about 18 inches long. One time they put seven in me at one time, and I’m telling you this was the time when I was literally on the edge of insanity because so much shit was going on. Ok so one night, it happened again, and there were a bunch of men from the Sheriff’s department in California. I kept calling him, because I lived in Miami and there was a word Mariposa that Cubans used to call really young effeminate homosexual men. Mariposa is a some kind of a bird. Well I kept calling – ‘cause there were  sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, I think it was Santa Clare County, I’m not sure – and I kept calling them Mariposa County and they hated that. This one night, they came in, I got raped, they put a snake in my body and then there was a process to get the snake out and eventually we’d send the snake into the light and they would fall out of my body splat on the floor, and then we’d send the snake into the light. These men from the Sheriff department in California, they came in. I think I got raped by 26 dudes, 26 police officers. Then, in comes Tom Cruise and David Beckham. They had done this energy work on me, and they literally did, over the years, shrink my penis. It’s 3/4 the size that it used to be. But on that night it was literally gone. They had done this energy work on me and my testicles and my penis had completely pulled inside of my body. Insectians were masters at this. It blew my mind. Insectians know more about our DNA than we know, well at least in this reality. They were light-years ahead of us in technology. And they could just come in and next thing you knew, normal person – you’re like out. Just like that (snap of the fingers). They have this gnarly mind powers, it was amazing.

Alexandra: So Tory, you are not at all aware of this on the physical plane until you wake up?

Tory: No. Sometimes yes. There was a point where the blackouts… because I don’t think they wanted me in a blackout while they were raping me, you’re fully conscious.

Alexandra: They wanted you to be miserable.

Tory: Yes. This one time I had both, I don’t know how to break it down to percentages. I would say at least 70% to 75% of the time I was fully conscious. They would paralyze me and the would manipulate my body. I had no control over it because DARPA developed this weapon where they can paralyze people before the troops enter your home. That was you can’t reach for a gun, or whatever. Ok, so, in comes Tom Cruise and in comes David Beckham and all these cops go “oh I can’t believe you’re here”. The mentality of these actors, ‘cause none of them are really human, and there were 218 arrested from Hollywood – I’d like to go through the list if we have time. Because of the way society treats these people, when they come into your home and rape you, in their minds, they are doing you a favor. They are giving you a gift. “Oh you got to be sodomised by me!” And I’m like ‘yeah, it would have been so much better if you had never come at all’. Right after those two dudes raped me I was able to move because there was a process and it would be anything from 5 to 15 minutes and once that process passed you would regain the ability to work on your body. I woke up and I didn’t have my penis. Well, any man on the planet earth, if you wake up and your penis is gone, that’s a moment you spin out.

Alexandra: You freak out.

Tory: I was freaking out. They wanted to talk to me. Tom Cruise kept saying you know who I am? I’m Tom Cruise. I’m like, I don’t know who you are. I’m running up to the kitchen to get my herbs and stuff like that, trying to cleanse myself out. My penis started coming back out and my testicles, so I’m starting to calm down a little bit. This happened to me over and over again.

Alexandra: I have a question. Are they going into some sort of meditative state to do this?

Tory: No I really think the temporal system… ‘cause there’s a video on YouTube about this guy that does to the door and he gets a package. He sits down on his bed, put these goggles on his head, and he immediately is transported out, and he can kinda fly around and go to these parties and locations. That’s what happens to them. I didn’t know what was happening at first, because I was asking people about it and they’re like no, you’re crazy, none of that exists. Well, it turned out that I was pretty accurate, I just had the wrong name for the machine, but I do know that when they’re raping you, they get the full sensation of having sex like you are physically there and they are physically there. What I know for sure is every time that they would ejaculate inside me I could feel it. I could feel the liquid go into my body. There was a huge energetical burst with that. In the beginning it was really horrible, and then later on, because they actually have – mostly they do this to women, but they also have this technology to activate the hormones and glands of the person to put them in an extremely high sexually aroused state, and then they can get more out of that. That is what they were doing to me latel, because I went through a period where I didn’t get raped for a year, a year and a half. Then all of a sudden, it started up again just recently.

Alexandra: So Tory, explain this to me. If this is happening and one of the goals that you have is to dissipate these folks and send these beings to the light, are you able to do that while you are being raped? If you’re aware of it 70% of the time, is that what you’re trying to do? Are you in such distress and such misery and pain that you can’t even go there?

Tory: There is a break down, to put in the simplest terms, non-physical beings and physical beings. You can do energy work on somebody that has a physical body. Some of the non-physical too were arrested by the Galactics, that’s one thing I didn’t mention that before, because Father God took the Dracos, like Anu and Maldek and all of them, He would just reach down and grab them because they were energetical at this point, they were too far gone to be in a physical body. They just couldn’t do it. You can’t just do that to someone with a physical body because they would die and that would be killing them. While you are getting raped, there is no energy work. You are just on the victim side of it. An so when the Hollywood actors came in, there was really nothing I could do. And then, because of Cruise, he started to bring other ones and other ones.

Alexandra: Unbelievable.

Tory: Something good actually came out of that for me. I started meeting the women of Hollywood. Tom Cruise asked me to marry him 20 times. Ok first of all, you’re already married. Second of all, you know, hello! If I’m going to get married to somebody all the elders in my family met somebody, they went through courtship and dating, they fell in love, it’s a process and then they got married. I’m not some kind of person that can just meet somebody and go through a drive-through wedding at Las Vegas. That’s not me, you know what I mean? I was like ‘if you are serious about this marriage thing…’.  Of course, it was all a trap because if you said yes, I’ll marry they would take possession of your soul. The Illuminati have their rules, if you ever say yes to them, and that used to piss off the celebrities because I never said yes to them. And they brought in Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans and a whole bunch of other celebrities, The good thing I was gonna say that came out of that is I met most of their wives, like Brad Pitt’s wife at the time Jennifer Aniston. We actually talked a lot. Because Jennifer had a lot of questions. Nicole Kidman kep telling me, don’t say yes. Don’t say yes. Whatever you do, don’t say yes. We also spent a lot of time together. We talked a lot, in other words. One thing that brought us closer, I know it sounds strange to people, Nicole was another one that was targeted from birth. She was targeted while in the wombs. She was sexually abused as a child. She was introduced to the Illuminati asa simple matter-of-fact this is the way life is, and a lot of children are brought in that way, they’re born into it. A lot of them wake up. She was one of them that woke up and she saw what was going on and she said I don’t want to be part of this, kiss my ass I’m leaving, of course she can’t say that in public but she quit the Illuminati. A lot of people quit the Illuminati, mostly women.

Alexandra: Isn’t that one of the main reasons she split up from Cruise, right?

Tory: (Laughing) Well, no. She really wanted a heterosexual husband.

Alexandra: (laughing out loud)

Tory: It’s funny because one time, we were on a, let’s call it a conference call. It was me and Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruise, Katie Holmes. It was all the girls, I call them my girls, my Hollywood girls. And we’re talking because that was right after this specific group of reptilian, non-physical reptilians, who were attached to everybody, they were all arrested. There were 310 000 of them. They were all arrested, and we were talking about that. I told them, let’s just wipe out all the evidence that they were ever here. Forget about them and move on with your lives. I told Victoria Beckham, you deserve a husband that will celebrate you. Not celebrate you as some Hollywood celebrity but celebrate you as a woman. David Beckham was running around having sex with every male actor in Hollywood, and it turns out, hundreds of women. Victoria was miserable. Now, finally they are getting a divorce. That doesn’t matter, because David Beckham has been arrested, he is not coming back. Victoria I believe is living in England.  Back to Nicole Kidman. We were talking about that, we were talking about Tommy, cause that’s what he prefers to be called, he’s been arrested now too. Nicole said, I want everybody to know Tommy really treated me well. He treated me with respect, and dignity and he was really good for me. I said, you know why that was? Because you could kick his ass. Penelope Cruise goes, just for the record I could kick his ass too, and that’s why he was really nice to me. Katie Holmes didn’t have it so easy because what happened with her was her daughter Suri, you know how children will run into their parents’ bedroom? Well, Tom Cruise had reverted back to his natural state of being, which is this dark entity reptilian and Suri saw her Daddy as he really is, and she freaked. She started screaming and screaming and of course Katie came into the room ‘my god what’s going on it sounds like you’re being murdered’ and she saw Tommy as he really was, and they both freaked. Well a little bit later on because we were talking she knew that Tom Cruise had murder me 17 times while raping me, and she was terrified. In fact I even saw that quote of her in one of those magazines like Time or People. She said, I was literally in fear of my life. But she can’t say that on public TV. They wouldn’t let her say that even if she wanted to. But with Nicole Kidman, after her father was murdered, because her father really abused her, which she never talked about in public. Well her father was murdered and even though we have dark entities as family members, we still love them. I have a niece that is a dark entity. She drives me crazy and I can’t be around her. But I still love her. After her father was murdered, he was arrested by the Galactics and taken off. Well, one of the things, he decided to move into the light and he tried to (…?) negative Karma, and because he changed his behavior, he was allowed to send a message to Nicole, but she wasn’t able to receive it beacuse you know, they can’t, and her father sent his message to me and I called Nicole and said hey I just talked to your father. He gave me this very detailed message to give to you. And then I gave her the message. That was one of the things that really brought us a lot closer together. We have really been through a lot.

Alexandra: Tory, question. So, for the simple fact that you are seeing this other reality. Basically, people can just talk to you and say, Tory can you tell me what’s going on with such situation and what their sacred light is, and what are you feeling? You can just pull that up right away.

Tory: I don’t read one person for another. A lot of people have asked me to do that. Like ‘Oh can you read my husband, can you tell me about him?’ Like No, I’m not gonna do that.

Alexandra: I know you have your scruples but what I am saying is you still have that capacity to be able to do that. You live in a world where, when you are walking around going down the street to go buy milk at the store, you can go into that other multidimensional field. You can actually see people and what they really are. Right? You’ve told me that before.

Tory: You mean when I bump into somebody in the street that’s not human?

Alexandra: Right!

Tory: Yes, oh definitely.

Alexandra: So how are you able to, I get this question a lot from the listeners. How does Tory know that these guys are arrested when they’re still on the media, still on TV, still showing up to PR events, walking the street. What would be your respond to that? What do you see.

Tory: One of the things I do is monitor the clones. Right after the 819 were arrested, all of a sudden, there was a population of 1347 clones on the planet. There have been 56 clones of Georges H. W. Bush,. 36 clones of Georges W. Bush, and the list goes on. (indecipherable..) because with them a lot of times they get killed or they’re in an accident or whatever, clones burn out and now the vibrations are so high.  Like for example, the first thing that happens is I get an overwhelming feeling. Like this Goddess that I talk to, Pomona, ‘cause I was doing Angel readings and stuff, but I was having it done for me, and Pomona came in from Heaven and she said, it’s over, it’s over. Those who need to drink human blood and use technology to appear human, it’s over.

Alexandra: (clapping)

Tory: I’m like, that’s great. What does that mean? I learned the hard way that a lot of times when the Galactics or Heaven they tell me like it was back on Friday night of last weekend this is happening now. Well in my mentality, I think ok it’s happening now this very minute it will be over in 5 minutes. Well it doesn’t work that way because there’s a translation between dimensions. ‘It’s happening now’ can mean it’s starting now but it’s gonna take two weeks to get it done. That’s when the 819 were arrested, the first thing that happened was I got a huge wave and I got hit. You everstand in the sand on the beach and the waves are high and  a wave goes over your head, crashes over you and sucks you in the undertow. That’s the kind of feeling I get. It’s just like ‘Oh my god, what just happened? Something cool’s happened!”  That’s the way it was on Sunday with that war at the FBI when Obama was arrested.When he was arrested with the FBI they killed the two directors, the benevolent agents and um, it’s just like oh my god! As a perfect example, I am riding back my friends wanted me to go to this show in Indianapolis and then we saw a movie. We are on our way home from Indy and all of a sudden, I’m like Holy shit, what’s going on, KAPOW – it’s all like gunfire! What’s going on?  I almost never know what is going on and it’s a process, it’s not that I try to figure out, because I always tell people t heory is the biggest waste of time. Don’t ever try to figure something out. Go the sources of the truth and get your truth that way. The go to another source and verify and another source and verify, and another source and verify. I never intended to be a news source. My intention was to do what I can to stop the child trafficking, but the thing is the people involved in child trafiicking – there’s all this other news that happens to, like the aliens coming in or whatever, and so there is a lot of peripheral information that happens. But I literally saw the war at the FBI, where gunfire was exchanged because the two directors… 14 benevolent FBI agent went to their two bosses and said, you either allow us to start making arrests or we are going to arrest you.

Alexandra: Interesting.

Tory: They whipped out their guns and before they could kill any of the benevolent agents, there were 7 agents that fired simultaneously and killed Robert Mueller and the other guy something F. Giuliano (Mark F. Giuliano) – I can never remember his name.

Alexandra: And these were the good guys?

Tory: No those two were the bad guys. Giuliano and Mueller were the two bad guys. I have it here somewhere, but I always forget people’s names.

Alexandra: Where did this take place?

Tory: On Sunday it was between 4 and 6 pm. This is, what, Wednesday, that’s what, 3 days ago.

Alexandra: Where though Tory? Where? Do you know?

Tory: All I know it’s in the Washington DC area. There is not enough time for me to research. Last Friday, I knew they were bringing 18 children, because of my process and what I go through every day with child trafficking, I knew that 18 of the children were being brought to Indianapolis so I called the police. I said look, they are going to bring in 18 children, and they’re going to gang rape them and then kill them at this occasion.And the first thing out of their mouth is ‘how you know this?’, and it’s like ok here we go again, every time you go to how do you know this, you are speaking to people who have no idea of what is possible.

Alexandra: Absolutely.

Tory: They believe what they are told to believe and they can’t understand the way I see evidence. The way that I connect to evidence. I talked to a bunch of attorneys today because it appears that I am going to be sued. I said, you don’t understand that everything you have done is recorded. The US senator that is going to sue me has raped 32 children, 22 are female and the other 10 of them are male. He killed two children. It’s all been recorded. What do you think I look at? I can go look at these videos if I wanted to but I can’t because it is overwhelming to me. All these videos are kept in the Hall of Justice, anybody that has more than 51 % sacred light can go to the Hall of Justice and can look at that. Not like looking at porno but looking at courtroom evidence. A lot of these trials are over. 7 of the Bush trials are complete. There’s no attorneys, there’s no plea bargaining, there’s no win or lose the trial or whatever. What happens is, like Barbara Bush.When Barbara Bush was taken into the court room, the first thing that happened was they start showing her video and audio evidence of the crimes she has committed. This is the point of the trial. She was brought up to the 5th dimension. She doesn’t see things like she saw them here. That happens to a lot of us. When we go back to Heaven, we go to the Hall of Charts where there’s a big HD TV in an oval shape and we look at everything that happened from the moment that we are born until the moment we die. We kinda speed through stuff because you don’t need to sit and watch … you skip over some stuff. But you see all the important things that you have done but you don’t see them with the same mentality you had here in this state of limited consciousness. You’re now fully conscious, you are back to your normal state in Heaven, and you say, oh wow,  why didn’t I help that person? I was so rude to that person. I could have helped that. It would have been so easy for me to do that. I’m told it really affected her. She asked for mercy and she asked to move into the light. She still exists. Her husband does not exist. W. Bush does not exist. Neil Bush, he no longer exists. Marvin Bush’s trial is over, he no longer exists. The other one that was arrested was Prescott Bush. Prescott Bush was Adolf Hitler’s best friend and provided monetary compensation so they could carry out WW2. After he died, the Archons held his soul for a while and he was moved into the son of Jeb Bush. The son of Jeb Bush was literally the soul of the other Prescott Bush in that other life time where he was Adolf Hitler’s best friend. They moved him into Jeb Bush son and already groomed him and chosen him to be President. But he is too young to be president yet. But he is not going to be President because now he’s been hauled off and tried and he lost the trial. Not lost the trial but in our terms, when they lose the trial it means they show no remorse. They are proud of what they have done, Bush Sr had murdered well over 500 children while raping them. He had raped many many more. He was one of the men who killed JFK, the other guy was Zbigniew Brzezinski. He had raped 460 children, murdered 460 children while raping them. He was the other shooter that killed JFK. He was also one that was arrested in the 819. Benjamin Netanyahu, Henry Kissinger were arrested. Let me see the rest. 19 members of the Bush Family, 32 members of the Rockefeller Family, 56 member of the Rothschild Family, 56 comes up over and over again. I am not into numerology but the Illuminati were. A lot of times they would take 56 children, rape and murder them because there were 56 of these I call them sewer lizards because they’re horrible monsters but technically they are dark entity reptilians.Then there were 218 from Hollywood. Dick Cheney was arrested, Keith Alexander from NSA, John Brennan, Elizabeth Windsor, the one everybody calls Queen Elizabeth. She was arrested with the 819. Also seven others, her husband, her son Charles, William and Harry and two other ones who worked on her staff. They were the next ones to go, and that’s what Pomona had told me about. She didn’t tell they were going to get arrested, she said ‘it’s over’.And because these are the entities and I don’t really think they needed their temporal bodies to come in, but it was the ones they called the royals, another time while I was being raped, they murdered 16 children right around me, literally. Some of those children were 5 or 6 feet away from me. They were literally massacred, because there’s a couple of different ways they murder, some of these reptilians are very strong and they have these talons, as I think they are called, like finger nails, it starts like a tube and bends to a point. They literally ripped the flesh right off of these children. So there’s blood everywhere, and that’s one of those that happened. I always try to talk about it like a third person, like I wasn’t really there, but I was, and maybe that wasn’t really me.

Alexandra: You are bringing up another good point which is, once this is all complete and once the MILABS are completely, 100% done and all of this is done. We have some serious healing to perform for those precious little beings. Oh my God.

Tory: Well see before, I forgot one of my own cardinal rules which is to ask Heaven for help. Heaven doesn’t just come down and do things for us. If we ask for help, they do. It is as simple as that. So while these things were going on there was a point – I can’t remember, I think it was maybe 2015 or whatever, because most of these children wouldn’t get their tunnel of light because they are so traumatized from being raped a couple of hundred times and then murdered. They were just wandering around the MILABS. So what I would do is I would connect, and I’d be like ‘oh my god there’s 36 children’, I would just know, and they go ‘how do you know?’ When you have your DNA activated you can connect and plus there’s all the other ways to go verify, you just know things, and I would know there’s 18 children, 17 of them didn’t make it, and so then I would do my process which I would do to help ghosts. I would go in, I would use zero point energy and I would connect to these souls of those children. Technically they’re called discarnate souls, because a discarnate soul is somebody dark entities are always taking and put somewhere else. Discarnate souls are what most people call ghosts, but they were good people that somehow just didn’t make it back to Heaven. They had a tunnel of light but for some reason they didn’t get in the tunnel of light.

Alexandra: It’s too much shock and trauma. Isn’t it what they say? They say that if you blow someone up, or they die a really severe horrific death, it’s ne of the worst things that can happen to them. Not only is their soul fragmented but they have a very difficult time getting back to Heaven.

Tory: A lot of people get lost. Sometimes, like if a man is in love with a woman, two people are in love, somebody dies they don’t want to leave. They want to stay with the ones that they love. A lot of times that person will die and go back to Heaven and they’re still wandering around because there is no time from where they are at. So they could be here a couple of hundred years. What I would do, is I would connect to these children. I’d say my name is Tory and I am here to help you. What we are going to do is you are going to have a choice. We’re gonna create a tunnel of light and you can either stay as is, if you want or you can go through the tunnel of light and be greeted Mother God, the Angels and your family and friends.

Alexandra: As anybody rejected you?

Tory: Some psychic will go to a haunted castle and starts screaming “you’re dead! You’re dead! Go home! You need to go home.” I never do that. They are usually pissed off. There was a place down in Huntington in Indiana. There were three discarnate souls in there. I connected to them. The first thing I heard was, what do you want? (In a creepy voice). I said ok, here we go. I just matter-of-factly tell them, we are here to give you a choice. We going to create tunnels of light for you and you can either stay as you are and exist as you have been or you can go through the tunnel of light. In that case, two of them went, one of them didn’t. But because I’d already conected to him, later on, then we went down to this other town, and the soul contacted me and I could hear him and he went,’I should have went, I should have went’. And I could feel the connection, he was trying to contact me. We once again created a tunnel of light for him to go home. Back to the children, when I was doing that, then I was starting to seriously overload. Because when I would connect to the children, and talk to them, they would say, what happened? What is going on? I would say, let’s not talk about that now. They are so traumatized, to then start talking about oh well hey these bunch of monsters came in and they did this to you and that to you, I just avoided that whole thing. But what would happen is I would start to overload. This one time, Dick Cheney had it set up that once the children were murdered, I don’t think this can be done anymore, I’m sure it can’t, but once the children were murdered they would, in the archon way, they would trap the souls. These beings used to be able to take the souls of children and put them inside themselves.

Alexandra: But they can’t do that anymore?

Tory: I don’t know how they did it. But one time, in this exercise, John Brennan, this other guy from CIA, I pulled 267 children out of this man. Once again, we had the tunnel of light and I was literally pulling children out of this man and they were just going up. Like fireworks, they were going up.

Alexandra: They can’t do this anymore, right Tory?

Tory: The vibrations are too high for this type of behavior to occur. Because the vibrations just keep going up and up and up and up. We are going into what they call Heaven on Earth. And none of this nefarious activity will be able to exist. That is what we are going through right now. That is why these people are being arrested. They can no longer exist. It’s going on in order of vibration. Last Sunday, it was Obama, Biden, 4 CEOs and 7 military men. It had reached a point in time where they all basically had the same vibration so they all went. The reptilians that came in, their vibration was so low, we didn’t have to go through the same processes that we did with the Dracos. It was so much faster and easier. Things have changed so much. I was literally going nuts on one night, Dick Cheney went around to every MILAB and picked up children. Right after he picked up those children, I would connect to him, I would pull the souls of 16 or 18 children out of him and sending them up. It was like a video game. I was chasing him around. It just got to be too much and I freaked out after it was all over, and I start crying, and I said I can’t do this. It’s too much for me. Because when you’re connecting to the children, you are witnessing the way they were raped and the way they were murdered, and that’s too much for me. I just asked Mother God for help, it’s like I don’t know what to do, and my hand wrote out, Ask Angels, and I snapped, and I was like Why the hell didn’t I think of that before? I contacted the entire angelic kingdom and I said we all need your help on this planet. I want to know if it’s possible for you to take care of each and every child’s soul and when this is going on that you can be right there to hold the children’s hand to help them get into the tunnel of light and go home, and the answer was Yes. And so from that moment on, I didn’t have to go into the MILABS and collect the children and help them get back to Heaven anymore. The angels have now done that ever since. That has really helped my sanity.

Alexandra: I’ll bet! The 819 that is a 9, which is interesting. How long have we been on, I totally lost track of time. We are getting close to the end. One of the things I want to clarify, you are basically saying the Bushs, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Cheney, Netanyahu, a lot of these major players have gone down. Tell them about the MILABS and what you think is going on with them right now.

Tory: I keep getting the message that all military bases are going to be closed down next  But I don’t like to delve into the future, because like I’ve said may times, it’s not like Heaven doesn’t just come down and tell us stuff. Since I have been so involved in so many things, usually, while something is happening, just after something happened, that’s when I receive information.A lot of times, especially when you’re under attack you can’t connect to the truth, you can’t really do anything because you’re under attack, when they’re using weapons on you or whatever. So that’s why I like to wait and sort things out. I also had another list – oh and also 12 from the Vatican went out, but that I can verify…

Alexandra: That is what I was going to ask you. I was going to ask you about the Vatican. Didn’t you say Bergoglio?

Tory: Yeah, he was one of them. But the main Pope was a Nazi war criminal, Joseph Ratzinger, the one that nobody can even stand to look at. He and Bergoglio and ten others. Bergoglio has a clone. And see that’s one of the things to verify, was Obama, Barack and Michelle Obama were supposedly in Cuba watching a baseball game, because Michelle Obama’s still here. And I’m like Michelle Obama is not going to go into Cuba, there is no way. So I pulled the DNA and it was Obama clone number 9 and Michelle clone number 3 that were sitting at that baseball game. Clones are synthetic beings that are physical but have no soul, and so they don’t react the same way people do. Like Chris Hemsworth clone, he’s been arrested but his clone was home. I connected to him, without trying to, because he was going crazy. I thought he’s been arrested, what is going on, but there was such a strong connection. I was sodomized 316 by Chris Hemsworth. None of it was my choice. But the clone kept saying, ‘After all I did for him’, referring to me, ‘this is the way he treats me.’ Because one of the last times I talked to Chris Hemsworth I told him to get the hell out. I said you are a murderer, I just snapped. I started screaming, you’re a murderer. He was a Nazi war criminal and had murdered lots.. almost all these actors were infused, which is a process, but they were infused – like Chris Evans, his other half had murdered over 17 000 people in Austria in WW2. But we don’t see that what we see is the pretty face. A lot of them are really, really polite, and they’re really  nice and we don’t put two and two together until we take a deeper look. Like Bill Clinton, everybody loved Bill Clinton, they hated Hillary because she was such a bitch. They were both arrested, by the way. Hillary’s clone is the one that is out. But Chris Hemsworth clone went crazy.

Alexandra: Is there any talk about the clones shutting down so that people can actually see that this is really, truly taking place?

Tory: Well what I’ve seen is right after the arrests there were 13 047 clones and last time I checked it was less than 400, it was like 367. They are burning out. The clones also really thrive in the lower vibrations. Well you remember December 21st 2012, when the polarity of this planet went from negative to positive. Now it’s 3 years and a couple of months we’ve been a positive polarity planet, and the vibrations keep going up and up. And I think it was about two weekends ago, right after they shut down the neuralizer net, that weekend the vibration went up like crazy. They had this weapon in Washington DC that went out like a laser beam which connected to the satellites, which was broadcasting. Just like in the movie men in black, with the neuralizer pen except it was on all the time. There was that neuralizing energy that affected everybody’s brains. This is why a lot of people don’t believe,you know, people from other planets, they think people are all humans, and they can’t connect to reality because every time they do, bam they’re connected to this neuralizing energy. It takes a lot to overcome that. You know it takes a lot – a small percentage of people that…but that’s now been turned off, so now more people are starting to see the truth.

Alexandra: I want to comment on that. So the neuralizer net, you and I spoke about that was it last Friday? Was that when it happened.

Tory: That is when you had done something similar but different. You were involved in something different.

Alexandra: I was called to do something very similar and that was on Wednesday night, and it was to lower the blockage net around people’s ability to make money. That was the most profound…what I saw and what was done was just incredible. And it was successful. Then I called you up, I was all excited. Of course, they say the same thing that it takes a while for what happens in the etheric to transform in the physical. I just want everyone to know that these truly are happening. These are happening on the inner plane and starting to unfold for all of us. We should start feeling a little more ease, and I can feel the load of these beings off the planet. There is no question. Can you confirm when the arrests went down?

Tory: I put a video out about it once I was sure. But I was thinking it was either right after Christmas or right after New Year’s. It was right around the holidays sometime. I’m pretty sure it was – it might have been between Christmas and New Years. I’d have to go back and check, but I have just been flooded and it’s harder to get tiny details of something, when something big happens it’s like ‘Ok, this just happened’. But to back and say well what was the shoe size of the guy that killed the other guy, you know what I mean? Those details are there but they’re a lot harder to get to, and today it’s just been constant because they did not want us to have this interview.

Alexandra: I know we are getting to the top of the two hour mark. I do want everyone to know this is a tough subject. It’s a hard topic. It’s even hard for me to have to sit here and listen to this. The part about doing these types of things to Tory and the children, but at the same time, we’re being called to face the realities and convert these negative atrocities into the light. This is why we’re here. We’re here to convert, transfigure, transform, bridge. This is the key words that are going on right now among emissaries of light. I just really wanted everyone to know we are making phenomenal progress and one of the reasons is because of Tory Smith. I know all of you out there are doing your bit. I know. There are so many phenomenal healers that write in to me and tell me some of the work they are doing. That helps Tory. That helps me. That helps all of us get where we are today. It isn’t just about Tory, it isn’t just about me. Tory, I want to thank you again because I know you have taken so much crap from so many people. I know I have taken crap because I interview you, but the bottom line is I know your heart is as pure as they get. I am grateful. I don’t know how many times I can thank you for how dedicated you are.

Tory: What I would like to say to people is if they want to see evidence, it’s to once again create that intent to be able to see and know the truth. A perfect example of this is, Jeb Bush was selected to be the next President. All of a sudden, he dropped out of the race. Even CNN had declared that the race was going to be between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. But you know why, Jeb Bush’s clone was failing. I think they produced it too fast, they made too many alterations, they cut a lot of body fat off of him. And all of a sudden, he dropped out of the race. If we have time, I have a list of actors that are gone

Alexandra: Just give us a synopsis.

Tory: Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, her father Tom Cruise, Chris Pine, Kevin Bacon, Nicolas Cage, Henri Cavell, Liam Hemsworth, John Hamm, Joel McHale, Aaron Eckhart,Greg Kinnear, Ben Affleck, Seth Green, Set McFarlane, Jack Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hilson, Daniel Craig, Judy Dench, Anjelica Huston. But they all had to be removed, these 69 actors, well I can’t give you the whole list, but they had to be removed becauseit was something that also happened to me is,the being – but there’s another being would come in – well one night I was sleeping and I found myself on my stomach and I woke up and half of me had been absorbed into another being, and that’s exactly what happened to these actors. They chose to move to the dark side. They joined the Illuminati.Well these beings love worship energy, and so they were literally absorbed like Tom Cruise was absorbed into this reptilian being. And that’s who he became. If you look back at the early actors, you can see the physical transformation. They usually become better looking, more buff, and all that stuff, but the vibration for them was too low in the sense that they were both beings, they had to go because they would die and they’re in this process. Literally, all this evidence – because the clones won’t be able to exist much longer, so we’re going to see physical evidence. A lot of people don’t see things. But what I am saying is the Jeb Bush clone dropping out of the race was a perfect example of that, and we’re gonna start to see… I was told there was a lot more people arrested today. It was 17 more DARPA arrested on Monday.  112 were arrested on Monday all from the CIA, 28 FBI agents were arrested today. All these people have murdered more than a hundred people. It goes from the baddest to the best. The good people get to stay. The bad people have to go to another planet. They have to leave. It’s just that simple. I really believe it is going to be within days that this is going to break. You’re never gonna see this on the news.

Alexandra: Think about the timing. I have been feeling for a long time that March 21st to 23rd there would be some major, major shift on the planet. I already know some of the work I am doing here has been monumental. When I heard that Tory was called at the same time I was to do very similar types of work, at almost exactly the same day, that was no coincidence. There is definitely some major progress and you know me everybody, I am always looking to see where the progress is.

Tory: Me too.

Alexandra: That’s the biggy. Where are we going from here? We have got to focus on the fact that this is our Home. We are here with our Mother. Mother Earth. This is where we create our Heaven. We are not taking off in space ships and blowing out, unless that is what you really want to do. But the majority of us have agreed to an agreement to be here to assist. This is where we have been waiting for the party of our lifetime. I think this is just a phenomenal time to get ready for a huge exciting future. We have gone through a lot. We have gone through a lot.

Tory: One of the best things I heard lately is, I never like to predict the future, is that this might be all wrapped up by the New Year. April 7th. Either it’s a false message that I just really want to hear or it’s the real truth that’s coming in. “Cause I kept saying well wouldn’t it be great – you know I’m talking to my spirit guides – if we could wrap all this stuff up and get rid of the temporals so we wouldn’t be attacked anymore, and all this so we could start a new year, a clean new year, April 7th, and they kept on saying Yes, yes, yes, and so, I like to focus on the good stuff. These people that have been arrested constantly attack me. Especially Dick Cheney. He was here several times a week. Right after his arrest, I never saw him again. Right after these 819 were arrested I didn’t see them. I have not seen them since. To me, every day that goes on without them coming into my home is a blessing, and that’s just another way to know the truth. I told God the other day, it’s almost like when they were dying and they had one more breath of life they would still try to attack and murder somebody with that last breath of life, and I’m like ‘What the heck, why is that?’ The answer was that is the way they are taught from birth. That is the way they are taught to be. To constantly bring harm to other people.

Alexandra: As one woman reached out to me a couple of weeks ago, it is also our duty, I feel to look at these dark souls and remember that they are just as much part of this entrapment as we have been. And really, really dig deeply in our hearts and our souls for compassion. That does not mean that they are not going to serve whatever it is that they have to serve. Resentment and hatred and hostility are not going to serve us. We got to keep raising the vibration on this planet. As we continue to do that, less and less of this garbage is going to affect us. Anyway, Tory thank you, I love you,

Tory: I love you too.

Alexandra: Everyone stay tuned, I just found out I am going to interview David Icke next week. Stay tuned for that and we will see you on the other side. As always check out our world renown Implant Removal Process. It is life changing. We also have a phenomenal new phase called Guardian Protection Initiation. It has really assisted me especially with the DARPA chips and stuff. As always, check out my alchemy. Anyway, stay tuned. You can also send me an email, we will forward them to Tory. But at this time, He really want to lay low. He really doesn’t want to be bothered with a lot of correspondence and readings but if you feel it is really urgent, we will pass along to him. Okay? Everyone, have a wonderful rest of your day and I hope this finds you with joy and promise, and excitement for a new future. Talk to you later. Bye.

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