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The new President of USA is named ADAM. He is the first President of the country of the United States of America. He is awesome and I just met his wife who is probably one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Her eyes are amazing. Adam will be President until we can have a legal election. They are from Agartha the most populated country of Earth with 39.7 Billion citizens. It is also the most advanced and has it’s own star.

For you that are not familiar with the story of Tory Smith. Tory was a warrior of the Light Archangel/ Prime Creator Elowise her true energy. She came on Mission to battle and gain evidence against the Child traffickers who have been raping and sacrificing our Children.

Tory lost the Earth battle was murdered slowly torture with black magic. Right after he turned in evidence on Mike Pence involvement in Child Trafficking.

His reports are very hard to listen too. Yet it is the Truth. His videos were used to convict many criminals you are not aware have already been arrested and tried in Military Court at Gitmo.

Adam is Real his Earth Aspect /Appellation is John F Kennedy Jr.

JFK Jr Survived that Crash in 1999 as no one was on that plane when it went down. The same ones that plotted to take out JFK Jr are the same ones involved in plotting to take out Trump bet money.