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We talk about toxins in food and cosmetics — but the dangerous chemicals inside tampons and pads are being ignored.

Photo Credit: bogdan ionescu

Nowadays, we hear a lot about the noxious cocktail of chemicals that can be found in our food, furniture, cleaning products and even our cosmetics. Yet we never really hear about what might be included in some of the most intimate personal care products women use.


“Chem Fatale” — a  report recently released by Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) — attempts to shed some light on this subject by taking aim at the $3-billion-a-year feminine care industry. In particular, the group examines products such as maxi pads, tampons and douches that contain potentially harmful ingredients including pesticides, dyes and dioxin, which has been  identified by the World Health Organization as a Persistent Organic Pollutant, a  toxic chemical that persists in environments for long periods of time. The report also includes a  “Hall of Shame” appendix that features examples of feminine care brands that contain toxic chemicals.

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