Part I: Fusing the Story

Jan 10, 2018

Support me on Patreon (THANK YOU!!) Support me with Paypal: Follow me on Gab/Twitter: @tracybeanz Video on FusionGPS Dossier:… Fusion GPS testimony:… Prevezon repped by Veselnitskaya, Browder repped by now dead Magnitsky……… The Prevezon case garnered high-profile attention because of its ties to a $230 million tax-fraud scheme uncovered in 2008 by the Russian tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, whose suspicious death aroused international media attention and spurred the passage of the US law, which was designed to punish those suspected of involvement This is about Magnitsky and Prevezon as well as Bill Browder… (PGE 5)……… Pg 63 Line 3 Taxes- looked into Pg 64: Line 5 Donald Trump may be a more serious candidate October 2015- In April… Page 76 Line 12: Partisanship- we dont hire partisans but I cant remember my staff Pg 78 Line 5 Exhausted open source information and no one had used the research yet Pg 78 line 25 through Page 79 line 1-6 Simpson testimony based off dossier– we have discredited it. Pg 81- Line 16-24 Speaks about quality of Steeles prior work I shudder to think Page 83 Lines 1-12 “See if you can find out what Trump is doing on trips to Russia” Page 89: Line 1-11 Disinformation Page 93 Line 120- Pg 94 Line 18 He didn’t vet the information Page 97-98 Prevezon and Journalists- Page 100 Line 4 Browder and lobbying Page 101 Line 19 Trying to establish a connection to Prevezon Page 104 line 1-15 Asking about translators Page 105-106 Page about seeding the media, Simpson makes sure to paint Browder as a self promoter Page 108 Akhmetshin…… Pg 114-119 – Veselnitskaya and their relationship and meetings Pd 132- Veselnitskaya Visa Pg 134- Read whole page Pg 140 Line 3-23 Why did he say “russia staff” and stop himself Pg 142 Read page about what they were looking at “Things you can believe, prove, etc” then what is the point?? Pg 151 Line 14 Manafort and McCain Pg 154 – 155 Line 20-Line10