By Katia Moskvitch, Contributor   |   November 30, 2013 12:00pm ET









Per Wimmer
Danish entrepreneur and financier Per Wimmer is training to go to space with three different private spaceflight companies.
Credit: Per Wimmer

LONDON — Piloting fighter jets, floating in zero gravity and spinning at a belly-flattening speed in a centrifuge are not the things a regular tourist is asked to do before a dream holiday. But this is exactly what Per Wimmer has been doing during 13 years of waiting for his trip — to outer space.

For the 45-year-old London-based Danish entrepreneur and financier, it won’t even be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So far, he has bought three tickets from companies offering space tourism: Virgin Galactic, Space Adventures and XCOR Aerospace.

Wimmer expects to blast into the blackness overhead within the next 18 months, “on whichever rocket becomes available first,” he said. When he first found out that private citizens had an opportunity to take a peek beyond Earth’s surface, it took him less than 48 hours to pony up the $100,000 to sign up. [See photos of Virgin Galactic’s powered test flights]


In his investment bank, Wimmer Financial, in the heart of London, Wimmer somehow looks out of place in between corporate office walls. But it’s just the first impression: He manages to combine two completely different lives very successfully.

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