Transcript of today’s MegaAnon posts, on the Alabama election and the expected upcoming fallout

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Yes, thanks to McConnell & Co., their PAC funded $30 million and their buds at the DNC.

THE NEXT SERIES OF POSTS IM ABOUT TO TYPE are going to REALLY come in handy. You might want to cap and archive these for yourself to refer back to, especially as we rapidly progress through to the New Year. The ball is going to continue to roll at a VERY fast pace and you will get increasing rushes of information at firehose speeds the MSM will try to slow to you, through a bendy straw. So PLEASE PAY ATTENTION, for the love of God. This is important!

Remember when I told y’all EXACTLY how Trump felt about HOW this was gonna shake out for Moore, back on 11/15?! [pic related] Remember when I told y’all in this cap WHY Trump PURPOSEFULLY tipped his hat to Strange via a single tweet endorsement?

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Then remember how back on 12/5, I told y’all about long-time “House of Cards” tricks the establishment swamp has successfully played against others for decades? Building valid AND fabricated “evidence”, a.k.a. “cards” they add to a house they build around people, that they will use to set them up/take them down when/if, they ever become a problem or threat to the establishment’s crooked, yet standard, daily operating procedures?! [pic related]


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Now swing back to 11/11 when I posted THIS FIRST. [pic related]
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Next, please see this [pic related] and save the cap… keep it queued up because it will come in handy one day.
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Then, do yourselves a favor and cap this [pic related] under Hillary’s tweet. You’ll appreciate them being together…

Note he said, “Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time”, not “in 2 years when it comes up during midterms” AND he ended with “It never ends”. THINK ABOUT THAT…

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This morning, Trump specifically confirmed TWO VERY IMPORTANT THINGS about WHY HE ENDORSED STRANGE [pic related]…

1. “I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right.”

So, here Trump admits THEY KNEW Moore WOULD NOT WIN, BEFORE the primaries even started, hence he endorsed Strange when they did start.

2. “Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him”.

Here, Trump directly refers to the “deck stacked” against Moore, which as you saw above, he confirmed he ALREADY KNEW was stacked.

Now go back and RE-READ these caps AGAIN, in THIS order…

11/11 post >>153121545
11/15 post >>153119623
12/5 post >>153120085

Now that you realize what DID happen, you can focus on…

– McCabe who is NO LONGER with the FBI and hasn’t been for the last week (which you’re not supposed to know about yet). He didn’t show up testify cause he knew Nellie Orh/GPS was gonna break in the MSM and he didn’t want to get caught lying.

– Bob Menendez, Dem. Senator from NJ, whose charges were dismissed via an unironic hung jury just as Dominican minor aged sex trafficking/abuse/orgy party, stories started leaking and tying to him.

– His best Democrat buddy Cory Booker who has already and immediately admitted to his OWN sexual misconduct, made public by an accuser just days ago

3. And Cernovich’s “hoax story” on our boy Chuck. While you know I don’t spend much time on the internets outside of posting here, let alone to e-celebs, I hope Mr. Cernovich knows that Schumer & Co. tried to capitalize on the opportunity WaPo exposed on Project Veritas, by “planting” an accuser. Like I’ve said for MONTHS NOW, Schumer knows what’s coming for him. He actually tried to leak bullshit on themselves to bamboozle eager Cernovich with bait (that’s why the docs looked so “lawyer-grade” good and so professionally polished) they hoped he’d take after the Conyers success (this is why Cernovich got it specifically)… STICK WITH ME HERE, THIS GETS GOOD…

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I told you he was on 12/1. Pic related

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Cernovich got the story because Chuck & Co. were going to try to use Project Veritas’s, “plant a fake Moore accuser at WaPo and see if they take the bait” trick on Cernovich.

They did it because they know shit is gonna hit the literal sexual misconduct fan for Schumer after the new year, maybe a little before (like within last 1.5 weeks of Dec. we might hear/see rumblings). They wanted to control the message so that high quality, lawyer-grade, polished professional, super believable “accuser”, with all her well-appointed “documentation” was bait they hoped Cernovich would take, especially after he’d pretty much solely and successfully taken down Conyers. Cernovich proved with Conyers that he has not only the public exposure but the capacity to secure high-level, credible sources on long-time, big name, establishment political figure heads. They were BANKING on Cernovich biting, then making the fatal mistake of either handing off or publishing himself so that when the firehose of accusations come out about Schumer, he could say it was fake news, perpetuated and filed by alt-right media”, which by then, they would’ve already publicly discredited the planted accuser on. Cernovich was targeted because he got so much traction on Conyers, they’d have made sure the MSM first built Cernovich and the headlines up with Schumer coverage, only to take him down. Also important to note that if it went as planned, they’d start to tie some of the Conyers accusations back to Cernovich too, so they could back peddle some of the shit that came out, to make Conyers look like he was a victim of alt-right fake news too and not all of what Cernovich and Buzzfeed said was true.

Trust me when I say, Cernovich made the best decision of his life not covering it, Schumer & Co are (secretly pissed he didn’t) and no, no one is going to actually be “in trouble” for this. Schumer’s claims he’s called the police are ONLY being publicly stated, because Cernovich had already publicly..

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Hyped it up as an upcoming, big takedown story and so when he reported why it wasn’t, Schumer had to make it look good by “calling the police” on the “accuser”. This is actual bullshit.

Cernovich should be doing a story on how Chuckie tried Project Veritas himself to discredit the fake news accuser, so that when he is REALLY ACCUSED by all the legitimate, credible accusers he does have coming for him, he could use Mike’s now “planted story” on him, in addition to everyone else who would’ve reported on it after it broke in the MSM, to discredit his real accusers and the abundance of evidence they will present.

House of Cards. Cernovich was a card, but he removed himself from the deck Schumer was

trying to stack, around HIMSELF.

Schumer, Menendez and Booker all liked partying with imported, young, Dominican teens.

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I have posted on the sealed indictments a lot. At the bottom of this [pic related], you’ll see my most recent gentle reminder about indictments vs. expectations and why you see the influx of indictments in the first place.

Additionally, here’s the archive link. I posted a lot more about what exactly the DOJ and Wray-led FBI have been doing and what to look out for.

Also, speaking of AG’s and all… it’s gotta look pretty fucking unironic that I posted all of this about Moore, Trump, Alabama, McConnell, etc. almost A MONTH AND A HALF AGO, as documented it all again here, and now, the same Alabama AG who put in an EMERGENCY ORDER LAST WEEK to NOT, YES NOT SAVE THE DIGITAL VOTING RECORDS, is being FORCED with a “STAY AND SAVE” ORDER on ALL the records… like literally right now, as I type this.

Crazy how “It never ends”, right?!? ;o)

I swear, I don’t know what more I could do or say to get you to see the truth. I know I don’t “predict happenings” or give y’all the epic “dates/timeframes” you love to attach Ron Paul memes to, but literally everything I’ve said on here is actually happening, has been happening and will continue to happen. All the way back to May. I just try to continue to hold out hope y’all will start talking about and digging into more of the things I’m saying. I’m vague, but I’ve given a lot of blatant detail, for a really long time on here… and ONLY HERE.

And just so this goes down with the archives as documented… THIS [pic related] is what the ACTUAL Presidential gold seal looks like…
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I’m confident. I’m more concerned that you (and many) don’t seem as confident. I say this because sadly, y’all are taking the bait way too much. You’re in many ways contributing and proving that leaks used as distraction like Don Jr. Wikileaks emails, innocently sent by a tea party supporting stranger from VA, who NEVER expected their honest attempt to do Trump a solid by emailing ALREADY PUBLICLY PUBLISHED links to already publicly available Wikileaks dumps, would be broadcasted across the MSM.

These things are narrative enforcing distractions, purposefully leaked, hyped and covered to reconfirm to the left that “Russia” is still worth the “investigation” because the DAY they’re forced to realize that there’s no more “Russian” collusion, hacking or leaking to falsely blame, is the same day they realize our political parties, congress and judicial systems have been 100%, completely and utterly fucked up for decades… and who was president, who owned the majority of house/senate, who held cabinet positions in the admin., etc. HAVEN’T LITERALLY MATTERED, for the last 40+ years.

SHIT LIKE THIS [PIC ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY RELATED], falsely coordinated and spread, as intentional, purposeful CROWD CONTROL, DISINFO, DISCREDITING DISTRACTION, have turned once informed, educated, constantly questioning/learning, NOW SHEEP, to believe THIS blurry “Q” image posted last night, IS the presidential gold seal, when they see it. Simply because they’ve been successfully (and wrongfully) convinced that it is, by the uninformed hive THEY’VE willingly allowed themselves to buzz around in.

I’m going to say this right now. These Q fucks are getting desperate to keep this up. They’re losing their own steam. No, nothing happened on 11/3 OR 11/4, like they scared everyone believing. No “10 days of darkness with Trump insulated in AF1 above Asia during his trip”, at all. No, Jacob Rothschild isn’t dead. No, memes are cute but do not hinder/cease what’s going on…. ID:Iq1/cx7t Wed 13 Dec 2017 12:44:11No.153140681~~~~~
… No, those 100% are NOT real time or any time pics from AF1, in active flight and if the Q fucks were legitimate, they’d fucking know better than to post that with people on here who can tell you exactly WHY they’re not. Factually, I don’t care if your POTUS or not, neither does the DOD/USAF. Go read the protocols and policies for all aboard AF1. You cannot post location ID’ing pics, in real time, while in flight. The network on board wouldn’t even let you do that in the first place. It’s heavily filtered and restricted and will be until new 2019 AF1 roll out.
The codes posted are bullshit. These people post so vaguely across so many topics that they will inevitably hit on something but who’d actually question if they didn’t hit on anything at this point?! These people have convinced themselves anyone opposed views or with legitimate, documented proof to discredit, isn’t right, they’re a shill. They’ve convinced themselves blurry pictures NOT of official, presidential gold seals, actually are, then say “this makes Q real”. Show them the real seal, CLEARLY VERY DIFFERENT and you’re deemed a bot then you hear crickets when it comes to why. They can’t prove you wrong… they don’t want to. These “Q’s” just have to be right, right?!

Either way it doesn’t matter. Whoever they are posting now, have been getting increasingly sloppy. Almost to a pathetic level. Only “breadcrumbs” they’ve been leaving are identifiers and tags. They were already really wrong about WHO I AM and since I know who I am, I can and will prove that wrong when the time is right for me… and between us y’all, I’m gonna love doing it.

So, be on the look out for some of these names and remember these connections as you hear about them more over the coming weeks. Try not to stick on smaller distractions so quickly. Give shit 24-48 hours to settle after reported. This way you don’t give the MSM the (You’s) over bullshit they purposefully leak to throw you like Don Jr…

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… all so you don’t realize McCabe was actually fired a little over a week ago and because he’s bitter snd was unprepared for the Ohr hit, he earned HIMSELF an ankle bracelet too, right after he refused to show up on the hill to testify.

Shhhhhh… just add him to the list and let it play. And for God’s sake, y’all… please enjoy this time right now. Enjoy what’s going on. Recognize the accomplishments and successes. Stop letting THEM drag you down. Don’t let them succeed in falsely convincing you that the admin has problems that in reality don’t exist, or that we have bigger problems than we do. You should know by now exactly where everyone stands. From congress to the mainstream media, you already know what you SHOULD be paying attention to and what you shouldn’t. Don’t let THEIR attempts to distract, dumb and drag YOU down, succeed. That’s why they throw bullshit at you. They try to keep you confused and desperate knowing you’ll chase your dicks for days, weeks, months on something, in search of the truth. Don’t let them seed you. Remember, you did your job. Do it again in 2018 and these special elections in between. Be excited for what is happening and yes… Have a very Merry Christmas. We earned it! Oh, and same for all the foreign brah’s who ask me shit about their countries/governments. Don’t let them distract, dumb and drag y’all down… and have a Merry Christmas, k?!

(Haha, sorry. I know I can sound a little “sappy” sometimes… but it’s true, you’re some pretty good brah’s here, considering its anon and all). ;o)