Galactic Transmission

Galactic Transmission

The first time I remembered Spirit communicating with me was when I was a young girl.  This is not to say that I don’t recall beings visiting me in my bedroom at night, but I am speaking of clairaudience. We were living in Morganton, NC at the time, and I was hanging out with one of my mother’s piano students.  When I went outside to get ready to leave, I was really moved by the peaceful ambience of the day.  The heat of the summer sun was blazing down upon my face as a lackadaisical breeze tousled my hair ever so casually.  I felt like I had transitioned into a total state of bliss.  Then, I had this sudden jolt of awareness that I was somewhere else, as if I had walked out of the wrong house and strolled down to an unknown car.  Someone was speaking to me with such love and confidence, that I never questioned whether it was really occurring.  I was concisely told that I would play a major role in assisting the planet when I got older. At such a young age, I specifically recall the momentous tone of this message.  I endeavored to keep “the voice” talking, but as unexpectedly as it materialized, it rapidly departed, leaving me with a sense that whatever I was to do would be very significant.

The next time I realized my clairaudient tendencies was the day I had the car accident in 2001. It was my day of no return, literally.  The voice came through clear as a bell, warning me on three separate attempts to slow down, pull over, or do something else besides drive home.  All of these promptings were given in order for me to avoid the up and coming accident minutes after the final warning.  Well unfortunately I ignored them…and trust me when I say that the decision not to listen has haunted me ever since.  Three years in bed was a great motivator to learn more about this mysterious side of life.

God Wants to Talk To YouOnce I completed homeopathic school, I was receiving messages every day, actually many times a day if not more.  I received the gift of creating customized formulas for people that are truly out of this world!  With these remedies often comes messages.  It has become such a daily part of my life that when I don’t “hear” messages or see visions, I am wondering why.

So often I have not written anything down, but I felt that this website would motivate me to begin logging any messages that I receive that are of benefit to both of us. I often converse with Source and the Ashtar Command, The Guardian Alliance, The Universal Beings of Light, The Sirians, The Ascended Masters, The Galactic Federation, and many others.  It is such an enriching experience and hopefully these up and coming messages can give you a glimpse into the new life we are moving towards!


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