April 18, 2012

Today I am speaking with the Council of the GFL – they are relaying a message of urgency.

Council“It is a time of preparation before the initial launch.  This is a time of great importance to be whole, knowing your commitment to Yourself and to your Cause.  We encourage the Ground Crew to be in readiness with joy and anticipation, for this is a time like no other.  It is not stored in your cellular memory because you have not experienced it like this ever before.  Therefore, it is crucial that in your preparation you acknowledge that which you are wearing that is coming with you on this journey.  The less you bring, the easier this journey will be.  The less you wear, the lighter you will be, metaphorically speaking.  For those of you who have not stripped away any of the dense “leftovers” from prior incarnations, as well as this current lifetime will experience more struggle.

We ask you to look at Yourselves in the mirror.  Instead of seeing a hair out of place, a wrinkle or two, or a perceived ugliness, look deep into your eyes, reach your Soul and perceive the Light that comes from within.  The Light is blasting you at an all time high.  This is not something you can prevent.  This Light is reaching your physical body whether you participate in drugs, play violent music, or hurt one another.  No matter what you are doing, your bodies are receiving this beautiful beaming Light.

It would be good to reach this part of yourself so you can begin to sense, feel, and perceive Yourself as the true Being of Light that You are.

It is also just as important to become more aware when your Light is dimmed; not coming from struggle, thought, or analysis through the mind, but coming from the perspective of your Soul, looking piercingly within Yourself only to see the eternal Light blazing from within to without.  This is how all of life operates.

You are in a grand time and space, for You have done well in your preparation.  There is always more to do no matter where You are or what You plan for. However, we would like to take this moment to honor what You have already achieved, what You have let go of and how great Your Vision has become. Continue to focus more on your Vision again and again.  Do not lose sight of what You want to contribute to the world.  For it is a very important piece of this ascension process.  You know that deep within Your Core.  You are beginning to know the importance of this realization.  We can not relay clearly enough, in Your words, the love that shines down upon You from Source and All of Us.  We are Your constant comrades to assure that You stand on even ground with Your next step forward.

This is a great moment to be alive for all of You because You step into a pre-arranged, well thought out plan that has been designed for a millennium… for a very long time.  This was Your decision, Your long term goal, and where You wanted to be.  Many will contribute in a less overt way but it will not take away from its greatness.  You have great things to say to the world and because of this You will be communicating with us more than ever before.  You are disciplining yourself to receive the information we would like to share with You.  Some will not choose to hear this but You are ready…

Today is a turning point.  There is a change of guard and no one can turn back.  There is a sense of victory that we can not share details on but can only say ‘the sun comes up more strongly now.’  There is much to do with this new change of guard.  We remind You that this is not just the end of a game and we all go home.  This is only the beginning of a new course.  It is just a graduation before moving onto the next level.  This next level requires a great deal of thoughtfulness, courtesy, civility, kindness, and therefore, will cause frustration because it is all new to the 3D way of thinking.  The planet will probably experience chaos due to coping with fear from a lack of understanding.  We warn You not to be affected by others’ fears.  You are here to dissipate this fear.

There is great work to do within Your own body vehicles, to continually emit vibratory patterns and sound waves that consistenly lessen, omit, and vanquish these waves of fear across the planet.  Do not forget that You have great power. You are the Ground Crew.  We ask You to continue the great deal of work You have been doing on an unconscious level.   Now we are urging you to do more of this work on a conscious level.  Clear the field around You and all that You attract to it .  Harken those around You who are ready for this step.  Align Yourself with those who cooperate and coordinate these coming events easily with You.   See the meshing of your energies in Your mind’s eye synchronizing, unifying, becoming a united field.  For this is what is best for All.  Be an example to All of those who will listen and look to All of those for Your inspiration.

We connect with You today with great joy.  We celebrate in the memory of how far You all have come.  How much there still is to do!  But this is exciting since it is a project You have long awaited.  It is what You came here to attain.  This is one of the most glorious moments in Your life.  You have cried out many times to begin Your missions, but don’t You know You have already begun?  Now You will be taking a more active role in Your missions, and be more conscious of it, as well as those around You.  Be more aware of what You say and what You do.  You will be looked upon and watched.  Many will look to You for answers, wondering about You.   You will have many choices of what to relay to them; to inspire and encourage, to serve and protect, to admonish in a gentle way, to correct and guide.  You are here to do this in a very unique way.

So we hail you with congratulations. You have reached your destiny and are finally coming home.  You are reaching a level which is second nature to You, and receiving the support of Heaven and All of Those Around You.  We honor You and we are here for You at a moments notice.  Namaste’.”