Message from Saint. Germain, June 17, 2012

That which you want you are.  I Am that, I Am.  All that you imagine is real.  The freedom that we experience now is different than what we have had in a very long time, for now we are controlled by our wants and ambitions and therefore, we are not free.  Whereas, when we are in our true sovereign state we don’t want because we know that whatever we want, it is and we are.  We need nothing.  For we want nothing.

Our co-creation is in sync with that which we are.  It is as if we are stuck in a portion of our mind which is looping.  The mind matrix is like a loop.  You need something.  You think about what you need.  It pings back to you that it is not available because you need something else in order to get it.  It could be anything from money to courage to empathy to joy.  It is out of sequence because you think a thought, you have a need, you put it out there but the need is already there.  Whereas the true you doesn’t need because you are what you want.  Thus, the constant loop is almost like a skip in a record.

Just think about it.  This is one of the keys to freedom.  Knowing that you already are what you want.  You are the Universe.  So imagining your project of what you want, you have already created it but you may not see it with the lens that you have.  It may not be a strong enough lens, but it is there.  It is as if you need to find the right aperture of the lens to match the desire.  Things will now become clearer as the planet becomes clearer.  You will be breathing in a less limited sphere.

Yes, you will know the truth soon enough.  So do not stop your imagination.  Continue on with where you see yourself.  You will be one of the ones to hold the space for stability purposes.  And all will be well no matter where you are, for when you imagine, it will be yours.  It is based on want and desire now because of where you are in consciousness.  But eventually you will be in union with your imagination.  You will be your wants and dreams.  The two will mesh and be one.

Yes, it is very close.  It is a time of great celebration. We are overjoyed to see many of you awakening to a higher vibration.  Yearning and growing again, for you are beginning to remember your true sovereign state of freedom.

Saint Germain

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