Received at Palomar Mountain, CA, 2:00 p.m.

What would you like to talk about today?

My direction

But we already suggested that you are moving towards that which you are most suitable for….communication.

OK…so why up here other than the obvious reasons?

Because things can really move through you up here.  It is less dense, less morphogenic heaviness…such city infrastructure, noise, emf’s.  All of these things can influences the clarity in which you receive our messages.  Just trust and you will be fine.

So what about these reptilian bases getting taken down?  Is is true?

Why yes but that has been going on for quite some time.  It is just now that we find the necessity to advertise it amongst the spiritual community because they are needing a boost should we say?  We see how significant it is to share the triumphs.  It is essential that the light workers maintain their strength within the interlocking web that they have begun and created…this adds to the momentum and raised vibrations.  We can not afford to backtrack.  It is easy to do, we understand now during these end days.  Things are speeding up so much that people feel like they are spinning tops, whirling from one day to the next, not really gaining ground in what they want to accomplish.  But we say to you that each day you holding strong, like a battalion that holds the front line from breaking open.  This is what we ask.  Especially at this time of our encounters with the dark.

Meaning there is more of it?

Yes, but also meaning the intensity of the clashes…there is a reverberation effect on planet earth…we recognize this and want to keep all of you focused on the first vibrational wave…the wave of love and will.  These two keys have been the determining factor for our successes in the rapid motion we have had in targeting dark agendas and tasks undermining our operations.  If all of you hold strong we will continue to succeed like never before.

Can you explain holding strong?

Not wavering in your commitment to envision a better world.  To believe that it is possible but most importantly to believe that it is decreed by heaven.  Doesn’t that give you some sense of backing?

I guess a lot of us have read sacred texts with passages that decree things from heaven but I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY OF US HAVE THE DOTS CONNECTED IN WHETHER THOSE DECREES ACTUALLY CAME TO PASS AS STIPULATED IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Do you know what I mean?

Yes.  Good point.  Thank you for your candor and we realize a lot of intel is missing for you to see what is actually taking place.  Unfortunately, we just can’t risk sharing too many details for your benefit.  But all is well.  We are pleased with the progess.

So speaking of progress, can you tell us what to expect this year?

So much of what occurs this year depends solely on the interlocking strength of the spiritual community across the planet.  You see this community is a new matrix, a new thought form that has grown and is good and pure because the intentions are good and pure.  And if they aren’t, the times won’t allow any parties to deceive you because the veils are ripping apart.  Many of you are peeking in.  Many more are courageous enough to walk through.  The more of you that walk through, the more you create this movement within the community to follow in your footsteps.  And then what the community does will create a vacuum for the city to follow, and then the state, and then the country, and so on and so forth.  But again, the interlocking solidarity of the spiritual web is crucial.

Picture yourself as part of a volleyball net – you will block and prevent entrance that does not meet the laws of the game.  But better still the net is tight, strong but flexible from any sudden unexpected interactions, and bounces back to its original composure.  This is what we want all of you to remember to do.  We know we are asking a lot from you as this is one of the most trying times of your lives.  So many of you have done so much introspection, inner work, and decisions based on a service to others approach. You will all be rewarded extensively.  We await that moment when you see who you are and who you will be meeting.  It is like the mother who is preparing for her newborn baby.  It is an exciting time but there is much preparation and work involved to fulfill that homecoming.  You are almost there.

Thank you.  That makes things very clear.

Is there anything else for today?

Just don’t forget to give you heart the opening it so desires.  You are your heart.  Nothing can stop you now.  All is progressing and moving along well.

Rest, let go of the past.  Let go of your expectations of yourself.  That is what we see more than anything else that you are all having difficulty with today.  There is no expectation of you.  You wrote that script.  Now you must decide if that script benefits you.  It is time to gather all of your scripts and burn them and start anew.  It is time to just live WITH the day, not according to which day it is or LIVING ON with the day.  Treat the day as your new found friend who deserves the space to communicate what it would like to you for that day.  You will find the dance with The Day is quite interesting…serendipitous things will come forth when living life like this.

Do you have any more questions?

Why are we so tired?

It is like your body has a staff (like a group of employees) that is used to one set of processes and procedures but a new staff has been introduced which offers all sorts of expeditious ideas that you are excited to hear about.  However the old staff is dragging its feet due to fears, perceptions of what the change may threaten, and what challenges are ahead.  So that thought or energetic thrust is colliding with the new very powerful downloads you are all experiencing.  It really is the old entrenching itself for fear of death.  But the new staff has such better ways of doing things that take less time, allow you  to do and see things better and easier and faster than ever before.  Like the speed of light…

Again get plenty of rest right now to honor your body’s final  struggle with the 3D.  You have so much to look forward to.

Good night.  We love you all.

In honor and truth we bid you farewell

The Sirian Council