To all Light Warriors of Prime Creation & Special Forces of Christ Consciousness

Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty and Humility, that is the Guardian Way...
As we continue to slough off old thoughts, memories, emotions, feelings, perspectives, and illusions that no longer serve us, we are beginning to feel the increased pressure on our physical bodies. I for one have had a multitude of challenges with many of my old injuries cropping back up, not only from birth but from the terrible car accident I withstood back in 2001. I have read article after article defining why this is occurring and how to cope with the pain, but what I would like to do is present a simple suggestion as to how to stop the struggle and pain.
About 3-4 months ago, I finally spent the money to have regular visits with my chiropractor. She and I would joke about which part of my body she should work on that day, due to a multitude of injuries causing so much going on with my physical being. As many of you know, the head on I experienced 13 years ago should have brought me death and instead brought about a plethora of injuries in almost every joint and every place in my body (check out The Death of The Old Me). I asked her poignantly, "could I possibly be holding onto the pain? I am not a victim and truly want to release this 'stuff'!" She would reiterate that my emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies were moving at warp drive but my physical body was having a heck of time catching up with them. This got me thinking about this ascension shift we are all experiencing right now.
Then about a week ago I reached my wit's end with a severe migraine and physical pain and stiffness everywhere (especially my neck, back, shoulder, and hips). Honestly, the endless hours of work and brainstorming played into this event and as it unraveled, I was fully aware that my Higher Self was going to get my attention somehow someway. I worked on myself through a variety of modalities, everything from homeopathy, essences, minerals, healings, reiki, and our new scalar wave laser. It diminished the pain, but I noticed I was never becoming free of it completely. I began to realize that as the solar flares have intensified along with the increase in Earth's Light Penetration, I have noticed an accumulation of pain and discomfort has been surfacing. What would normally be something where I could dump it and release it, was becoming lodged in my body. At first I thought it was just me, but when I began to see this was happening with many other clients and friends, I realized that there was something far bigger going on.
Since I typically attract fellow Guardians into my life these days, I sensed right away that this was "karmic" in some way. Although we keep hearing that we no longer have to live out karma and have outlived that paradigm, our thoughts and our cellular memory haven't quite processed that shift completely. Don't forget that Guardians are naturally born Transmuters. We are "designed" to shift the Dark to the Light wherever we go, or break up the density into transparency. But we are also in many instances Surrogates. We deliberately take on hellacious accidents, illnesses, controversial "causes" and emotional turmoil because our compassionate Higher Selves are willing to stand in to serve, to give, to assist, and to free Mother Earth and humanity from pain and suffering.
So without our conscious knowing, we tend to take on major cataclysms because we think and know that we can blow through the pain and sickness with our own transmutation skills. After all, we have taken on some of the most difficult and painful incarnations to serve The Light, so why not now, right? We naturally clear karma globally this way, especially because we hold higher than average levels of consciousness.

Here is the dilemma though. We still live in human 3D physical bodies and we have been overcome with intense disruptive energies from these "acts of kindness" to the point where we are living imprisoned lives of immobility, pain, and despair. Many of us have become stuck holding the space, processing, and transmuting the painful woes of this matrix. So I got to thinking about it again, and went directly into a council meeting all fired up and commanding answers! This is what I came away with.
I was in so much pain one evening that I stayed up all night communicating with The Council and performed The Violet Flame many times. But most significantly, I want to point out that I did something I would have never done before: I released my contracts for carrying all of the pain for the planet and my cause. I did a massive sweep of transmuting all of it for my sake and the sake of all others I was carrying it for, whether from a past timeline or present one. I realized I had not done this yet because I carried a thought pattern that the planet "had to work through people like me" to get through this massive purification process we are living through. Realizations came like a series of movie clips. Our overzealous tendency to stand committed to the bitter end, to never retreat no matter what, had been misconstrued for living the pain to the final conclusion. But what I say to all of you now is as long as we release it properly and return it back to The Central Sun to be used for a more positive productive energy, we have completed one of our major tasks.
So honor your physical body and release this contract so we can move onto our next grand phase of our mission! We need each of you to be in your best shape possible for the next impending mission. Those of you who have eyes to see and ears to hear, will know exactly what I am referring to. And So It Is.
I love you always

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