critical-thinkingMy heart is with all who have tried so hard, who have done ”all the right things” and not found themselves truly liberated and in joy and surrounded by the same kind of Beauty. If one does all the right things and still finds themselves living on a prison planet where they can only plod through a sick planet and not fly into the greater cosmos and live freely, where no one can do enough work or prayer or clean living to be free of pain and suffering and being surrounded by it, then what is the point of the work? ”some” will say, for another life…..this life is the one where you ”pay”…..
I ask you……
who says such a thing?
and who creates such a reality?
certainly not liberated souls/spirits……I can tell you that we did not!
only prison wardens will tell you ”your entire life is payment for”…. (fill in the blank).
You know how we have always been told it’s all you, all the ”issues” you have are inside of you”….. ??
 * do you know how diabolical this has been, that yes, it was inside, but they put it there ?
The work has always been ours because we have been left to figure it out, but we have been so dumbed down, sold so much execrable odiousness by those controlling factions, highly organized cosmic mafia archons, via their religiosity WHERE THEY CONTROL YOUR SPIRIT and politics WHERE THEY CONTROL YOUR MIND AND HOW YOU LIVE and just to ensure it all remains ”under control” they consistently throughout human history bred and released never-ending slews of spiritually castrated demented psychopaths unto the populations via war mongers, rapists, and brutal terrorism’s, to ”fix” and ”solidify” the ”hopelessness” of OUR SITUATION…..this was the outer proof of the sickness that contaminates Our Beauty. The demented ones have worked on the ”inner” planes, within our very beings and bodies…..yet so many resisted and kept searching for the reasons WHY….AND WHERE IS THIS DEMENTED PRISON WARDEN HIDING, WHAT EXACTLY HAVE THEY DONE ?
But it has always been a matter of discovering precisely what it is that is done to people and then taking up our mastery in correcting it.
Now at least we have a clue and some are getting RELIEF AND RELEASE …..and their stories are simply wonderful ! Yet this is only the beginning to removing the veils, the shackles, the balls and chains, the dogma, the hypnosis, the deceit, the lies, the tricks, the brainwashing, the programming……all of it! But at least it begins!!
* I am not saying we are totally not responsible for our own negative behaviors, at all, but that the root inspiration are extremely powerful devices implanted to cause it all.
Serena—–Original Message—–
From: Lady of the Woods
Sent: Nov 12, 2013 6:01 PM
To: Lady of the Woods
Subject: “Shattering the Matrix” radio with Ari and Serena and NEW MISSION REVEAL

Hello Everyone!
It’s been a while. I’m not feeling too talkative lately and I’ve not been doing the shows regularly hence not sending out any updates.
But Ari has done a few and we have interviewed a couple of people since.
I’m still on a mission to help inform people of the controlling factions on this planet, how they work, who they are, and yes, sorry, we get into the dark and ugly…..I had to do it myself, and I feel more liberated, and this is my hope for you and others too….painful as the process can be, it is still preferable to ignorance. New Mission below.
There appears to be a glitch in my email, so I will say again, if you asked to be removed from this list, ask again and I will do it again. Sorry.
So on to the shows:
What I see now is that the last notice for shows was sent out on August 8, 2013 and all the shows after are too many to list here so I am simply going to refer you to that youtube page and you can listen to the shows that are new since my last email of August 8th, in whatever order you like.
I do have to say however, that the show with Jeanice Barcelo is extremely enlightening  as to how evil is disguised as “normal”,  infiltrates natural and organic life processes and contaminates it into an evil that is not only NOT recognized for what it truly is but is accepted as common… in the hospital birth process….you simply must open your eyes to this and understand how the fragile beginning of life is given the cyborg treatment from the moment of birth and how the mother becomes ”simply a vessel”. I was in tears with this one seeing it all so clearly.
Another of my favorites was the show with Jay Weidner! very fun stuff.
James Bartley is always very informative and a true sweetheart and I love his last show with us but BE WARNED, THERE IS MUCH ADULT CONTENT IN THAT ONE.
John Lash is also always informative and popular.
And my hero is Kevin Annett! bar none!
Atona Areyus has alot of mystical experiences, and is a friend of Ari who has done so far a 4 part series with her, lots of magical stuff in those.
I really want to express so much of what I know, but that would take a really long treatise and no one including me has time for that. But cutting it all short leaves out so much and language is so frustratingly inept!….but I will try.
Since a child of around 4 years old, I knew that the people and this place of this planet was a place gone seriously wrong. If you are one who believes this is all in ”divine order” you will want to delete this now.
I knew that the people were interfered with so much so, that I was sick with this awareness, and I felt much compassion for them.
Fast forward to now and the reasons for our troubled planet can no longer remain hidden, because nothing can be so fucked up as human life on Earth without having major off world assistance! This condition is now becoming plain to see how much help we’ve had in getting here and those who cause this are being exposed for correction, by us, and this is HUGE. Why? because it means that what has been hidden by being  revealed means it can finally be dealt with, whereas before, being hidden, it had only green light to function beneath our awareness and was safe,  totally free in its manipulations without hindrance. What it means, is that Liberation is finally a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, not because something is coming for us but because we are going after it! Turns out there IS something we can do for ourselves and its not another new age workshop people !  And it does not involve 20 years of psychotherapy or meditation.
What has been ”with us” is sinister and it is the very interference I have known of since a child….and that this planet first and foremost needs, before any progress can be made is to be rid of what is impeding them. No progress can be made until then. Remove the ball and chain, and then you can run a marathon not before! 
Humanity has not been able to move forward because of impediments, plain and simple. NOTHING in the universe remains stagnant, it grows, and humanity has not changed in thousands if not millions of years…..why? because something is controlling it.
I believe my elist is beyond ego and realizes this is applicable even to savvy people who think they are above and beyond any such thing, yes, you too and yes me too, but at least I’ve always known that “I wanted whatever was inside me OUT and NOW!”….but never knew what it was.
I cannot even begin to express my absolute devotion to liberating people from this.
What it is, is ultra sophisticated and complex, tailor made for each and every person!… give it a simple word does not cover it. However, the most logical word would be ”implants” of various kinds and purposes and they are multi leveled and multi dimensional…..we all have them.
I don’t want anyone to hear this and think they ”know” or because they’ve heard of this they can dismiss it because it doesn’t titillate the mind, I want this to be closely investigated. The first response is usually one of dismissal, and boredom and cynicism, and THIS TOO IS ALL PART OF THE IMPLANT TO KEEP YOU FROM INVESTIGATING IT. The intelligence that creates this is off the charts and a truly intelligent person will get out of their own way and endeavor a path to having them removed. And the good and wonderful news is that they can be, at least right now by a team of 2 powerful healers, Alexandra Meadors and Pam Plauche. This off world, multi-dimensional, multi leveled ancient organic/inorganic system of devices called ”implants” requires an education to be understood, the whole purpose of them which is also multi tiered….one being monitoring as just when you begin to reach a certain light quotient, bam, something happens to set you back and this ”set back” is projected onto you and called by these diabolical implant creators ”karma”….or ”contracts”…..or ”lessons in humility” etc.  Many good people after 30 years of meditation and good service still are not liberated spiritual beings and it is not because they didn’t do their work, it is pure and simply INTERFERENCE. The reason: to keep people from becoming their full Divine Self and no longer host to parasitic creatures. This explains the entirety of humanitys dismal psychopathic history.…it ends now.
And more good news is that we are going to give the education on this. We plan on makinga series because there will be many dramatic testaments and examples bypeople who have gone through the implant removal process and we want to hear their testaments. Already every single one I have heard is not only amazing but deeply and moving.
Ari and I are going to start this Thursday 9PM with her own experience first which I can tell you from my own knowledge of her is PROFOUND and then on Saturday with Alexandra Meadors of who is half of the removal process.
Please listen in and tell everyone, because I am not here to simply talk and make noise, I am here to literally help people be free of the impediments to their own Divinity.
I am not one who likes to blame humanity for everything, the creators of these implants have created religions and psychopaths for that. I am here because my compassion for beings who have been messed with, interfered with, stunted, shunted, manipulated, and tormented is great, beyond measure and I aim to make a dent in that!

The fire I have to remove all this IS MY PURPOSE ON THIS PLANET AT THIS TIME…..
I live to see people free and liberated from all interference so that they are literally choosing their own way of life, free to live as whoever and whatever they are and to see that spirits choose their lives in freedom and in total sovereignty anywhere in the cosmos, and when they choose to live again their lives are precisely as they would choose, not tormented by a life of one desire while their exprience is in opposition and unable to create…..and to see people are not corralled into a false system of recycling into the same old dark prison planet again where the only thing to experience is frustration, suffering, ignorance and pain!!
The time IS NOW.
Please tune in and listen to Ari speak of her experience of Implant Removal, a process which is ongoing still as I type!……on Thursday at 9PM EST on blog talk radio here  and then on Saturday also 9PM EST to hear from Alexandra Meadors, myself and Ari together speak on her experiences and her husbands…..
there is more to come….
I am here for our liberation, are you??