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Within the world of the paranormal there are often very strange things that people claim to see. Ghosts, angels, aliens, and others, these things have long served to elude understanding and leave us to wonder just what is going on. Among these anomalous reports there are often true oddities, which stand out as the bizarre of the bizarre, and which don’t seem to fit into any sort of known category, their pure oddness propelling them right out past the fringe and into some new territory of the weird. These reports seem to be of things beyond aliens, ghosts, or anything else that populates the paranormal world, and indeed perhaps come from whole other universe entirely.

A really quite bizarre encounter that is hard to classify allegedly occurred in 1973, at the coastal town of Sandown, on the Isle of Wight, in the south east region of England. In May of that year, a 7-year-old girl and another child were exploring the wild areas around a place called the Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club, when they began to hear a shrill piercing, wailing sound off in the distance, reminiscent of an ambulance siren — only off kilter and eerier. Curiosity would get the better of them, and the two kids excitedly ventured off to find the source of the odd noise, a trek that would bring them through brush and trees to a clearing abutting the nearby Sandown Airport, where the sound just suddenly stopped to send silence crashing down upon them.

The two bewildered youngsters took a look around, still trying to figure out where that haunting sound had come from, and as they crossed a footbridge over a creek they soon found it. From the shadows beneath the rickety old wooden bridge under their feet there emerged an outlandish being the likes of neither of them had ever seen before, which crawled out from the dark to stand before them. In an article on the encounter published in a 1978 edition of the British UFO Research Association’s Journal author Norman Oliver described what they saw as follows:

He was nearly 7 feet tall and had no neck, for his head appeared to be wedged straight onto his shoulders. He wore a yellow pointed hat, which interlocked with the red collar of a tattered green tunic. A round, black knob was affixed to the top of his hat, and wooden antennae were attached to either side. The face had triangular markings for eyes, a brown square of a nose, and motionless yellow lips. Other round markings were on his paper-white face, and a fringe of red hair fell down onto his forehead. Wooden slats protruded from his sleeves and from below his white trousers.

Also rather oddly, this clown-like entity was reportedly holding what appeared to be just a regular paper book, which he proceeded to thumb through clumsily before losing his grip on it and dropping it into the creek below. The being then jumped into the water, found his book, and crawled up sopping wet back out of the water to go bounding off in a series of leaps that seemed to defy gravity. The bewildered children watched as it bounded towards what appeared to be a small metallic hut and disappear within, after which it emerged once again with what looked like some sort of microphone in its hand that was attached to a black box with a button or knob on it. It was from this odd device that the wailing siren they had heard began to pour out once again, and at this distance it was so incredibly loud that the terrified children began to run away as the monotonous drone reverberated through the forest and their very bones.

As they started their retreat into the woods, the blaring roar of noise abruptly stopped again, followed a few moments later by a voice that tentatively asked “Are you still there?” The kids were scared, but still very much curious, and they warily made their way back to the clearing to see what the surreal entity was up to. When they did he seemed to be almost happy to see them, and excitedly produced his wet book to write within it a message, which it held up for them to read and which said in childishly scrawled letters, “Hello and I am all colors Sam.” He then began speaking with them, although eerily without ever moving his mouth, and since his voice seemed calm and nonthreatening the children drew closer to talk with him.

During the conversation the being calling itself Sam claimed that he was not human, and when asked whether he was a ghost he merely replied “Not really, but I am in an odd sort of way.” When pressed on what he was he simply and cryptically said “You know.” He went on to explain how there were others of his kind, and that they were mostly shy and scared of humans, usually staying away from them, and this all culminated with the entity inviting the children into his metal hut, which was completely windowless and seemed to have some sort of flapped opening. Inside there were seemingly two floors, and the place had a metal floor, some sort of dials and knobs on the wall, and simple ratty wooden furniture scattered about. It was more or less a dump. Perhaps seeing the look on the children’s faces he was apparently quick to point out that this was just a temporary dwelling, and that he had a much bigger, more luxurious permanent place in mainland England.

It was here in this strange little hovel where Sam would finally remove his odd hat and produced a berry, which he stuck into a rounded white ear, only to have it suddenly appear in his eye socket and then appear within his mouth with a couple of flicks of his head, like some kind of magic trick. This delighted the children, and now they were fully calmed down, eventually staying in the hut for around an hour before saying goodbye and heading back home. When the girl told her father, rather than outright dismiss it he would actually go to the area to investigate, partly out of concern that there was perhaps some weirdo dressed as a clown lurking out there. Unfortunately, there was no trace of Sam or his weird hut, and no one else in the area had seen anything like what was described, although the children were adamant that the metal dwelling had been right there and that their story was completely true. The so-called “Sandown Clown” has not been seen since. Was Sam an alien, a ghost, a sicko in a freaky clown outfit, or what? We will probably never know.

It is interesting to note that this was a one-off sighting, with the creature not seen by anyone else, and this can also be said about some other equally bizarre accounts, such as one from the site The Crypto Crew. In 1983, a woman known only as Patty was driving along in broad daylight on a rural part of Highway 94, about 11 miles from the town of Murray, Kentucky, in the United States, when she too saw something that defies classification. It made its appearance by leaping out into the road from an adjacent field and then loping across, its movements described as being “like a gorilla,” but this was no gorilla.

Perhaps foolishly, Patty stopped her car and got out to yell after it, which caused the thing to stop and turn around to give her a better look at it and make her sorry she had ever left the car. It was described as standing at least 7 feet tall, and totally devoid of any hair, instead covered with rough pink skin and possessing a long neck, a smallish head, pointy ears, and a snout like that of a pig, with the witness saying, “I would describe it as a cross between a primate, a pig, and a human.” The face of the thing was what made the most impact on her, as she said it stared at her with intelligent, remarkably human eyes. Patty was so unsettled by this sight and its piercing gaze that she backed back into her vehicle and locked the doors as it loomed out on the road in front of her, just staring with inscrutable intent. She got out of there and soon told her husband about it but he wouldn’t believe her.

Another intriguing account was related to Lon Stickler of the site Phantoms and Monsters, and was told by a witness calling herself “Jeni.” The encounter apparently happened at Hampton Bays, New York in 2006, where one evening she had driven out with her fiancée to show him the majestic spectacle of phosphorescent shrimp glittering in the dark water and upon the beach like stars in the sky. The area was described as rather remote, and they had been alone at the beach at the time, the moon full and bright in the sky. It would have normally been a romantic place to be, but the couple were about to have the shock of their lives, and Jeni would say of what happened next:

As soon as we stepped onto the beach I had a feeling of general unease; that instinctive fear that one would experience in the presence of a predator. I chose to ignore it; occasionally peeking over my shoulder at the long, empty stretch of beach behind me but mostly focusing on the tiny glowing shrimp beneath our feet. At one point I felt a presence and again, chose to ignore it as I’ve dealt with that quite a bit in my 30 years. I had not voiced my unease to my fiancee, so he was completely unaware. About 5 – 10 minutes into our short walk we were both hunched over, his back facing the jetty, mine facing the stretch of empty beach when he started peering over my shoulder, up into the sky. Perplexed, he’d look for a second, then look away – at this point I was still trying to retain my composure and not look. Finally, after a few minutes, he looked over my head and yelled “oh my god! What *is* that?!” – I turned to look and ‘flying’ directly over my head was this huge creature I’d never seen!

It appeared translucent/transparent; no color whatsoever – no visible structure outside of the motion which indicated what it looked like; now, I myself am a visual artist, so this left a very distinct impression on me. This ‘creature’ was shaped and moving in the way a Manta Ray would; yet completely transparent! No color at all; I could see the stars through this thing; the only thing to allow the structure any appearance was the moonlight shining somehow on its’ exterior!

It was larger than a standard sedan. It’s wingspan was at least, from what I could estimate, 10′ in width; while it was ‘flying’, its wings moving up and down. The movement seemed familiar, like that of a gull swooping down and hovering over the shoreline. It was approximately 10 – 15′ over my head; it had no visible ‘head’ or ‘tail’; no discernible limbs or appendages of any kind. It appeared and moved exactly as a Manta Ray without the ‘Cephalic Lobes’ or tail. I was completely awe-struck, but that fear took over and after about 30 seconds of staring at this thing we both turned and bolted toward the car. While running, we both simultaneously jerked our heads to the right in response to a glowing green light which seemed to flash twice (it was not the light from the tower on the jetty, nor was it from any boat; that water was clear).

I never looked behind me. We started heading back on Dune Road when we saw what I could only describe as two, smaller ‘rays’ which moved more like a bat would, flying together from right to left overhead past the car. These two were translucent and had a grayish color to them… strange. They were flying in the direction of the beach, where the larger, more transparent creature was. It was so beautiful and strange! It reminded me of a sea creature more than anything else, maybe our air is like water to them.

What in the world was this thing? Who is to say? If weird clown phantoms, pig-men, and glowing sky mantas aren’t strange enough for you yet, then how about a humanoid apparently made of jelly? That is what was purportedly seen at the mountainous region of Cáceres, Spain in the summer of 1965. In August of that year, a Juan Dominguez and his sister Isabel were out one afternoon walking along in the countryside near the farming village of Fragosa on an errand to bring some bundles of peaches back to their home. As they approached a low wall to a garden they allegedly noticed a dark humanoid figure pacing about in front of it.

Curious, the two siblings approached, and as they drew nearer could hear that there was some sort of humming sound coming from it, which was odd, but not nearly as weird as what they saw as they got closer still. It soon became apparent that the pacing figure was exceptionally tall, nearly 7 feet in height, and that the arms were inhumanly long and thin, but even more bizarre was that it seemed to be somewhat opaque, and made up of what appeared to be some sort of gelatinous material that pulsated and glistened. Unsettlingly, the thing did not have any discernable face on what should have been its head, yet they still sensed that it was intently watching them. As the two startled witnesses looked on, the strange jelly-man stopped to stand still for a moment, before striding right towards them, its intent unknown but not something they wished to find out. The two dropped their peaches and ran away as fast as they could, and the otherworldly gelatinous entity was never seen again. ..Read More at

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