TRUMP: “I Have Never Been Deep State!” & “I LOVE YOU ALL”, Brexit Rally #RICO

Jun 21, 2018

President Trump and the Freedom team is road blocking the Deep State at every turn. On each pathway to power, America is being diverted from the one-way road to hell previously planned and executed by the globalist s_tanic deep state d_mons. To register for the online 5G Community Activism Conference:… For Information on the Brexit/Free-Tommy-Robinson Rally on 6/23 and to SIGN THE PETITION:… To view the incredible testimonies on SRA, child trafficking and pedophilia-rings presented in the International Tribunal For Natural Justice plenary: Thanks to every single one of you who is working for freedom and holding love for humanity in your hearts. We are winning! Which means, all of humanity is winning. The cure for evil is love. The cure for the Deep State insanity is Freedom for all. We are witnessing the death throws of the Cabals and the blossoming of humanity’s Great Awakening. Thank you freedom lovers, for everything you do, great or small, each act, each thought, each gesture, each time you push forward to do the right thing, it has a huge momentum right now. We ARE approaching critical mass. Whatever it is, do it! Now is the time! To support You Are Free TV: For Paypal donations: (THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL email, donations only please!) Please see my other videos if you would like to donate using crypto! Thanks so much for all of your amazing support! WE ARE FREE!