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On Monday, the first full-fledged summit between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin took place, just days after a NATO summit.

The US president, on his Twitter account, praised his own efforts during the NATO summit in Brussels to hold all member states accountable to their defense spending commitments.

“NATO was weak, but now it is strong again (bad for Russia),” he wrote, adding, however, that the media allegedly failed to report it.

He went on hailing the NATO summit, though stressing that the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was “even better.”

The statement comes a day after Trump held his first bilateral meeting with Putin in Helsinki, which he characterized as “very successful, productive talks.”

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During the NATO summit, which took place earlier in the month, the US president repeatedly questioned NATO’s usefulness and posted tweets saying that Washington was spending far more on NATO than any other member state, even though the EU had a trade surplus with the country.