Trump to Mexican media: Obrador is an absolutely exceptional president elect

By Jim Stone

Last night Diez en Punto again reported very positively on Trump and went to great lengths stating how President Trump has complimented Lopez Obrador, and how Trump called Obrador an exceptional president, great man, the whole 9 yards. And it was sincere, Trump’s representatives figured out what I knew and said all along: Obrador as president of Mexico is going to greatly improve U.S. – Mexican relations, at the same time he gives a huge boost to Mexico. There was ridicule of Obrador among many alt media bloggers as well as the MSM.

But if Trump thinks Obrador is great, what does that mean? I’LL TELL YOU: SOMEONE TRIED TO FRAME UP OBRADOR. They want to wipe him out the way they tried to wipe out Trump, because he really is Mexico’s Trump. Here’s what happened:

Remember those big earthquakes Mexico had a year ago? Obrador’s Morena party got in touch with thousands and thousands, (and I mean many thousands, probably about 20,000 families who had homes that were damaged and destroyed by the earthquakes.) Virtually all that were affected. He set aside political party funds, and also took up donations like Hillary’s Clinton foundation did for Haiti, promising Mexican families he was going to help. only, Obrador is not Hillary so this story is distinctly different from what Hillary did with Haiti.

He published every dime he got for this, and the global elite tried to frame him for stealing it all the way Hillary did.

The hopes was that post-election they could get rid of him for corruption, by throwing him in jail for stealing. They then encountered a huge problem:

After selecting a thousand or so random people the funds supposedly went to, they sent out an army of people to every one of those homes, to ask if they got the money with the hopes of digging up a reason to frame Obrador and oust him. 100 percent of the households questioned got 100 percent of the money, as stated by the Morena party, and as a double slap, all of them loved Morena for being the only one that really helped. They then did a top down analysis of the entire aid project, and could not find a single error or discrepancy. Every peso went exactly where it was supposed to, with pinpoint attention to detail at a level that would be extremely difficult to accomplish in any public assistance effort.

So they were baffled, and Lopez Obrador smelled like a bed of roses. HA HA HA, libs are so damn corrupt they never thought Obrador (who is in fact not really liberal, he’s just a decent guy) could possibly pass a sniff test because they know they, themselves never could. Liberalism is in fact just a scheme where corrupt people think of ways to take money from people, steal most, and deliver a few droppings to whatever cause they flaunt. Conservatives are a lot less likely to do that, and Obrador, who by all rights and not definitions is in fact conservative, made them eat lint just by being decent.

So when Diez en punto, (which is closet hillary liberal) reported this, they sounded audibly pissed and in disbelief by how it failed. After all, if Obrador could be ditched legitimately, mission accomplished. I got the impression they were required to report this truth by law, and it was fingernails on a chalk board all the way through it. HA HA!

The bottom line is that Mexico is going to do well with Obrador. Hopefully the New World Order won’t try to destroy Mexico over it. But anyone with any sense knows how that typically goes . . . .

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