ufo.disclosureVideo testimony by an anonymous alleged
former CIA official was shown at the Citizen
Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press
Club in Washington, DC on Friday, May 3.

UFO author and historian Richard Dolan
interviewed “Anonymous” on March 5, 2013.
Facing impending kidney failure, this individual
felt compelled to disclose secret information he
feels is too important to keep secret.

In the video, he claims to have served in the
U.S. Army, worked for the CIA, and worked on
the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book–one of
the USAF’s official studies of UFOs. And he
refers to the project as “partially a fraud.”

Asking for clarification, Dolan states, “You’re
saying some of the Blue Book cases were
completely fictitious?” The anonymous man
responds, “Yes.”

“Anonymous” alleges that, after an invasion
threat from President Dwight Eisenhower, he
and his superior at the CIA were allowed inside
the secretive Area 51 in Nevada to gather intel
and report back to the president.

[AB NOTE: President Eisenhower realized that
he had been left “out of the loop” of the Black
Projects’ ongoing activities between various
members of ET races and their UFO technologies
at the “remote detachment of Edwards Air Force
Base…located in the southern portion of Nevada
in the western United States, 83 miles (133 km)
north-northwest of Las Vegas.” a.k.a. Area 51.

Eisenhower became so angry, that he threatened those
in charge of Area 51 that he would call in the 1st Army
from Colorado Springs to invade the base, if they did
not allow two of his trusted CIA associates, including the
narrator of this story to visit].

There, “Anonymous” describes seeing several alien
spacecraft, including the craft that crashed in Roswell,
New Mexico. Then, he and his superior were taken to
the S-4 facility southwest of Area 51 where they
observed live extraterrestrials.

This testimony will be included in an upcoming
documentary, titled ‘Truth Embargo’.

Video (about 17 mins):

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