Stephen William Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, exactly 300 years after the death of Galileo Galilei.

Below is the cypher this author uses to find hidden meanings on his way to seeking truth.

The English alphabet has 26 letters and the number system for these letters are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for the first 13 letters A-M and the number system for the last 13 letters are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, N-Z. Notice that the number 7 is in the middle of the each sequence. Origin of this cypher may have come from Freemasons, who could have adopted it from the Kabbala or Chaldean numerology systems. (updated origin info)

Gematria is a method of interpreting words, based on numerical values of letters.(Greek geometria) Every thing that is created by man involves mathematics, geometry aka Sacred Geometry (Pi). I find it interesting the words Gematria and Geometria when added using the cipher equal 70 and if we use decimal parity 7+0 = 7. Why is this significant, well if you spell out 7 seven it equals 22 and 22\7 = 3.142.. which is the closest known fraction to Pi (P3,I5) = 8. This writer will be using simple math aka addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the work below. The numbers are words and within the words of the numbers we can find deeper meanings. All words and numbers are really symbols.

Hawking died at his home in Cambridge, England, early in the morning of 14 March 2018, at the age of 76. Here we find the numbers 7+6 = 13, how does this relate to Pi Day (P3,I5) = 3.14 = 8, this also could be 3+14 = 17, 3+18+1+4 = 26, and 3+18+14 = 35, when the word Point (P3,02,I5,N1,T7) = 18, is used. The number 18 gives us the words Life, Time and Gene, see if you can follow, this is a trinity (3) which is the first part of the sequence of Pi, next we have the point or life trapped in time as in the illusion created within the string of Pi.

Hawking attended Radlett School, an independent school in the village of Radlett in Hertfordshire, for a year, and from September 1952, St Albans School, an independent school in the city of St Albans in Hertfordshire after Hawking passed the eleven-plus a year early. This would make him 10 years old, the word ten (T7,E5,N1) = 13.

The family placed a high value on education. Hawking’s father wanted his son to attend the well-regarded Westminster School, but the 13-year-old Hawking was ill on the day of the scholarship examination. His family could not afford the school fees without the financial aid of a scholarship, so Hawking remained at St Albans.

Hawking began his university education at University College, Oxford,in October 1959 at the age of 17, October was originally the 8th month.

A daughter, Lucy, was born in 1970, 1+9+7 = 17.

At age 21, while studying cosmology at the University of Cambridge, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Let the reader note this is 8 years from the time of his illness at age 13. This author has not been able to find any information about this illness that kept Hawking’s from taking the scholarship exam. Could this have been a time when something was implemented in his life?

In 1985, during a trip to CERN, Hawking was taken to hospital with an infection.

Statistics show 50% of people diagnosed with ALS will live about 4 years. At age 74 Stephen Hawking had lived 13 times that while continuing to lead science.

Students walked out of classes this morning for 17 minutes to demonstrate against violence in schools.

Protesting violence in schools with a 17-minute walkout. This is way more than about violence in schools, these kids know they have been lied to and are making a statement through consciousness, they are not going to roll over like the sheep before them have done.

Here we find consciousness working collectively through our youth on what has been labeled Pi Day. First the number 17 is the 7th. prime number, then we have 1 x 7 = 7, 1+7 = 8. Now for the number 17 we find the names James and Dinah and a whole host of other words that are relative to this action taken by the youth today. Here are some of them Embryo, Live, Evil, Month, Magic, Nation, Past and Pineal. The reader may be wondering how does the number 13 fit into all of this, adding the first 7 prime numbers 2+3+5+7+11+13+17 = 58, 5+8 = 13.

Here we find the numbers 7 and 8 within the number 17 and why should it be a surprise that when we take Pi (P3,I5) = 8 and Day (D4,A1,Y2) = 7, 8+7 = 15, next the word Fifteen (F6,I5,F6,T7,E5,E5,N1) = 35, 3+5= 8. Check out these words and word combination that also have the numerical value of 35, Genesis, Sixty Nine and Human Being.

The word Eight (E5,I5,G7,H6,T7) = 30, here are a few words with this same numerical value Father, Ishtar, Fetus, Crucify, Messiah and Currency. Now for the icing on the cake today marks the 30th, year of celebrating Pi Day! The 300 hundred years gives us the number 3 just as the number 30 does. Zam (Z1,A1,M1) = 3, Man (M1,A1,N1) = 3, are you ready for this?

Etymology ZAM – From Proto-Germanic – tamaz, whence also Old English tam, Old Norse tamr. Adjective zam: tame.

I will leave this for the reader to ponder on!

Galileo Galilei (G7,A1,L2,I5,L2,E5,O2) = 24, (G7,A1,L2,I5,L2,E5,I5) = 27, 24+27 = 51, 17 x 3 = 51 and the difference between the first and last name is 3.

Stephen William Hawking (S6,T7,E5,P3,H6,E5,N1) = 33, (W4,I5,L2,L2,I5,A1,M1) = 20, (H6,A1,W4,K3,I5,N1,G7) = 27, 33+20+27 = 80. Black Knight Satellite = 80, please do the math if you desire.

The only generation defined by the Census Bureau are the Baby Boomers and that year bracket is from 1946 to 1964. These two number are mirror number 46/64 and the difference is 18, but what is more significant is the number 46 is the number of chromosomes it takes to create a HUMAN BEING. Stephen Hawkins died 64 days after his birthday. The number 64 is the Game of Chess that the Baby Boomers accepted for the slavery of money and material WEALTH. (Illusion)

Buckle up FOR this one, Baby Boomers (B2,A1,B2,Y2) = 7, (B2,O2,O2,M1,E5,R5,S6) = 23, 7+23 = 30

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