Published on Jul 7, 2018


Sign up and learn more about Chef Camille’s Paleo cooking school: http://westall.bfreeent.hop.clickbank… FREE Candida Summit (July 9-July 15):… Part 2: Dr. Jennifer Daniels continues the discussion but also dives into her incredible rediscovery of the American Slave miracle cure, turpentine and sugar. She explains how she rediscovered this historical practice that kept African Americans healthy while the rest of the population succumb to various illnesses and diseases. She explains how it has helped her and many others in their journey to overall wellness. Overall Show Description: Dr. Jennifer Daniels joins the program to share her incredible successful process of healing patients only to find the establishment upset with her success. Her story is an all too common experience by other great doctors who did too good of a job for the powers in the medical and pharmaceutical community. Unfortunately, Dr. Daniels felt the need to leave the country for her safety; now living in Panama, she continues educating people all over the world on healthy habits and natural cures. You can see more of her work at Please consider supporting the program and receive exclusive content at Sign up for my newsletter at Thank you for watching and for supporting the program!