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U.S. State Legislature’s Fight Against Harmful Technologies/Policies

West Virginia Committee Approves Bill to Start Treating Gold and Silver as Money

Tenth Amendment Blog CHARLESTON, W. Va. (Feb. 14, 2019) – Yesterday, a West Virginia Senate committee passed a bill that would repeal the sales and use tax on gold and silver bullion. Final passage would eliminate one barrier to using gold and silver...

San Francisco Ordinance Would Take on the Surveillance State and Ban Facial Recognition

Tenth Amendment Bog Center SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Feb. 1, 2019) – An ordinance introduced in the San Francisco Board of Supervisors would set the stage to limit the acquisition and use of spy gear by law enforcement and other city agencies and ban...

Arizona Bill Proposes Full Disclosure of Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects

The Vaccine Reaction Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer has introduced Senate Bill 1115 in the Arizona State Senate requiring health care professionals to provide a full list of vaccine ingredients and side effects to adults and parents of minor...

Virginia Becomes the 4th U.S. State in the Past Year to Reject Utility ‘Smart’ Metering Plans

Take Your Power Back On January 17, Virginia utility regulators rejected Dominion Energy’s bid to deploy ‘smart’ electricity meters across the state. In doing so, Virginia joins state regulators in Kentucky (Aug 2018), Massachusetts (May 2018),...

Congressional House Committee Investigates FCC for Collusion in re 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Which Eliminated Local Control Over Installation

Activist Post By B.N. Frank Because of already passed state and federal legislation, A LOT more 4G and 5G small cell towers and infrastructure are being installed all over the U.S in front of homes and everywhere else.  This is in addition to the...

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