Thursday, November 14, 2013


Robert Bigelow is more than just a UFO aficionado, he is the billionaire founder of Bigelow Aerospace
Bigelow once confirmed the existence of extraterrestrials with guest host George Knapp on the radio program coast to coast.
Over the years he has had significant government space contracts and now he wants to own lunar property.

NASA and Bigelow Aerospace held a joint press conference in Washington DC on November 12, 2013 to discuss some upcoming projects. NASA’s paltry dwindling budget have forced it to work with outside vendors and rely heavily on private companies to provide taxi service into space for astronauts and supplies.

When asked by CNBC if he believes anyone should own the Moon, Bigelow responded; 

“No. No one anything should own the moon. But, yes, multiple entities, group, individual, yes. They should have opportunity to own the Moon.”

Explaining his reasoning for wanting lunar property rights, Bigelow stated, 

“Ultimately, permanent lunar bases will have to be anchored to permanent commercial facilities . . . Without property rights there will be no justification for investment and the risk to life.”


Space lawyers are abuzz about buying lunar property. There is little doubt that lawyers are salivating at the prospects of branching out into the universe. Space law is rapidly becoming a lucrative field. 
Other space law experts have since written papers on topics like international law and permanent lunar bases. Eventually, many more regulations written in the age of Apollo and Soyuz will need to be updated for the era of the International Space Station and  Bigelow Aerospace.

The sky’s no longer the limit for ambitious lawyers and location – location – location takes on an entirely new meaning.