John KettlerUFO War. Has any subject been so hot, inspired such controversy?  First, a note on sources. The information here comes primarily from highly sensitive military, intelligence and scientific sources, supplemented by nonterrestrial ones. The government’s official policy is total and ongoing denial. Rinse. Repeat. Some have risen in self-righteous fury to claim the UFO War’s an NWO (New World Order) scam, and I’m, variously, a dupe, a willing disinformation agent, a clever writer or flat out insane. That’s before addressing the 4th Dimension attacks into our nearby 3.9+ Dimension by what some now call the PPE (Purple People Eater, from the 1958 Sheb Wooley hit). Others think of it as more of a monster a la Lovecraft. Either way, the toll continues to grow. Meanwhile, the U.S. and China have achieved the shootdown of 10 hostile UFO type craft since the Coalition Forces began joint naval warfare. These shootdowns have destroyed a combined total of four (4) saucers and six (6) cylinders. All told, Coalition Forces have at least six (6) ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) in ultra secure custody as a direct result of these UFO shootdowns.

According to John he claims these beings are still with us?  “The Reptoids, and their undersea bases, are very much with us, contrary to certain emphatic reports. These reports have been comprehensively refuted by no less than three highly credible sources in the Liberation Front and one Ground Contingent.”