November 7, 2012

Joseph P. Skipper


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This report follows up on essentially the same type of subject matter in my last Report 224 of undersea surface mining at great ocean depths here on Earth as viewed in Google Earth. In that previous report, the evidence examined was in the form of immense mine tracks some 5-miles wide with the best of them on the sea floor in the ultra deep water of the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench system near the island of Saipan extending some 388 miles distant along the top of a very deep undersea ridge in that area.

Note that this report is actually the first of a pair of reports released at the same time that includes Report 226. You will want to make sure that you explore both reports to get a a sense of the larger picture that may include new civilization evidence.

Meanwhile, in this report what we’re going to take another look at is very possibly one of the mines that made such tracks. It is disabled and located in the 8,000+ feet deep off the west coast of Mexican Baja California on the edge of the continental shelf where it drops off into the Pacific deep. The above 1st and 2nd images, the red arrows, and the coordinates provided with the report images should assist those of you interested in looking at this evidence for yourself in Google Earth to verify it.

Now I am aware that some would have you believe that what I identify as undersea mining evidence is actually the result of flawed ship sonar readings presenting false reflections as they make their surveys and that it is therefore not real. Sorry but I just can’t buy into that not even a little bit. The fact is that the behavior of the evidence in my last Report 224 is just too complex and too typical of heavy equipment crawler activity on the ground for me to have any confidence at all in such explanations.

The truth is that I anticipated just such an explanation first because I suspect it serves someone’s secrecy agenda having been used before following my 2010 Report 189 and second because it sounds safer and more comfortable for the mainstream public to grasp as an extension of their own nervous reservations to face and deal with this kind of material. So be forewarned that my Google Earth reporting will continue until and if someone can convince me otherwise.

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