UP THE 395
Timeline Clearing, Grid Repair and Anchoring, and Thought Field Transmuting All In One Day!!!
September 30, 2011
I hadn't communed with Nature and its elements for quite some time. I was desperately missing the interaction with my Beloved Elemental Kingdom since the last eleven years were made up of agonizing pain, doctor's appointments, and stuck-in-bed blues. But today was different. Today was the day to reconnect!

The trees stood tall and erect, like a soldier standing at attention. The essence in the air whispered the very beginnings of fall. Leaves whirled and wrestled with their fellow counterparts air and dirt, seeking a dancing partner across the tree trunks and grass below. The sound was lovely and calming, as the crackling tone nourished the core of my being. Truly, I could listen to this symphony all day long, conveniently cooled by the gentle, non-assuming breeze.

The frolic twirling of leaves appeared to fall to the ground synchronistically, in cadence with the crows' loud cackle in the not too far distance. It heard them reconfirming that fall had indeed arrived. Yet, everything was so alive, with a hawk slowly gliding above my head and several camouflaged lizards skirmishing to an immediate safe-haven from a stranger's presence. The sun's rays felt hot upon my face, and yet I didn't care with the accompanied breeze lullaby-ing me into a state of meditation. I was in bliss!

Suddenly it occurred to me what disconnection really meant, as I made a mental note never to take Nature for granted again. Or perhaps it was a wasted gift rather, not to embrace or notice the beauty of the elements and their effect upon our Spirit. Every nuance of Nature conveyed a message, as if yearning to be delivered and striving to make contact.

Frankly I realized that every step I took in my bare feet "received" a transmission from the dirt path I was walking upon. Every animal that had shared my journey brought forth an etheric message that began tapping into my consciousness whether it was conscious or not. They alchemically beamed their essence as well, and when I fully acknowledged it, the beauty, serenity, and vibrance were all available for my upliftment!
Something had arrived that day but instead of clarification on what that might be, I came under a spell. I day-dreamed of a time long gone when fall brought a feeling of returning home! I meditated and received a sudden message from my beautiful lion guide Jonathan that "it was now time! Your mission has begun. You and Steven are to drive 4 hours north, up the 395 highway, and stop where you are guided to anchor this new grid the GA has worked on." I was also reminded that the month of October is a month of financial shifts and the number "1". I made a mental note that tomorrow was 10.1.2011 or as they showed me 10.1.11. It was also suggested that I pull out a map and see where we were drawn to go.
They clearly wanted us to jump on this directive now, and in fact they wanted us to do it the following day.

I was also reminded that The Lion is a symbol of courage and tenacity and will continue on until the end. I was to bring a crystal I was willing to part with, specifically used to bury and anchor the point where we performed our energy work. I was then told that I would be receiving another "correspondence" within 2 weeks.
What Does The Desert, An Old Mine, And A Dried Up Lake Bed Have To Offer? A Lot!
Steven and I finally left our house around 10 a.m. Our car was packed with all sorts of odds and ends to perform our ceremony. In response to "the clarion call" I had received the day before, I felt our mission would officially begin up the 395. After consulting with my Council, we were drawn to an area past Kramer Junction, which interestingly sat at the foot of three military bases. Gee, no surprise there! Four small towns got our attention loudly: Saltdale, Randsburg, Johannesberg, and Red Mountain.

Randsburg is located at 35deg22'07"N 117deg39'29"W. [4] It is on the west side of U.S. Route 395 between Kramer Junction to the south and Ridgecrest to the north. Randsburg is in the Rand Mountains, and is separated by a ridge from the neighboring community of Johannesburg. Gold was discovered at Rand Mine near the site in 1895 and a mining camp quickly formed, and was named Rand Camp, both mine and camp were named after the gold mining region in South Africa.[5] The first post office at Randsburg opened in 1896.[5] (Wikipedia)
I began the drive up, which was not without concern considering my car lost power about 30 minutes up the freeway. The accelerator was freakishly no longer engaging and I tempered my panic by coasting carefully off of the freeway. I just couldn't handle the obvious danger of driving without an operating accelerator so I gratefully pulled off the first off ramp I could get to and literally cruised into a Shell Station luckily located on the north side of the road. My husband delivered the news that the accelerator had some how gotten stuck. We both KNEW why. We both agreed to get a bite to eat, let the car cool down and see what a cooling down time would bring. Talk about faith!

We returned to the car and continued on to our original destination, noting the accelerator was fine now, and determined as ever to complete our mission as presented.
We called in all of The Guidance we could think of, commanding that we be allowed free travel WITHOUT impediments. The rest of the drive up the freeway was smooth riding until we reached the approximate location of Johannesberg. Shortly before that area, you couldn't help but view a huge, silvery, prismed globe propped up on top of a hill, by a military base. We saw that it was a microwave device and suddenly we both became extremely nauseous and light-headed. Someone clearly didn't want us to make it to our destination! We found out thankfully that the passage that cut through a large mountain to the left, looped us down and around, away from the base and the nausea dissipated quickly. We became very quiet as the seriousness of this task began to set in. First the accelerator, then the microwave... what next?
The drive through Red Mountain became our next encounter, as the accelerator's power declined once again and the dashboard lights all lit up. Messages began to flow in from my Guides saying "sorry but we had to get your attention to slow down in order to get to the vicinity we desire." I nicely replied "you could do it another way, couldn't you?"

We obediently turned left again, passing through Randsburg, an old dilapidated mining town with a population of about 8. It truly brought a feeling of desolation that was unshakeable and we both wondered who those eight people were that chose to remain in such a place. We couldn't shake a feeling... Something had gone down here and it wasn't a good thing...
The accelerator was now virtually non-functional, so we literally coasted another 2 miles down a hill until we finally found a point of contact. It was eerily baron, isolated, and uncivilized, where our cell phones received no signal and thoughts of breaking down caused my stomach to turn somersaults.

Where we ended up surprised us. With sweat on our brows, we coasted into a protected Bureau of Land Management area for the desert tortoise called Rand Mountain Management Area. Pristinely clean, clear, and almost uncomfortably peaceful, we knew we were literally in the middle of the desert with an odd chance of seeing another person for hours. I let go of thoughts that this was a bad place to break down - we just didn't focus on that. We knew we had to get the "job" done.
We unloaded our gear in preparation for our ceremony, noting the temperature was at least 90 degrees and rising. The wind was blustery and blowing steadily so it made our time there tolerable. An almost dried up salt bed lake was sunning itself at the bottom of a cliff, beautifully twinkling the scorching sun's rays against the rocky mountain horizon. We trekked on waiting for a sign as to exactly where the spot would be that needed anchoring. An unlikely place got my attention and we then unloaded our crystals, blankets, essential oils, flower essences, water bottles and more with great seriousness and intention.
We drew some animal totem cards which tipped us off to squirrel, beaver, ant and dog. What we interpreted was this ceremony had everything to do with the group mind, community involvement, and the release of old thought patterns of fear, panic, and oppression. It became obvious that we were there to clear layers of stuck consciousness, some back to the time of the Great Galactic Wars, when opposition was fierce over the gold in this area. The sand was extremely deep and we figured out later that we were at the top of a cliff overlooking an ancient saltbed.
We just impromptu moved a purple ball of light round and round along a spiral vortex to a zero point field. Once the ball of light made contact with the zero point field it send a gigantic wave of energy across a massive horizontal plane across the planet. The energy and technique were mirrored in a vortex below the zero point field as well. We took each anticipated thought pattern, wrapped each with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, and rolled the old outdated thoughts back and forth amongst ourselves on the spiral until it reached an apex.
It literally exploded across the planet into a beautiful lavender light penetrating everything along its path. Remember, Steven and I said nothing to one another and yet we both saw this spiral with laser clarity as we sent the belief patterns along the spiral, watching some transform more quickly than others and wondering why. Here are some of the examples of thought patterns sent down the vortex, to be changed and transmuted in the zero point field:
  • the "need" for military and segregated countries
  • the military will be without jobs if there are no wars
  • that we as a race are not enough
  • that people are afraid to stand in their truth, fearing rejection of peers and rejecting the common herd mentality
  • that it is not our sovereign right for food, shelter, clothing and freedom
  • that we have to have a job, no time to create
  • that we are not provided for, therefore we cannot attain what we incarnated here to do
  • that we are victimized and need to release our anger, sorrow, grief, and despair
  • that we don't have time to heal ourselves and learn to understand our ailments
  • that we don't need to destroy and pilfer the planet to have what we need because of alternative energies
  • that we realize that Planet Earth provides us, sustains us, and we are grateful
  • that we eliminate fear so that our Space Brothers and Sisters can come to an open welcoming
  • we are willing to let go of the old political systems and allow a new system to unfold that is truly designed around "we the people"
And much much more....

We then did some energy work on the San Andreas Fault, filling it up with blue, pink, and yellow rays of light. Once that was completed, we sealed it up to stabilize the area and prevent future life-threatening earthquakes. We then finished up the "grid" which was "missing" an entire section at the base of the California mountains. We built and connected the grid lines, weaving strands together, but it appeared weak and non-illuminating. So I called in the I AM Presence and the area was immediately converted into an opalescent grid, now sturdier and stronger. We buried our crystal to beacon our transmissions to the ships, locked in the anchoring point, pulled in additional Guardians for protection and brought our ceremony to a close. It was incredibly powerful and I was sorry to say goodbye.

The walk back was challenging, as I was called to carry back a 35 pound rock with what appeared to be an ET hand print imprinted on the surface of it. It is still with me today and contributes to my alchemy sessions when I make remedies and formulas.

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