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March 29, 2017

Hello Everyone!

With all of these energetic waves gracefully making our acquaintance, one prevalent thought has incessantly darted its way across my mind.…..”Alexandra, go and smell the roses.” It has occurred so often that no matter how full my day is, I cannot escape it. What I did was stop everything and perch myself on my balcony one sunny morning. Oddly enough, I craved for moments when I could do just this, soaking in the sun, communicating with a butterfly flitting by, merging with the cooling breeze tickling my face, syncing myself with the neighboring dog’s bark, horse’s whinny, and newborn sheep baaing with a passion. I wondered to myself what our new home would feel like, drifting off to the visions I had already seen. Anticipation grew and continues to do so.

I have become very mindful of change. So much so that each day I take into account what was different or shifted from the day before. What is going on with my body through these upgrades? What about the little things we typically don’t notice?

About 2 weeks ago, many of us felt nauseous, lethargic, exhausted, headachey, experiencing diarrhea and vomiting. For me, it luckily didn’t last long. It was as if I smiled with a sense of achieving a “medal of accomplishment,” acknowledging how intense it has become for our bodies these days. Sleeping more is required, where exhaustion does catch up with you if you do not heed that call to nap. I personally have never been a napper. In fact, I felt worse rather than better after one. But that has all changed. A quick nodding off for 20-30 minutes is amazingly refreshing!

I have also noticed that most are complaining of frontal lobe headaches, which for me signifies the pineal coming more online and less calcified.

I am either ravenous or have no appetite whatsoever.

I encounter feeling spacey and out of this world far far more than I have ever before and use essences, oils and crystals to become more grounded. Of course a good brisk walk always helps me tremendously with this!

For several weeks, I have been dizzy and light-headed but after running myself on our radionics system, I am finding the imbalance in amino acids and neurotransmitters is off the charts.

I have even noticed I am losing less hair and my hair is not tangling as much.

My lack of memory has required that I write EVERYTHING down, causing me to contend with little pieces of paper and post-it-notes all over the place. Typically organized beyond the norm, this has become a bit frustrating but I just have to laugh at it and not take things too seriously.

Many are pulling back from forums, facebook, twitter or on the internet exchanges, needing to just unplug. Myself, I never really hung out there. Prefer the one on one old fashioned communications with all of you folks!

This last huge jump which occurred last week, really cranked up our desire to be out of drama, unnecessary conflict, over stimulation of the senses – as if we can no longer be bothered with nonsense, trivia or people who do not get us. For me, I am looking around saying goodbye to all I have known, confident of what is coming for us all.

I am reminding all of you to let go of belief systems that have you entrenched in a box of why you are experiencing something. An entirely new set of constructs has unrolled itself, and the old constructs are totally outdated. This goes for illness, broken relationships, trauma, pain and suffering. It is time to review and gain a new perspective on anything that is blocking you.

We create our new way of being with one important variable. We really need to release, release, release! No matter how enlightened we are, all of us are being called to let go of whatever causes us misery, conflict, and challenge. And if we cannot remove it or them from our lives, then we are facing new creative ways of increasing our own vibration so the answers just become a “no big deal” scenario instead of an anguishing sleepless review of what to do scenario. A ton of personal timelines for each and everyone of us is merging and with that comes a need to let go of where a trauma actually began. This is where our wonderful beautiful healers come into the picture, if you yourself are unable to receive the answers you need and want.

Break your patterns and anything that you need to allow you to feel better, more present, lighter, more supported, freer, and more loved, then go for it!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot. If you see a chemtrail, consider this. What if that chemtrail is being used in a completely different way for you? As I have said countless times, we would have a worldwide plague if our Allies in the Skies were not converting them to amazing energies. Just go into typically smog laden valleys and see how much cleaner the skies are!

I am writing today because I have heard it so often from friends and clients that I should write down my thoughts. Hope this helps in some manner for you! That always puts a smile on my face!

Creator is giving me the word AMPLE today….stating that there are AMPLE resources for us to live in peace and joy! Ample is defined as “more than enough.”

Sending you a care package of love and hugs!

Alexandra Meadors